Monday, October 31, 2016

10/31 pictures from this week!

Riding in the convertible with the Fletchers!
My zone!

He died!

Happy Halloween!

Hello family and friends!! Happy Halloween :))

Monday night we helped, well kinda helped, at the Ellsworth's house to
get ready for the Halloween party! We swept out the area where they
were going to feed everyone. Ate dinner at the Fletchers that night :)

Tuesday we went over to Sister Millers house and shared Mosiah
24:12-16 with her. She's still going through stuff with her health and
her sister. We tried to stop by some less actives but a lot of them
weren't home. We talked to this one less active man and he told us
pretty much his whole life story on his porch.. we were just standing
there like uhhhhh. It was awkward haha 😂 we stopped and talked to
Brother Brinkley. He has a bunch of puppies!!!

Wednesday we stopped by the Perkel. The husband is active but the wife
is not. He is hilarious. Again, not a lot of people were home. We gave
Ellen a Book of Mormon. She seems really interested so we will see! :)
ate dinner with the Kubeshs. The husband is hilarious and I was
cracking up the whole time 😂 his wife made a dessert she hasn't made
before and the husband looks at it and says "it looks like an apple
pie that died!" 😂😂

Thursday we had district meeting. Took some pics because it was the
last district meeting of this transfer!! Afterwards we went to this
historic society thing and we are going to start volunteering there
every Thursday! We stopped by and had a lesson with Laquanda! Please
pray for her!!
Ate dinner at the Crattys (ward mission leader and family) and got our
hair cut!! Just trimmed off the dead layers! Haha.

Friday we actually finished weekly planning in one day!! A miracle!
haha. We had an awesome ward Halloween party but it wasn't just the
ward. It was everyone!!! It was huge and there was a ton of people
there! It was really fun. The Ellsworths are awesome and they hold a
party every year because their daughters birthday is on Halloween!
They are a crazy wild family 😂😂 afterwards we went over to the Bergs
and fed her cat!

Saturday morning we fed her cat again and cat sitted haha. Went to the
Fletchers for breakfast! Had a lesson with the Martinez family but
they weren't home! We stopped by this less actives house and this guy
said it was his right name, right phone number, but said he has no
affiliation with the Mormon church and has no family members that he
knows of that are Mormons.. um, what? He said he was baptized baptist
or something. It was so strange!! I've never had that happen before!!
Ate dinner with shotgun and penny. They again gave us a bunch of
We fed the cat again and watched it!

Sunday morning transfer calls came!! Sister Fuelling and I are staying
here in Bayview another transfer :)) we fed the cat again. We had a
special stake broadcast thing at our church. Our ward and stake
boundaries got realigned! We are losing some people but we aren't
getting any new people. The New Castle ward is now called the Newark
2nd ward. The West Chester ward in the valley forge stake is changing
and some members there are coming to our stake. We watched the
restoration movie with Destiny. I love Joseph Smith. I know that he
was called of god to restore this church. We talked to a lot of people
that want us to come back on Tuesday!! (Tomorrow) that is exciting.
Ate dinner at the Ellsworth's.

Monday. Halloween! We went out this morning and tried to visit some
less actives. We went to the mall and I got some long sleeve shirts.
Got chick fil a. Now emailing and we are going to the Fletchers
(shocker right?) tonight and we have to be in our apartments at 6:00
but we are allowed to email family! And take the time to study and
additional pday stuff that we can do in our apartment (like laundry)

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween tonight!! Be careful!

Love you all!!!
- Sister Gronning

Monday, October 24, 2016

Elder Lynn G Robbins!

Hello everyone!! How is everyone today? :)

Monday night we had dinner with the Nair's. Cute family! After dinner
we went outside and watched a rocket up in the sky! It was being
launched from Virginia and we can see it from their house! It was so
cool! And then we attempted to finish weekly planning. We always get

Tuesday the district leader and his companion doubled in to our area
and so did the zone leaders. Crazy!!
we did weekly planning again.
Stopped by and talked to Sister Miller.
Had a lesson with the Aultmans. The wife and kids are not members but
the husband is, he is just super less active.
Sister Wheeler brought us dinner.

Wednesday we had some lessons set up that the elders set up for us but
they all fell through..
We did meet a new person named Ellen though! We are going to give her
a Book of Mormon.
Ate dinner at the Bileks. Cutest family ever. 2 little boys and a mom
and dad. The dad is not a member.

Thursday we had some conference with the Dover zone! We talked about
planning, personal study, and companionship study. It was good.
Members from the Newark 3rd ward fed us lunch 😊 baked potatoes!
We were going to have a church tour with Laquanda at our church
building but she didn't show up. We also can't get a hold of her 🤔 we
had to drop her date 😔
We had a Facebook lesson with Destiny (recent convert) and set her
with a temple date to do baptisms with the youth on November 19th!
We were going to have a lesson with Erin but she cancelled.
Ate dinner at the Tequianes. We had the best quesadillas everr.

