Monday, November 14, 2016

Zone Training, Mission Tour, Mini Missionary, Primary Progam!

Hello family, friends, missionaries!!

Awesome week!!

Monday night we went to the Fletchers. We helped them take down their
Halloween decorations and ate dinner!! I think we ate fajitas.

Tuesday we had Zone Training, didn't take a picture.. but we did take
one of all the sisters! Also, the sisters did a musical number! We
sang I know that my redeemer lives!
We stopped by and saw Sister Miller and her puppies (she still hasn't
sold them..)
We were going to have dinner with Sister Bowen and do service for her
but she cancelled and guess where we went instead?😉 the Fletchers! We
ate vegetables! lol.

Wednesday we had a mission tour conference with Elder Cordón of the
seventy! It was awesome! He mentioned that your mission=mini life.
What we are experiencing right now will prepare us for our future
lives! He also mentioned that our name tags aren't just something we
where on our chest. We should have our tags embedded into our hearts.
He even took off an Elders name tags to demonstrate! He did some polls
where we used our phones to answer the questions and our answers would
show up anonymously on the screen. It was pretty cool.
He interviewed some missionaries and my companion was one of them!
They fed us pizza and salad during it as well. I got to see some of my
old companions and missionaries I've served around so that was fun😊
after the conference we ate dinner with the Kemptons. They have the
cutest kids. The mom served her mission in Arizona!
We met with Brother Brinkley and Brother Griffiths met us there. We
talked about the Book of Mormon. We went over the title page and the
introduction. Him and his granddaughter came to church!!
Wednesday night, our mini missionary came! Her name was Sister
English. She is 16 and from New Jersey but originally from Idaho! She
was so fun and cute!

Thursday we weekly planned. We went over to the historic society and
translated more pages! Had a lesson with Laquanda! She asked her boss
about Sunday's and one of these Sundays she will come to church! We
talked about 3 Nephi 18 with her. We ate dinner with Sister Rosa and
she fed us a ton! Haha. She will like feed you something and then once
your done, she will put something else on your plate! She did that
three times! She is so sweet. I don't remember what we did after

Friday we had correlation with our ward mission leader and the Elder's
and talked about our investigators and the people we are working with.
We then went and did some visits with our relief society president,
Sister Walker. We stopped by Amanda Aultman and talked to her for
awhile. She is going through a lot right now. Sister Walker got us
shakes and ice water from Burger King😊 after that, we tried to
contact a referral who requested a bible but the guy that answered
said she was in the shower so we are going to try again another day!
We went over to Sister Bowens house and cleaned her dishes..
Ate dinner with shotgun and penny. Again, they gave us a ton of
desserts to take home!
We had a ward game night! We played telestrations and catch phrase!!
So fun. I love board games!!

Saturday we did some tracting! Met Chris and Zach. Not sure how
interested they are but they took a Book of Mormon and said they would
take a look at it! We saw the inhofs little baby girl! She is tiny and
so precious. She has two old (little) brothers that need to be careful
with her!
We had a lesson with the Martinez family finally! Sister Kempton came
with us. We taught a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and
invited them to be baptized on December 11! They said they were coming
to church but they didn't :(
We fed some dogs.. lol
Ate dinner with the Cains and watched "On The Lords Errand" about
Thomas S Monson. It's so good.

Sunday we had a meeting with bishop and our ward mission leader and
the elders to talk more about our investigators needs. We had the
primary program!! I LOVE little children. They are just the sweetest
and funniest. A cute little sunbeam sang a solo of I am a child of God
☺️ our mini went home after church😟
Sister Miller came to church again! We stopped by her house and saw
the puppies and took pictures of them for her. Ate dinner at the Nairs
and watched the Studio C face to face with the youth. Went to the
Fletchers afterwards haha.

Today I am planning on sleeping after this and dinner tonight at the Fletchers!!

I love you all!!!
Sister Gronning