Monday, June 27, 2016

Heart attacks and soaking wet!

They call me Sister Roberts.........for today

So this morning I left without my name tag!! I've never done that
before on my mission!! Sister Roberts had an extra tag so I am Sister
Roberts today 😂😂

Monday we ate dinner at the Slaughs. Cutest family ever. Relationship
goals haha. After we went to Sister Owens house and we read the Book
of Mormon together.

Tuesday we heart attacked Pam. I love heart attacking haha. We did
stop bys and tracting. Ate dinner at the Lea's, they are from Nevada!
Had a lesson with Sister Brotman and her grandchildren were there. We
talked about the 10 commandments. Randell cancelled again.

Wednesday we went over to Sister Moores because she finished sewing my
skirt that had a hole in it. It doesn't even fit me anymore ... lol.
She had a lot of questions about the temple and her endowment. We read
some of the Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple pamphlet. I think we
ate lunch somewhere but I don't really remember lol. We went to
Tanya's and she wasn't there so Marquise was talking to us and was
telling us what he wrote in his bible he is writing ... Very awkward.
We then went over to Sister Owens and ate ice cream because it was
just that kind of day .. Haha. We showed them the Deep Beauty Mormon
message. We were supposed to Jane dinner over at the Bensons but they
forgot so we showed Sister Benson the Deep Beauty video and also
talked about Patriarchal Blessings. Randell cancelled again. Had a
phone lesson with Mary. That was awkward .. Lol. She was bible bashing
us. We pretty much told her we aren't here to argue .. But of course
in a nicer way haha.

Thursday we had district meeting. Got a new district leader again! You
could tell he was nervous but he did a good job. We went to McDonald's
for lunch/brunch. Went over to the Limpruns but Danielle was the only
one there so we showed her the video called "New Years Eve. Look not
behind me" and talked about focusing on the future and not the past.
We then went to this apartment complex where we had 3 lessons planned
and they all cancelled ... But something really cool happened! So we
had a lesson with this guy named Xavior who we met the other day and
he told us to come back so we knocked on his door and his brother
Jaquan answered the door and said Xavior was not home. He started
asking what church we go to and what the address was and we told him
and he asked if we had any bible study material so we gave him a Book
of Mormon. He also asked us if we do baptisms in our church! Yes we do
buddy!! He wanted to get his three year old son baptized! Cool
We went home for dinner and then went to visit Sister Cheeseman and it
started pouring rain!! We ran to our car and we were soaked!! It was
so funny! We then drove to MCM. It started pouring again when we were
leaving and we ran to our car and we were so soaked. Water was
dripping off of us! We took pictures!

Friday, weekly planning. Had a lesson with Oscar Ray. Started talking
about the Plan of Salvation and then he asked about prophets and the
priesthood, so we then started talking about the Restoration. It was a
good lesson. We stopped by Sister Brotmans house but she wasn't there
but her granddaughter Gia was there and we talked about church. Her
mom won't let her be baptized .. We had a lesson with the Limpruns. We
showed them the video called "Sunday will come" and talked about
staying positive! Ate dinner at the Owens family! Had a lesson with
Bill Geary and showed him the gospel nails.

Saturday we met Sister Carroll at the park and talked to her about her
temple experience!! :) afterwards we went to a different park and
talked to a few people there. I kept tripping/rolling my ankles and
almost falling on the rocks while we were walking! I am so clumsy
hahaha. Went to the Olivers. Talked about family history work. We went
to a high priest group social annual cook-out thing. It was fun. We
then came home and finished weekly planning.