Friday weekly planning again. We were going to meet s guy that the
zone leaders found but he cancelled because he was rearranging a
We met Cheyenne Bedo. A cute young girl who sometimes attends the
Newark 1st ward.
Went over and shared a message with Sister Croy.
Ate dinner at Bakers restaurant with shotgun and penny. So fun and so
good. I got a 7 cheese Mac n cheese with bacon 😍
Went over to the Bergs house. We are going to be watching and feeding
their cat when they go on vacation.

Saturday we contacted a bible referral. He only wanted a bible and
wasn't interested in a Book of Mormon 🤔
We had a mission conference with all of the missionaries in the PPM
and Elder Lynn G Robbins of the seventy!! It was so awesome. We got to
shake his hand! He talked about Christlike attributes. And he started
talking about marriage and it turned into pre marriage 505 😂  he also
talked about a devotional he gave titled, "tasting the light"
Ate dinner at the Griffiths house. Cute crazy kids!!

Sunday we had ward council and church!  Amanda Aultman came to church!
And so did Sister Holiday!
We ate dinner at the Ellsworth's. Their family hosts a huge Halloween
fest every year. We are excited!

I don't remember if I said this already or not but the scripture we
are memorizing this transfer is d&c 11:21.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I am tired and hungry..
Eating over at the Fletchers tonight 😋 ribssss.

Oh! I am finally getting my hair trimmed this week 😂

Also, I hit my half way mark on the third..... ahhhhhhhhh

Sister Gronning

Monday, October 17, 2016

Yawning Gronning

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pictures this week!

Miracle Tuesday! #justonemore

Hello everyone!!
Let's see if I can remember everything!

Monday night Tony and Lauren cancelled :( we visited the Sponenbergs.

Tuesday we met some awesome people! The zone leaders challenged us to
focus on "just one more!" We were trying to contact people, no one was
really home. We were driving and Sister Fuelling got an impression to
knock on this one house and so we turned around and right when we were
pulling up, this girl came walking out of her house with her dog! We
showed her s video and she was super interested in having us come back
and teach her! We have a lesson with her tomorrow! Her name is
Brittany. Super cute girl!
We were in a different neighborhood and we decided to walk up this
long driveway to a house and we knocked on it and this teenager comes
out. We showed a video to him. He really liked it. We left and then
decided to give him a Book of Mormon so we went back and he mentioned
that his friend (who happens to be in our ward!) talked to him about
the book till 2am on a trip! He was going to come to church on Sunday
but he couldn't make it :(
We had a lesson with Freddie but we didn't have a woman with us so we
couldn't teach him :( we decided to go try this less active on the
same street and it turns out that he moved out but his ex wife, Erin,
let us right in and we started teaching her and her little boy the
restoration! It was way cool!

Wednesday we had a conference call and it was all about companionships
and being unified and getting a long with each other. It was so good.
We met Sister Granato. She was having a hard time. Her daughter had
just left with some boy she met online.. turns out she was in Georgia!
What?! But she didn't tell her mom where she was going or anything.
She wasn't answering her phone calls or texts. So she was worried. We
showed her "The Master Healer" talk and she said it really hit home to
her. I think like the next day, her daughter called and said she
wanted to come home.. which is great!
We had a lesson with the Sponenbergs set up but she wasn't feeling
well so she cancelled.
We had a lesson with Laquanda about fasting and paying tithing. We set
her with a baptism date of October 30 and she is excited for that
date! It means something to her personally and she thinks that it was
inspired! We were certain she was coming to church on Sunday but she
never showed up :( it was sad. We hope she fasted with us.
We got to meet the McCalls. He can tell you things about yourself just
by looking at you. It was really creepy actually.
We met Sister Messner as well.
We had sonic for dinner!!! It has been so long since I've had sonic!! 😍
At night we planned for our training we were doing for zone training
on Thursday!

Thursday was zone training. Sister Fuelling and I did a training on
living accountability. We shared our miracles from Tuesday. All of the
trainings were really good. We got our cars inspected by our
missionary leaders afterwards. We took a group picture and no one
noticed that Elder Makuakane (my district leader) and elder Wilson
were missing 😂 I was looking at the pictures that night and that's
when I noticed they weren't in the picture!! Hahaha.
We went over and visited Sister Miller. We showed her the master
healer talk. She said she would come to church on Sunday, but didn't..
we tried to visit and meet people but not a lot of people were home.
We were going to have dinner at the inhofs but one of their little
boys was sick and so we picked up dinner from her and went to the
apartment and ate it. Pork chops and Mac n cheese and sweet potatoes.

Friday morning after studies we went over to Sister Walkers house
(relief society president) and went over visiting teaching.
Did some weekly planning. Made phone calls. Ate dinner at shotguns and penny's.
We went over to Sister Bowens house and cleaned some chinchilla cages.......

