Monday, May 30, 2016

 "I'm just checking you out" πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

Hi family and friends!

Monday we did laundry, grocery store, car wash, email, relaxed :) ate
dinner at the Hearnes.
We were going to have a lesson with Amora but she cancelled. That was
pretty much my pday.

Tuesday we had some people no show us. We did meet with Teresa, the
flower lady. We showed her a video about Jesus Christ. We stopped by
Sister Cheeseman and she talked about life for a long time lol. A lot
of people like to vent to us.. We had a lesson with Abu and Jeff. They
are both social workers. We talked about Jesus Christ. Jeff even said
the closing prayer for us. They were excited to have us come back. Ate
dinner at the Condies and guess what they fed us?! Breakfast for
dinner! :))

Wednesday we had some lessons cancel. I talked to Sister Anderson
(mission presidents wife) on the phone for awhile. Had to get some ice
cream.. πŸ˜‹  had a lesson with the Mo's. He is Chinese so he says the
culture here is very different. They said they would read the BOM
again. Ate dinner with Sister Smith at friendlys :) had a lesson with
the Geary's. We talked about their beliefs. The husband is not a
member. He said he has been meeting with the missionaries for like 23
years. He has never been to church and said he will never come. One
day we will get him to church!

Thursday, district meeting! Surprise! It was Red Nose Day. Which is
like a charity thing to help children in poverty. A member in my ward
gave us red noses and we were them and took a picture haha. I'll
attach the photo at the end. It's funny. Also, there's this song that
we are going to sing for President and Sister Anderson at zone
conference because they are leaving 😟 it's the "Better Together" song
by Jack Johnson but with different lyrics. It is so cute. I love it
haha. The AP's and another set of elders made a video of them singing
it. It is so funny. We watch it like 3 times a day but sing it alll
the time πŸ˜‚  it's seriously the best. I'll try and send it to my
parents and if anyone wants it you can ask my mom to send it to you πŸ˜…
The district meeting was on finding and talking to everyone we see. We
had to go to pep boys and make a phone appointment for our brakes lol.
Had a lesson with Linda and Danielle and talked about service and
charity. Had a lesson with Tanya. Read Helaman 5:12. She said she was
going to come to church on Sunday but didn't.. We ate dinner at
Applebee's with Sister Howard. And then had MCM.

Friday, weekly planning. 4 out of 5 lessons cancelled.. Ate dinner at
the McNiels. Had a lesson with Abu and Jeff. They had a client in
there who sat really close to me and his hand was touching my leg...
We were all just chatting and then he looks at me and says "I'm just
checking you out" 😳 it was so awkward. It made me feel so
uncomfortable! Hahaha. He's old too 😢 Jeff said that July 30th is too
soon for baptism. We will prepare him! :)

Saturday we taught Teresa the restoration. She's Catholic and said she
will never be baptized again.. Met with Sister Cheeseman. She just had
surgery. We showed her the refiners fire video. She talked to us
foreverr. We found some Spanish people for the Elders haha.  Finished
weekly planning. Ate dinner at a place called Moe's. So yummy. Maria

Sunday went to church. Had good lessons about fasting and service. Had
a lil lesson with Sister Carroll who got baptized a year ago. She is
getting ready to go to the temple! She met with bishop afterwards and
we had to take her home and we ended up staying for 2 hours at the
church after our ward ended.. 😬  we stayed inside all day pretty
much. Talked to Sister Anderson on the phone for awhile again. Worked
on some ward lists. Wrote emails to the two elders who are serving
from our ward here. One is in Nevada Las Vegas :) and the other one is
in Ghana! Dinner appointment cancelled so we ate at home. We went over
to Sister Brotmans and it was raining hard and we got soaked! It was
pretty funny! She talked to us forever too!

Today we went to a thrift store and I got a new skirt and Sister
Roberts got some new skirts and shirts too. I'm ready to go to sleep
:) haha.
I hope everyone had a great week. Love you all!

Sister Gronning
Sista G

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sister Roberts!

This is Sister Roberts from Mesa, Arizona! She has been out for 10
months (she came out with Sister Blake) she is so fun! She loves
sweets and chocolate as much as I do! haha. We get along really well.

New companion! New district leader! Miracles!

Hi everyone!!!
Get ready for a long email πŸ˜†
Monday we were trying to get everything done before transfers. We had
lunch with Sister Shorten and had frozen yogurt Grace, a young women
in our ward. We ate dinner at the Johns. It was a crazy day.