Sunday, Raymond came to church! He said he enjoyed it and the speakers
really spoke to him! We had a lesson with him afterwards and talked
about the plan of salvation and the law of chastity. Haha. His date of
July 17th might have to be pushed back ..
We did a lot of stop bys and tracting. We didn't have a dinner planned
but Sister Engebretsen invited us over. It was fun. Yummy food.
We knocked on this one door and he told us that this was a non
soliciting neighborhood and that we needed to go away and I told him
we weren't soliciting and he said yes you are and so I asked him how
and he said something about we are trying to get people to join our
church to receive money and sister Roberts said nobody in our church
gets paid. We kindly left haha. Sister Roberts said my sass came out

We went to friendlys today. I got a bacon and Swiss turkey burger and
ice cream :)
Get our new mission president today at around 6:30!!
I hope you all had a great week! Love you all!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, June 20, 2016



Sister Roberts said I say booom all the time! And now she is starting
to say it 😂😂

So, we found out about transfers!!! Sister Roberts and I are staying
here for three more weeks! We will be having a mid transfer transfer
because of the temple open house and we will be doubling out and
elders will be taking over our area!!!

So, Monday was crazy busy. We are dinner at the Johns. Afterwards we
went over to Geri's. She let us pick some strawberries from her little
garden! We told her that after her baptism she has to be re taught all
of the lessons again. She didn't like that lol. We went over the plan
of salvation again.

Tuesday we had 3 lessons planned in the morning and they all cancelled
.. We did stop by Sister Brotman and she talked to us for a very long
time. We went to the park again to find more people. We stopped by a
referral that the elders sent us and she talked to us about her
family. She wants to see what our church is like. Are dinner at the
Condies. We ate chicken and waffles and it was this chicken like in a
sauce type thing. It was so good!! That night we made brownies for
Sister Stettler and dropped them off at her door.

Wednesday we had to go on splits. I went with Sister Shorten to my
doctors appointment and Sister Roberts went with Sister Owens to visit
a less active but she cancelled .. We went to a church with Sister
Owens and did some service. We went to the park with Ashley because we
had a lesson with someone but they didn't show up .. We had a lesson
with a former named Pam. Got to know her a little bit and we talked a
little about the restoration. Ate dinner at the Holderbaums and oh my
gosh, Geri made sooooo much food. We were going to throw up. And she
just kept giving us more!! That night we heart attacked the Bensons
and we were going to the dollar store to get some paper and we
realized the place we walked into was too fancy and expensive to be a
dollar tree and we were like wait, where are we?! And we were in the
store next to the dollar tree and it was so funny!! We laughed so
hard. 😂

Thursday was district meeting. We all had to share a 3 min talk about
a Christ like attribute and I chose hope. Afterwards I got my blood
drawn. That was fun. We went to see Sister Welsh and talked to her
about enduring to the end and joy. Ate dinner at the Bonds and oh I
ate a late lunch and I thought I was going to throw up and I couldn't
finish my plate! Later that night we had mcm.

Friday, doctors appointment again (no more I promise haha). Weekly
planning. Met with Sister Layton. Ate dinner at Moe's. I don't think
anything too exciting happened on Friday ..

Saturday had a conference call. Weekly planned. Some some lessons
cancel. Had a interesting lesson with Tanya and her friend Marquise.
Towards the end he was starting to get a little interested haha. We
ate dinner at friendlys with the Howards and then afterwards went a
visited someone in the ward who is at the hospital. Nicest hospital

Sunday. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. We had TWO really less active people come
to church!!! Sister Stettler and Sister Magnusson!!! We were soo
excited!! It was awesome. After church we met with Sister Brotmans
boyfriend and set him with a baptism date for July 17th!! He is so
excited and he will be coming to church next week!!! Met with Sister
Benson. She loved our heart attack. Had a lesson with the Limpruns.
Their family just had another death. So sad. Bea said she would try
and come to church next week!!!! Ahhhh!! 😃😃 Had a lesson with Amy
and Randel. They are going to try and come to church next Sunday!! We
had a great Sunday!!!

Today we went to friendlys for lunch 😋
I am going to send a bunch of pictures!! 😎

Sista G

Monday, June 13, 2016

Conference! Conference! Conference!

Hi family and friends!!!

