Monday, November 28, 2016

Miracles through walking!

Hello again!!

Thanksgiving I ate turkey, Mac n cheese, sweet potato casserole, green
beans, pumpkin pie. And I honestly don't remember what else πŸ˜‚

Friday we did service for Sister Croy. We cleaned her bathroom. Went
over to Sister Millers house and showed her the Christmas video
#LightTheWorld. Had correlation meeting with our ward mission leader
and our District Leader and one of our Zone Leaders (they were on
exchanges). Our District Leader showed our ward mission leader what
air drop was πŸ˜‚ we stopped by and saw Amanda and her kids. Her little
boy was climbing all over me and doing back flips while holding on to
my hands.. crazy kid. Not being allowed to hold children is the
hardest thing! We showed them the Christmas video. We went over to
Brother Brinkleys and showed him and his granddaughter, Tobie, the
video. Brother Brinkley is blind so he listened to it! I don't
remember what we did after that.. that night we fed the Fletchers cats
and fish.

Saturday we did service for Sister Miller. We cleaned her house
because her dogs destroyed it with toilet paper.. we also gave them a
bath.. that was fun. I was soaked and it looked like I gave myself a
bath with the dogs πŸ˜‚ we had a lesson with Sister Torres, a less
active member. We mostly just got to know her more and shared the
Christmas video with her. The Martinez family cancelled but said they
would be at church on Sunday (they didn't..) ate dinner at the Cains.
Fed the Fletchers cats and fish and played with one of the cats.

Sunday we had ward council. A couple of days ago we received a
voicemail from this guy in the Harrisburg ward (not in our mission)
saying that one of his friends has been going to church with him but
lives in downtown elkton (our area) and will be coming to our ward on
Sunday and told us to look for her and her two sons. Well, she came!
She is so sweet. She is from Peru. She was well welcomed. The topic
during church was all about baptism and during relief society she
wrote a note to my companion saying that she wants to start taking the
discussions for baptism!! We are hoping that we can get her baptized
before this transfer ends!! (Transfers are December 13th)
By the way, the Fletchers are back in town!!
We are also over miles so we had to get a ride to and from church.
After church we were walking down a highway and a car stops and a
young lady gets out and says something like "what are you sisters
doing? You are the ones living at Charlestown crossing right?" And we
said ya and she mentioned she would take the sisters places and
offered to give us a ride to red toad road, where we were going to
tract. We said yes and got in. She told us if anyone else stops and
offers to give us a ride, say no! I promise mom and dad that I will
never again get into a strangers car! Except for hers, she was super
nice!! And when we got home, there was bags of food at our door, FROM
HER!! She is literally the sweetest girl I've ever met!!! I just love
people. 😁
Oh and when we were knocking on doors trying to show the Christmas
video to everyone, nobody would let us in. Finally, the last one we
knocked on, a lady answered the door and let us in and we shared the
video with her and her son and testified of our savior and God and she
invited us to come back!
Our dinner calendar got passed around at church and we literally have
a dinner appointment every day this week!

Tonight surprisingly, we are not going to the Fletchers 😢 we are
going to Sister Rosa Carrillos. She's the sweetest and always cooks us
3 course meals!

Well, I love you all! Can you believe I'm almost at my 10 month mark?
I feel like I just hit my 9..

Oh and everyone go to and watch and share the video!!! #LightTheWorld

I sadly don't have any pictures.....

Have a great and safe week!!!
- Sister Gronning

Thursday, November 24, 2016


With the Fletchers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!!! It feels like eternity since I've had a pday.
Laundry was much needed. And emailing, of course.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovely people!!❤️

I'm not sure if this is going to be a long email or a short email. I'm
going to try my best to remember what happened last week and this
week. Haha. I'm going to rely on my area book today.