Tuesday was transfers, which was even a crazier day! Sister Blake went
to Vineland, New Jersey to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). I got
Sister Roberts who came from New Jersey. She is from Arizona. She is
awesome. We did a lot of tracting and stop bys. We got two new
investigators and gave them a baptism date! They both agreed to read
the BOM. Their names are Marguerite and Ray.

Wednesday we did more tracting and stop bys. Had a lesson with Tanya.
I told her if she doesn't come to church this Sunday we can't meet
with her as often as we would like too. She knows she needs to go. She
didn't come ..
We talked to a jehovah witness and he was sharing bible verses with us
lol. He was open to our beliefs and said we can come back!
Then as we were walking back to our car, there was a lady on the phone
and she stopped us and asked if we were jehovah witnesses and we said
no we are from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
Mormons. Then she asked for our church address and our names and phone
number! We were both freaking out afterwards! Because that like never
happens!  πŸ˜‚
Ate dinner at Sister Romish's house. We went over to Sister Brotmans
house and she talked forever!! We didn't get out of there till after
9:30! We were freaking out! Our DL called right when we got into our
apartment! It was scary. Oh so I got a new district leader again! 3rd
one lol. His name is Elder Howell and he has been out for 4 months!
One transfer before me!

Thursday was district meeting and we met our new district! Every
companionship got a new companion. Sister Rash is training again!
I got a priesthood blessing from one of the zone leaders after the
meeting (I am fine, don't worry) :) I had to finish my online
training. I am no longer a golden!
We had a miracle on Thursday! So we were looking up this persons house
in the gps and apparently it didn't exist so we tried someone else
who's address was similar. We saw a family from our ward outside so we
were talking with them and then afterwards we heard someone playing a
guitar so we went over to the house and started talking to them and
they let us sit down and share a message with them. I realized while
we were there and when they told us their names that this house was
the house I was looking for originally that wasn't popping up on the
gps! We taught them the restoration. The guy, Randell said he would
read the BOM and the only reason why he can't come to church is
because he works on Sunday's. I totally forgot that I met them before!
They didn't recognize me either so that's good hahaha. It was a really
powerful lesson. It was so cool. When we got back to the car we both
realized we didn't ask them to be baptized. We felt like it wasn't the
right time. Maybe the next lesson we will! Our next lesson with him is
We were supposed to have a dinner appointment with a less active part
member family but the husband cancelled on us. So we ate at our
apartment instead. Ended the night at MCM.

Friday we did weekly planning alll day. We did have a lesson with a
new girl though, Angelica. We ate dinner at the Hughes and they had
the yw from the ward and new castle ward over for a girls camp thingy.
We had a fire going and they were spending the night in their backyard
in tents. We heated up chili in the fire and then poured it into a bag
of chips. And hotdogs. Pretty good!

Saturday all of our lessons cancelled .. We did tracting and stop bys
all day. No dinner appointment so after dinner we stayed inside and
called all of our potentials and cleaned up the area book. It was
raining all day so it was nice to stay in doors.

Sunday we sang in sacrament with the choir. We didn't have any
investigators at church but we did have a lot of recent converts and
less actives! (RCLA'S). The third hour the women and men were combined
but Sister Engebretsen invited us to yws so we sat in on her lesson
and ate cookies :) they have like 2 yw..
We had a lesson with Sister Wheelin (less active)! She told us pretty
much her whole life story and told us she has never told any other
missionaries all of that before! It was a really good lesson. We also
stopped by the Welshs and had a lesson with them and got to know them
Ate dinner at the Shortens. It was a good Sunday!

Now it is Monday again and most of our laundry is done, went to the
grocery store, got our car washed, got ice cream. Good day so far! :)

Oh and we also got a bible referral this week! And 5 new investigators! πŸ˜„

I hope you all had and have a great week!

Love you all!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, May 16, 2016

Pictures of my district!


Hi everyone!

Keep reading to find out about transfers πŸ˜‰

Monday morning we helped someone pull weeds. She was deaf and sister
Blake knows sign language! So cool. A member from sister Blakes last
area came down and we went to the college town. I got a Newark, DE
shirt! We went to this one food place, I forget what it was called but
I got Mac n cheese with buffalo chicken. It was so good. For dessert I
wanted a blizzard from Dairy Queen πŸ˜‹ I got Oreo s'mores!! Yumm. And
then like two hours later we had a dinner appointment at a members
house and I felt like I was going to throw up lol.
We finally might with Geri and she set a temple date to do baptisms
for the dead for May 19 but the family she wants to go with will be
out of town that day so she wants to reschedule it..