Monday after dinner we had a lesson with Amy and Randel. We taught the
plan of salvation. Invited them to be baptized on July 30th! Randel
put it into his calendar! He asked what his homework was and we told
him to read 2 Nephi 31 and he started reading it out loud right then!
And then he asked what his assignment was again and so we told him to
read Mosiah 18! He also prayed at the end of the lesson! We called
Mary to set up an appointment and she ended up talking to us forever!
And we ended it with a prayer so it was a phone lesson haha. She told
us she didn't want to meet with us in person because of her health
issues so we probably will just have phone lessons with her every week
or something haha. Monday night the Sister Training Leaders came over
for exchanges on Tuesday. I stayed here with Sister Jackson.

Tuesday I was with Sister Jackson all day. Mike cancelled but we went
to the park anyways. We met a Buddhist, that was interesting. We met
Tyniesha and Lexie. They didn't believe in God. They weren't
interested in talking to us again. We heart attacked Sister Brotman.
Barbara cancelled, again. We met a girl named Sarah, we showed her the
hallelujah Easter video and she really enjoyed it. She told us to come
back on Saturday (she wasn't there..) Stopped by Tanya and Amoras.
Read 2 Nephi 31:20. Amora said she is going to be gone for two weeks
but said she would take the BOM with her. We will see. Haha. I don't
remember what we did before dinner.... Lol. We ate at home though. We
did accountability that night, which was where we talk about how I am
doing and how my relationship is with my companion, DL, ZL'S, etc.
pretty much just talk about everything haha.

The STL's and Sister Adhikari (their golden) left Wednesday morning
for their zone conference. Our zone conference was Thursday so we had
our district meeting on Wednesday. We did a lot of stop bys and we
found out that a less active is active in the Salisbury ward in Ocean
City, Maryland. He goes to work up there on the weekends so he just
goes to church up there as well haha. We visited Sister Cheeseman, she
told us she read ether 12 we gave her to read! We also did some
service for her too! Oh so we met this kid named Moises (pronounced
Moses) on Tuesday in our apartment complex and he said to stop by
Wednesday night but he wasn't there .... And then was our night haha.

Thursday was zone conference! They talked a lot about the temple open
house coming up!! 😊 it was president and sister Andersons last zone
conference so it was really sad. I cried! Well, a lot of missionaries
did! We sang our song to them and gave them a poster that a elder drew
of the two of them and all the missionaries signed it. I am so excited
about the temple open house!!!
This is the last week of the transfer and I might be getting
transferred! Ahhhh. Our dinner appointment at Zoup cancelled because
we were so late... Oops. Also, MCM cancelled as well haha.

Friday we did weekly planning. The Limpruns cancelled. We went over to
Tanya's and she wasn't there but there was this family friend of hers
there watching the house and he was very rude to us. He was kinda
bible bashing us but not really.. He was telling us we knew nothing
about the bible and we need to be better teachers and all this random
stuff.. We got out of there haha. The Searls cancelled. We have not
been able to see them in like forever! Ugg. Ate dinner with the
McNeils outside!

Saturday we tried to stop by Sarah but she wasn't home. We had a
lesson with Marguerite and Ray. Marguerite left during the lesson.. It
was a really good lesson with Ray though. Invited him to be baptized
on July 30th he seems interested but really wants to make sure he is
ready and he wants to do make this step. Barbara cancelled once
again.. Visited Sister Cheeseman again. Had a lesson with Sister
Benson. Talked about charity and humility. She talked a lot about
mental illnesses. Had a lesson with the Limpruns. Talked about FHE.
For dinner we went to pats pizza. We had stake conference but we
couldn't go because we didn't have an investigator to come with us ..

Sunday we had stake conference at a high school!! Found out that our
bishop got called to be the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency! It
was a really good conference. All about the temple in Philly. Also,
our new mission president and his family will arrive on Monday! We had
a lesson with the Bensons and their home teachers and we talked about
prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ. Ate dinner with the Minters.
That night we baked brownies for Sister Stettler haha.