Saturday we finished weekly planning.
Had a lesson with Destiny. She is so cute. Ate lunch with Sister
Shepherd. Did some tracting. We were going up to a members house and
there was a part on the grass that kinda like dipped in and I biffed
it and I just started crying! Both of my feet were hurting and I
couldn't move them! It was scary! I managed to get myself up but my
balance was off and I like forgot how to walk 😂 my right foot was
starting to hurt more than my left one but now my left one hurts more!
We did a lot of walking after that too and Sunday so that didn't
help.. Haha.
Had a lesson with the Martinez family. Taught them the restoration.
They said they would come to church but guess what? They didn't.
Ate dinner at the Todds.
Had a lesson with Freddie set up but when we went over there his wife
said that he and one of their sons was in a car accident and they were
resting! Scary!!
We went to visit Sister Higgins with Sister Todd and got to know her
and share a message with her.

Sunday morning we had ward council. We had fast and testimony meeting.
I just love little kids. They are just so adorable. Nobody that said
they were coming to church came.. we were doing some stop bys
afterwards and no body is ever home. We did meet the Bergs. We visited
Sister Miller again.
Ate dinner at the Cains, with the elders.. awkward haha. We watched
meet the Mormons. Well kinda watched.
We had a lesson with Mary set up but she cancelled.

Now it is pday and I'm laying her emailing you all!!
I love you all and stay safe!!

Sister Gronning

Monday, October 3, 2016


Jewish Synagogue, General Conference & 8th Month Mark!!!

Hello family and friends!!

General Conference was amazing! I love conference while serving a
mission! The spirit is so strong and I get a ton more out of it then I
do at home in my pjs, sleeping! 😂
I loved how in the Saturday afternoon session, the missionaries in the
mtc sang! Way cool.

I have been out on my mission now for 8 months as of today!! Crazy!
Time flys when you are having fun!

Monday night we had a great lesson with Tony and Lauren! We taught the
whole restoration! It was nice to actually sit down and have a real
lesson! They were asking about our missionary service and about our
church and stuff. Super cool. We are teaching them the plan of
salvation tonight! Ate dinner at the Fletchers, of course :) they are
out of town for the whole week! What are we going to do?!😭

Tuesday morning we made some phone calls. No one answers. We went to
stop by some people. Find out one of our less actives have moved. We
always end up finding out people have moved. Missionaries - update
your area books! ;) we went over to this less actives house, Sister
Miller. She talked to us FOREVER. She's dealing with some stuff in her
family and she told us pretty much every detail.. she was talking
about crazy people.. she's the crazy one.. just sayin 😂 but she is
super nice though and she has adorable little puppies!!
Tuesday night, the Fletchers invited us to their farm for hotdogs and
s'mores 😍 they have horses and Sister Fletcher gives horse back
riding lessons! Brother Fletcher was supposed to send us pictures from
that night but he hasn't yet.. So stay tuned..

Wednesday we had district meeting. Our district leader was sick so he
couldn't come so the zone leaders did the discussion (Elder Laine
(Line-A) is from Finland!) it was good, it was about the Holy Ghost
and the spirit. We met another one of our investigators, Laquanda.
Super sweet. She reads from the Book of Mormon but her work schedule
is keeping her from coming to church! We were going to do some service
for Sister Miller and her puppies but she cancelled.
We ate dinner at the Peddicords. Super cute family. We got a call from
one of our less actives, Sister Holiday, she wanted us to come over
and give her company and a short lesson. We went over there and talked
with her and she is preparing to take the temple classes so we talked
about the preparing to enter the holy temple pamphlet and invited her
to read that.

Thursday our zone did service at a Jewish Synagogue thingy. We helped
set up tables and chairs. The people there were very appreciative of
us! They even bought us pizza afterwards!
We were gonna help Sister Miller with her puppies but she cancelled
again.. We ate dinner with shotgun and penny and two of their
neighbors as well! We were going to contact a former investigator and
it turns out that she didn't live there but we met the Martinez family
and got two more new investigators! They were super nice! I love nice
people! haha.

Friday we attempted to weekly plan. We finally did our service for
Sister Miller and her puppies! I got to hold her puppies while she
took pictures of them so she can put them on the Internet to sell!
They are sooo cute. And we ended up being there for a super long time
because she likes to talk. We had ward coordination with our ward
mission leader and the elders. Sister Fuelling and I smelled like dog.
Gross. We had dinner with a recent convert. We had spaghetti and
meatballs. And brownies. And then she made cheese quesadillas for us
to take home! She's the cutest.

Saturday, General Conference!! I really liked Robert D Hales talk from
the Saturday morning session. From the Saturday afternoon session, I
really liked Dallin H Oaks talk about member missionary work!! After
the afternoon session, us and the Wilmington 1st sisters went over to
the synagogue place and helped with the chairs. We had to measure them
haha. They were getting ready for a big event. The elders couldn't
make it because of the priesthood session. Ate dinner at a Chinese

Sunday, General Conference!! From the Sunday morning session, I liked
M Russell Ballards talk. From the Sunday afternoon session, I liked
Carl B Cooks talk.
If you didn't get a chance to watch or listen to conference, go onto and look them up! They are amazing. I will definitely apply
what I learned into my missionary work!

I love you all and here are some pictures!! :))
Sister Gronning