Tuesday we did more weeding in the morning. And we tracted all day and
did stop bys. No one was home.. It was a long day. We did stop by
Tanya's and she told us her life story. That was fun/interesting. Ate
dinner at the Condies (I love them, they are related to the Hughes
family who we always go over for dinner as well haha)

Wednesday morning we had to put the car into the shop again :p and
guess what else we did? Service again! Pulling weeds. I am going to be
a pro at pulling weeds when I get home. I'm still terrified of bugs
though.. I don't think that will ever change. We ate lunch at Arby's
with Sister Howard. Had a lesson with Tanya and talked about the
Atonement. We read Mosiah 14:3-5 with her. We took a nap during dinner
because we didn't have a dinner appointment. I ate a sandwich
afterwards and some jalapeΓ±o cheddar Cheetos which are my favvv. And
then more tracting after that.

Thursday was district meeting. It was really good. Sister Blake did a
training on teaching people who don't have a belief in God. She did a
really good job. Then the district leader talked about baptisms and
different concerns people may have about baptism and teaching to their
needs. Sister Howard took us to dunkin donuts. I got a chicken bacon
croissant sand which and frozen hot chocolate. Yummy. We had a lesson
with a less active member. She now doesn't believe there is a god...
We then ended the night at MCM.

Friday we did weekly planning, of course. We got our car back!!! We
had a lesson no show us. Tried and stop by some people. Had dinner at
Sister McNeils house. Had a lesson with Amora. We really focused on
heavenly fathers love for her. Ended the night with weekly planning
but didn't finish it.

Saturday we had a lesson with the Limpruns about adversity. Did some
more stop bys. Met a less active member. Had dinner at the shortens.
Got some referrals from them 😊
Alright and here is where we found out about transfers!!!! Drum roll
please....... Sister Blake is being transferred and I am staying and
taking over the area!!!!! I cried. I freaked out and just broke down
in tears!! I'm okay now. I think.

Sunday we went to church. We stopped by a lot of members so sister
Blake could say goodbye.
So this morning president Anderson called and told sister Blake that
she is going to be a sister training leader!! Which is like a zone
leader but over the sisters! So exciting but she is freaking out haha.
It's been a crazy day today!!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, May 9, 2016


Birthday! Mothers Day! Skype!

Hello family and friends! This week was awesome!

Monday was a chill pday. Laundry, went to Walgreens and got some stuff
and printed off some pictures off of my camera for my family. This guy
asked us if we were printing off naked pictures. Um heck no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³. We
had dinner and a FHE lesson at Joan Taylor's house with some of the
old single members in our ward. It was fun.

Tuesday was my 3 month mark! We did service at the food bank. Stopped
by a few peoples houses. We were going to eat dinner at the Searls but
then the wife got sick but they ordered us pizza and salad anyways and
told us to come pick it up so we did and they got us each a box for
ourselves πŸ˜³πŸ˜† we took it home and watched Meet The Mormons. Side
note. The Humanitarian guys, daughter is going to be a new missionary
this next transfer! (Another side note, we find out about transfers on
Saturday! They are going to start pulling the sisters up closer to the
philly temple for the temple open house! So anything could happen this
next transfer. I might even be taking over the area! Oh and also, we
aren't actually giving the tours. We'll be doing like a question and
answer type thing)
We had a lesson with Brooke and her daughter Juliet. Taught them the
Plan of Salvation. They had a lot of questions about that. We
committed Juliet to be baptized on the same day as her mom! June 18!

Wednesday all of our return appointments no showed..
We stopped and talked to Amanda Barone about church (she still didn't
come, we had to drop her..) ate dinner at the Engebretsens. Went over
to a less active members house. Super friendly and she wants us over
for dinner sometime.
Oh and it was May 4th and sister Blakes parents sent her a Star Wars
package and we both got Star Wars socks and a journal! And random
other stuff! Haha.

Thursday we had zone training! Had trainings for the zone leaders,
district leader, new castle ward sisters and another set of elders.
Talked about our mission culture, weekly planning, the power of the
spirit in conversion . Lots of good stuff!
Had a lesson with the Limpruns. Talked about Faith. The district
leader and his companion doubled into our area that day and we went to
a lesson with Brooke. Her 18 year old was there and was telling us how
there isn't a god and just kinda argued with us. I kept quiet πŸ˜‚ it
was just really awkward. We didn't have a dinner appointment so we
went to pats and pasta and brought it back to our apartment.