Today we did laundry, went to Walmart, got car washed, went to I hop
for lunch haha. I got a crepe with eggs, ham, bacon, and cheese sauce
on top. It. Was. Delicious!!!! Best thing I've ever eaten haha.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! Love you all!!

Sister G

I don't remember if I've sent this picture already...

Monday, June 6, 2016

My zone!


Hi family and friends!!
So, a little side note about my subject. So whenever the mission sends
us a email or whatever, it shows us everyone's first names in the
mission and our district leaders says S Christian Howell and me and
sister Roberts have been wondering what the S stands for and so one
night when he called, we asked him and he said his real name is S!
Just S and he goes by Christian! We thought it was so funny and odd.
Also, we met a girl named Montana!

Monday we went to a thrift store and I got a skirt and Sister Roberts
got some skirts and shirts too!
I don't remember if we did anything important on Monday .... lol. I
think we got frozen yogurt.

Tuesday we tried to contact this referral we got and ended up in
Elsmere at this super sketchy area and the gps said the destination
was this worn down building that was all torn apart ... Ya, pretty
sketchy. Ate at Zoups for lunch. Had a lesson with the Urrunagas. The
husband, Ed, said he would consider being baptized if he came to know
if what we have taught is true! We gave him June 18th. We will see! We
went to the park and met Mike. He told us he would go to church on
Sunday (HE CAME!) ate dinner at the Ennis's. Went over to Sister
Stettlers (LA). She gave us dating and relationship advice... awkward.

Wednesday. Teresa and Tanya cancelled. Went to the doctor for Sister
Roberts. Dinner at the Hughes. Kinda had a lesson but not really, with
Jeff. We didn't have a woman with us so we were just standing in the
hallway. He was telling us everything he remembered about the
restoration and it was awesome! Also, that day we met Montana. Cute
girl we saw walking.

Thursday was zone training and sister Roberts and I had to do a
training on a new pamphlet we got! It was my first training! We had
two goldens there. My STL's are training the girl from meet the
Mormons! She's adorable and tiny! She has a cute accent too! We ate
lunch with a guy from sister Roberts last area. We ate at this sushi
Thai Buffett place. It was yummy. We kinda had a lesson with Teresa.
First she wanted us to talk to her husband but he was not interested
at all and kinda rude ... We taught Teresa a little bit about the plan
of salvation. We don't think she's very interested ... Didn't have a
dinner appointment. Had a lesson with the Limpruns. We talked about
hope. They have been stressed a lot and agreed to get a priesthood
blessing. Ended the night with MCM.

Friday. Sister Roberts had to get her blood drawn. Did some weekly
planning. Helped sister Owens and her family move. They told us it was
national donut day so we went to dunkin donuts and got a free donut :)
it was also my 4 month mark! Went over to sister Brotmans and she
talked to us forever. We did talk about missionary work though. For
dinner sister Howard let us order Chinese food with her card and they
delivered it to us. It was yummy haha.

Saturday we helped the Owens move again. They just moved to a
different trailer. We found a lost dog and we were able to find its
owner! Bishop gave us a family who just moved in and we went over to
their apartment and met April. She was nice. Ate dinner with bishops

Sunday. Mike came to church!!! Just sacrament but we were so excited!!
Afterwards we tried to stop by dome less actives. We did get to visit
with the Oliver's. We met with Geri and we are still trying to get her
to the temple to do baptisms. On our way to our dinner appointment
their was this huge thunderstorm and all of a sudden rain just started
pouring buckets onto our car and we couldn't see where we were driving
and the streets were flooding and one of the street lights were out
and it was sooo scary. Scariest moment of my life. We were driving
like 3 mph with our hazard lights on. It finally cleared up and we
made it to our dinner appointment safely before it started again!

Went to friendlys for lunch today and it was delicious. Went to the
wrong grocery store and ended up outside of our area ... Oops haha.
I hope everyone has had a great week. Love and miss you all!!
Sister Gronning

Pictures from a member and that is a big dog!