Monday, May 29, 2017

I know what houses are going to be burned first during the millennium- Elder Cortes

Hello everyone!!

Monday we ate dinner at the Websters. That's all I can remember haha.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We sang our
mission hymn for the closing hymn and our District Leader (Elder
Cortes) was singing the words wrong and it was hilarious 😂
Also during our accountability meeting Elder Cortes was telling us
about this one lady yelled at them and slammed the door in their face
and he was like "I was pretty heated that day, let's just say I know
what houses are going to be burned first during the millennium." It
was so funny. Sister Summers and I were dying.
We ate dinner with the Biermanns and then taught the gospel of Jesus
Christ using jenga.

Wednesday Sam cancelled. We shared the prince of peace video with
Helen. We met with Ian and he said he isn't really interested in
getting baptized but he said knowledge is power..
We ate dinner with the Schoendorfers and the Cassels.

Thursday conference call and weekly planning. We had drop some more
people. Tracting and finding.
We were going to eat at the Caspers. But we got there and they weren't
home so we ate at a Chinese place. She called us and said they went
out and called the number on the program and it wasn't us. Awkward.

Friday was mitzvah. Met with Joanne.
Ate dinner with the Ackerman.
Met with Zita and Samira.

Saturday tracting all day.
We found Juan and Juan Carlos. They let us in to their apartment and
gave us a awesome drink and Juan Carlos said he would come to church
Ate dinner with the Amaya's.
Found out that Sister Summers and I are staying in Souderton! Woohoo!!

Sunday was the Peterson's farewell. President Randall and his family came!
Ate dinner with the Cassels.

Today we had a memorial picnic with our ward.

Sorry this is so short! Nothing to exciting happened!