Friday, weekly planning. Like usual. Had a lesson with the Searls and
talked to the husband about the priesthood. He came to church this
Sunday and he has been coming for 5 weeks now and is considered
reactivated! Yay!
We went over to Tanya and Amoras and sat on their floor for like 45
min while they got ready for the day.. We didn't end up having a
lesson at all.. Lol. Ate dinner at the Hughes again!
We had a lesson with a new person named Dorothy and we taught her the
restoration. She was all over the place.

Saturday was a whole lot of finding and tracking. I think we ate
dinner in our apartment but I don't even remember lol. Nothing really
happened on Saturday that I can remember..

Sunday was my birthday and Mother's Day! It's crazy that I am 20 years
old now.. Weird. I got to open presents before church and sister Blake
made me pancakes 😊 went to church, the primary children sang in
sacrament, it was cute. A member baked me a peanut butter and
chocolate buckeye cake! Delicious! Ate dinner with sister Kinderman. I
helped her bake my cake lol. She put candles in it and sang to me 😊
I got to skype my family!! It was so awesome. Afterwards we got a
sweet text from my mission presidents wife wishing me a happy birthday
and I started crying. But I only cried for a little bit and then I was
fine! I thought I was going to bawl! πŸ˜‚
It was an awesome day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I hope
you mothers out there had a great Mother's Day!

Oh so I saw a Arizona license plate and I had to take a picture of it!
Closest one I have seen to home!! And then a picture of my zone!

The weather here all week was rainy and cold but now the sun is coming out! Yay!

I love you all and sorry for the long email! πŸ˜‚

Sister Gronning

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sisters Gronning and Blake!

 My birthday is in 6 days!!!! (On Sunday, Mother's Day!!!)

Hi!! So this might be a shorter email because I didn't write about my
week until like Thursday .. So I tried to remember things πŸ˜‚

Monday we went to the mall with Sister Shorten! We ate at chipotle and
oh my gosh! It was so good. Me and Sister Blake got matching dresses.
I got a new pair of jeans and a shirt. We had a lesson with Linda
Harms. It actually went pretty well. Except when we first got there
she told me that I was smiling and laughing during our last visit and
she didn't want any of that anymore.... Told us she wants us to be
professional and stop "playing games". After that, me and Sister Blake
were both serious and not smiling during the whole visit πŸ˜‚ . She did
accept to come to church this Sunday but didn't come..

Tuesday we set Brooke a baptism date for June 18th! She is super cute.
She is reading from the Book of Mormon and accepted to come to church
this Sunday and she did! And she brought her boyfriend, Anthony! We
stopped by Sister Cheeseman, less active. She is doing good. She has
one leg and is working on getting a fake leg replacement (I forget
what it's calledπŸ˜‚)

Wednesday we did service at the food bank. Put food in boxes. We ate
dinner at the Minters and it was one of their daughters birthday and
they gave us party hats to wear and we had cinnamon rolls and cupcakes
for dessert πŸ˜‹

Thursday, district meeting. The Assistants to the President were there
😬 (jk, they are awesome)
Had a lesson with Brittany. Taught the restoration. She had some
questions about Joseph Smith and Prophets. She told us she wants to
read the BOM before she comes to church. Taught Linda Limprun and
Danielle about tithing. Ate dinner at the Condies and guess what they
fed us?! Breakfast for dinner!! Yesssss. Waffles, bacon, eggs πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.
And for dessert were these homemade butterscotch peanut butter thingy.
Heaven. Ended the night at MCM.

Friday was weekly planning. Helped Ashley with her math hw again. Had
a lesson with Amora. Talked about faith, praying, scripture study, and
coming to church.

Saturday we went finding all day. Set up a lot of return appointments.
We found a huge dent in our car!! 😫 we have no idea what happened!
But we just got our car back from the shop like two weeks ago!! 😭 I
hate cars. But when I don't have one, I love them. Since it was the
last day of the month and we didn't have a dinner appointment, we went
out to eat. I forget what the place was called but it was a pizza,
pasta, and wings place. I got a salad πŸ˜‚ it was yummy though.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting! We went over to Tanya and
Amoras and talked to Tanya about how trials and challenges are just a
learning experience. We slept during our lunch hour 😴. We didn't have
a dinner appointment set but at church Sister Engebretsen said to come
over at 4 for dinner. Then after that Sister Burke said we can come
over at 6 for dinner and cupcakes because it was their daughters
birthday. So we ate two dinners lol. So full. Went over to Tina
Brotmans house and talked to her for a long time. She is a talker. She
is going to talk to bishop about getting her patriarchal blessing.

And then today is pday!

My birthday is coming up and my mailbox is pretty empty πŸ˜‰
5582 Milltown Rd. Apt 4C Wilmington, DE 19808
Sister Gronning!!