Monday (11/14), we tried to contact a bible referral that we received
but she was not home. We had dinner one night with a family and they
had a non member there and her name was Rachel. She asked if we could
feed her dogs while they went out of town and we said yes. So Monday
night we just returned her key and we set up an appointment to come
back and share a message with her and her family! We ate dinner at the
Fletchers (of course) I have a picture with them for those of you
dying to know what they look like! πŸ™‚

Tuesday (11/15), District Meeting. We tracted (walked..) a ton that
day. I honestly don't remember anything that happened that day πŸ˜‚  we
ate dinner at the Clowards.

Wednesday (11/16), I think it was another tracting and walking day. We
stopped by and shared a message with Sister Miller. She sold one of
her puppies! We ate dinner with Sister Webb.

Thursday (11/17), we had a conference call and we weekly planned. We
went to the historic society and translated some documents (we do that
every Thursday) it is pretty fun. We had a lesson with a less active
we have been trying to get in contact with since we have been here. It
went well. Super cute little girls. His sister is a non member. We
were going to have a church tour with Laquanda but she cancelled. We
went to contact our bible referral again and we were able to give her
a bible and a Book of Mormon and we set up a time to come back and
share a message! We were going to have dinner with the Martins but
they weren't home.. so we went to the Fletchers (I think.. if I
remember right ������)

Friday (11/18), we did some service for a lady in the ward. Had a
lesson with Sister Bedo. We stopped by the Hamills and talked to the
mom and kids for awhile. Tried to get some referrals haha. Stopped by
some people, no body home. We were going to go to Shotgun and Penny's
house for dinner but we learned that Shotgun was in the hospital! He
had to get his gallbladder removed! So we went to the hospital to
visit him. We had a lesson with Brother Brinkley. He is searching out
different churches right now..

Saturday (11/19), we had correlation with the Elders and our ward
mission leader and Sister Hamill. We talked a little bit about how we
can make the Christina's imitative huge in the ward! We visited
Shotgun again. Stopped by and had a lesson with Sister Miller again.
Had a lesson with the Regusters. We had a lesson set up with the
Martinez family but she wasn't home. Had dinner over at the Cains.
Went to Stake Conference and I said a lot of people from Newark 3rd!!
I saw a investigator we were working with for so long that would never
come to church! (Bea!!) I almost started crying haha. We heard two
returned missionaries speak and they both served in Nevada! One of
them actually served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission!

Sunday (11/20), Sunday session of Stake Conference. Saw even more
people who I love!!! Had dinner at the Ellsworth's. The Martinez
family cancelled again. We had a lesson with Amanda also, but she
wasn't home..

Monday (11/21), had a lesson with Brother Boyd again. Saw shotgun. Ate
at the Fletchers with Kylie!! Had a lesson with Rachel and her family
and Sister Kempton was there as well. We taught the restoration. We
didn't get a specific return appointment so it didn't count as a new
investigator but soon!!

Tuesday (11/22), district meeting. We had a lesson set up with our
bible referral but she wasn't home.. stopped by and shared a little
message with the Sponenbergs. Had a lesson with Sister Miller. Ate
dinner with the Fletchers haha.

Wednesday (11/23), had a lesson set up with Sister Dove but she didn't
answer her door. Weekly planned. Had a 15 min meeting with our
district leader. We were going to see shotgun but turns out he was
gone! He is home for thanksgiving! Yay! Our lesson with Brother Boyd
We had an awesome church tour with Laquanda and her daughter! Sister
Wheeler came with us as well. Her boss is allowing her to get off
Sunday, December 11th!! We are all so excited! She loved the church
tour! Missionaries have been working with her since December of last
year and she has never came to church. I feel so blessed and
grateful!! We had a ward pie night! That was fun.

And now it is thanksgiving! At three we are going to the
Granatos/Collins to eat and the Cains at 6 to eat!
We had a conference call this morning and some missionaries shared
what they are grateful for. I am grateful for all of you and the
support you have given me. I am grateful for all of my companions and
all they have taught me and for being there for me when I'm feeling
down. I am grateful for my mission President and his wife and the love
they have for their missionaries here in the ppm. I am grateful for
this Gospel and the happiness it brings into my life. I am grateful
for my family. I am grateful for missionaries. And this mission.
I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving ❤️❤️❤️

Sister Gronning

Monday, November 14, 2016

Zone Training, Mission Tour, Mini Missionary, Primary Progam!

Hello family, friends, missionaries!!

Awesome week!!

Monday night we went to the Fletchers. We helped them take down their
Halloween decorations and ate dinner!! I think we ate fajitas.

Tuesday we had Zone Training, didn't take a picture.. but we did take
one of all the sisters! Also, the sisters did a musical number! We
sang I know that my redeemer lives!
We stopped by and saw Sister Miller and her puppies (she still hasn't
sold them..)
We were going to have dinner with Sister Bowen and do service for her
but she cancelled and guess where we went instead?πŸ˜‰ the Fletchers! We
ate vegetables! lol.

Wednesday we had a mission tour conference with Elder CordΓ³n of the
seventy! It was awesome! He mentioned that your mission=mini life.
What we are experiencing right now will prepare us for our future
lives! He also mentioned that our name tags aren't just something we
where on our chest. We should have our tags embedded into our hearts.
He even took off an Elders name tags to demonstrate! He did some polls
where we used our phones to answer the questions and our answers would
show up anonymously on the screen. It was pretty cool.
He interviewed some missionaries and my companion was one of them!
They fed us pizza and salad during it as well. I got to see some of my
old companions and missionaries I've served around so that was fun😊
after the conference we ate dinner with the Kemptons. They have the
cutest kids. The mom served her mission in Arizona!
We met with Brother Brinkley and Brother Griffiths met us there. We
talked about the Book of Mormon. We went over the title page and the
introduction. Him and his granddaughter came to church!!
Wednesday night, our mini missionary came! Her name was Sister
English. She is 16 and from New Jersey but originally from Idaho! She
was so fun and cute!

Thursday we weekly planned. We went over to the historic society and
translated more pages! Had a lesson with Laquanda! She asked her boss
about Sunday's and one of these Sundays she will come to church! We
talked about 3 Nephi 18 with her. We ate dinner with Sister Rosa and
she fed us a ton! Haha. She will like feed you something and then once
your done, she will put something else on your plate! She did that
three times! She is so sweet. I don't remember what we did after

Friday we had correlation with our ward mission leader and the Elder's
and talked about our investigators and the people we are working with.
We then went and did some visits with our relief society president,
Sister Walker. We stopped by Amanda Aultman and talked to her for
awhile. She is going through a lot right now. Sister Walker got us
shakes and ice water from Burger King😊 after that, we tried to
contact a referral who requested a bible but the guy that answered
said she was in the shower so we are going to try again another day!
We went over to Sister Bowens house and cleaned her dishes..
Ate dinner with shotgun and penny. Again, they gave us a ton of
desserts to take home!
We had a ward game night! We played telestrations and catch phrase!!
So fun. I love board games!!

Saturday we did some tracting! Met Chris and Zach. Not sure how
interested they are but they took a Book of Mormon and said they would
take a look at it! We saw the inhofs little baby girl! She is tiny and
so precious. She has two old (little) brothers that need to be careful
with her!
We had a lesson with the Martinez family finally! Sister Kempton came
with us. We taught a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
invited them to be baptized on December 11! They said they were coming
to church but they didn't :(
We fed some dogs.. lol
Ate dinner with the Cains and watched "On The Lords Errand" about
Thomas S Monson. It's so good.

Sunday we had a meeting with bishop and our ward mission leader and
the elders to talk more about our investigators needs. We had the
primary program!! I LOVE little children. They are just the sweetest
and funniest. A cute little sunbeam sang a solo of I am a child of God
☺️ our mini went home after church😟
Sister Miller came to church again! We stopped by her house and saw
the puppies and took pictures of them for her. Ate dinner at the Nairs
and watched the Studio C face to face with the youth. Went to the
Fletchers afterwards haha.

Today I am planning on sleeping after this and dinner tonight at the Fletchers!!

I love you all!!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, November 7, 2016


9 months!

Well, hello everyone!!

I realized that I said the primary program was coming up. It's finally
this upcoming Sunday! yay! There are a lot of kids in this ward and
they are all so cute!!! I just want to hold the babies and it's so


Tuesday we went over to Sister Millers house and she fed us lunch and
we painted her wall! By the way, I do not paint.. πŸ˜‚ we went to Sister
Granatos and Sister Collins house and shared a message with them. We
talked about being positive! A lesson with a potential cancelled. We
did have an awesome member present with a new person though!! His name
is Will. We took Sister Wheeler (Primary President) with us. We taught
him the Plan of Salvation because he had a member in the family
recently pass away. Sister Wheeler started to talk about the
restoration, so it ended up being like two lessons in one haha. He
really enjoyed it. Turns out he actually lives in Aberdeen but is
mostly at his sons mothers house ... Sister Fuelling (my comp) asked
him if his girlfriend or wife would be interested and his said "no
she's just my sons mom." Um okay. Awkward. He said he would have to
get permission from her to come over and teach him because it is her
house. We ate dinner with the Bileks for the last time 😭 they are
going to Newark 1st after the boundary changes they just made. Sister
Bilek is so sad. Every time she thinks about it and talks about it,
she starts to tear up πŸ˜₯ she just barely got close and comfortable to
this ward and now she's gotta go to a different one. It is so sad. The
husband is not a member. I want to see him get baptized so bad. He is
hilarious. Their kids are adorable! They stayed for this Sunday and
will be here next Sunday because of the primary program. After dinner
we might have gone to the Fletchers but I don't remember πŸ˜‚ we mostly
did. My dad said I must live there or something. Pretty much. πŸ˜‚

Wednesday we stopped by the Perkels. Showed them a Mormon message
about temples and talked about the blessings we receive from temples.
We had a lesson set up with Ellen but she was not home πŸ™ we visited
Sister Croy and helped take down Halloween decorations and did some
other service for her as well. We ate dinner at Sister Bowens house
and afterwards cleaned chinchilla cages πŸ˜‘

Thursday (HUMP DAYYY) was district meeting. We are not the only
sisters in our district anymore! Woohoo! Our new district leader is
now Elder Wilson (he was Elder Makuakanes companion here, so
technically not new haha) he did so good! We talked about charity and
love. We have new missionaries in our district and sadly we didn't get
a picture πŸ˜• (we will get one at zone training tomorrow) we stopped by
the historic society and translated some stuff haha. We had a lesson
(kinda) with Laquanda and our ward mission leader, Brother Cratty, met
us there. We are really trying to get her to ask for a Sunday off so
that she can come to church. That is literally the only thing holding
her back right now. Oh and smoking.. We ate dinner at the Tequianes.

Friday we went over to Sister Bergs and fed her cat. Weekly planned.
Had a lesson with Sister Bedo (she has been attending Newark 1st but
now she is going to come to Bayview) she's super cute. We exchanged
with our STLs. I stayed here in Bayview with Sister Cheret. Sister
Fuelling went to Vineland with Sister Hyte. We ate dinner with shotgun
and penny. Shared with them a Mormon message about prayer. Went over
to the Fletchers. They gave me half cookies on a half of a plate for
my half way mark πŸ˜‚ went over to the Bergs and fed their cat.

Saturday went over to feed the cat again. Did a little bit of
accountability with Sister Cheret. We got wawa for lunch. Painted
Sister Millers walls again. Fed Sister Bergs cat again. Ate dinner
with Sister Croy. And then exchanged back that night!

Sunday we had ward council. Fast and testimony meeting. SISTER MILLER
CAME TO CHURCH!!! She left after partaking of the sacrament but SHE
CAME!!! she has been telling us she would come to church but never
does. MIRACLE. There was a lot of kids bearing their testimonies about
families (there was a reason why but it's personal) cutest thing ever.
Ate dinner with the Walkers. Cute little blonde kids that all look the
same. Sister Nairs little boy got baptized and we were able to go to
that. So cute. We went over to the Cains and it was kinda crazy over
there haha. We kinda talked about prophets a little bit.

Guess where we are going tonight?! πŸ˜‰ if you guessed the Fletchers,
you are right!!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning