Monday, January 30, 2017

Schedule Changes! One year mark!

Hello everyone! So you know how I said last week that my year mark is
in 2 weeks?? Ya, it is this week...... (Friday) 😳 that is so crazy to
think about!!

Monday we had an interesting lesson thingy, I don't even know what it
was, at the church with these two girls. One of them was a referral
from bishop. We have not heard anything back from them since last
Monday evening we had FHE with the Castellanos family. They speak
Spanish but that did speaks a little bit of English. Sister Stubben
speaks Spanish well. I on the other hand, do not.
We ate dinner at the Sollars house.
Then had our Book of Mormon class at the church.

Tuesday was transfer day so we didn't have district meeting. We walked
and tracted a ton on Tuesday. We found this guy named Paul. He was an
interesting guy and talked to us for a very long time. He didn't want
to discuss anything religion. We told him about the family history
We had a lesson with Sister Kahler. We talked about conversion vs.
testimony. And we talked about the Sacrament and becoming worthy.
We had a lesson with Michael and we showed him the video called
"shining forth in the family" he is the only member in his family. We
talked about being a good example and talked about coming to church.
We had dinner with the Wilsons. The husband is not a member and he is
hilarious. He is not ready now but he will one day be baptized!
We had a lesson with Sister Hallyburton and talked about conversion.
We went to the Laytons house and talked a little bit to Jean.

Wednesday we travelled to Dover and watched a worldwide missionary
broadcast! It was about teaching repentance and baptizing converts.
Also, we have some schedule changes! It is more now up to the
missionaries what time they do stuff. So for Sister Stubben and I, we
wake up at 6:30. Exercise till 7:00. 7:00-8:30 getting ready (30 more
minutes to get ready!). 8:30-9:00 daily planning (instead of nightly
planning from 9:00-9:30pm). 9:00-10:00 personal study. 10:00-10:30
companionship study. 10:30-11:00 lunch (instead of one hour).
11:00-9:00 out proselyting. We can now go to bed anytime from
9:00-10:30! And pday is now from 8:00-6:00! Also, just missionaries
and returned missionaries will understand this part - we only have 4
key indicators now! We don't even set goals anymore when we do daily
planning! And also, just a rule that President Randall has made, we
don't have to wear cardigans at meetings anymore. It is optional.
Crazy stuff!
Oh and on Wednesday I found out that the Bayview sisters, Sister
Fuelling and Sister Tovar are our Sister Training Leaders!!! I almost
We went to Waffle House afterwards for lunch.
We ate dinner at Sister Spadins house with her and her daughter.
We had a lesson with the Laytons and we sang "if the savior stood
beside me" and talked about not swearing!
Wednesday night we found out that we have interviews with President
the next day!

Thursday we had interviews with President Randall. He was running out
of time so ours was really short and Sister Stubben and I didn't get a
chance to teach him repentance. He said we can do it over Skype but he
hasn't called us.
We talked to a former investigator who has family members who are
members and active. She has some concerns about our church.
We ate dinner at the Dredges.
We had a lesson with Claire who is getting baptized on Feb 18th! We
taught her the restoration simply. Her dad did awesome teaching it as

Friday we had District Meeting and our DL made all of us brownies!
We had a lesson with Sister Kelley about conversion.
We had a lesson with Minwoos family (he's a returned missionary who's
family is less active) we talked about praying and church.
We had a lesson with the hammonds who just moved to our area. Brother
Hammond is going to ask for Sundays off. They both came to church on
Sunday. It is a father and daughter.
We had a lesson with Jane about the Plan of Salvation.
Ate dinner at the Smiths
We taught Ryan about patriarchal blessings and the priesthood. He is
going to get the priesthood this week!

Saturday we helped clean one of our family investigators clean and
talked to her kids.
We retaught Edwin the restoration.
Met with Sister Santiago. She came to church on Sunday :)
We shared a message with Sister Hall and Chris.
We had correlation with our ward mission leader, the sisters, and Minwoo.
We had dinner with bishops family and a Chinese and Japanese place
that took foreverrr.
We had a lesson with the Layton household.

Sunday was church and we were combined the third hour. We had a lunch
with 3 ysa and Sister Ridlon.
We helped Megan move in to her dorm at Salisbury university.
Ate dinner at the Slushers.
Had FHE at the Sollars house.

That's pretty much it!
I hope everyone has a great week!!
I hope to soon be an aunt ☺️

Last picture is a shout out to my dad's mission and my mtc district elders!!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, January 23, 2017

Everything is awesome!!

Hello everyone! I said I wasn't doing a weekly today but I am! Haha.
Today we are doing like a half pday thingy, I don't even know.
Anyways, keep reading to hear about the temple, transfers, and church

And yes, I quoted the Lego movie as my subject. 😏

Monday we ate dinner at Sister Johnsons house. She takes care of the
meal calendar for us. We stopped by a less actives house. He said he
would want to start going back to church if it was with his family.
His family members are not members so we are going to try and teach
his whole family! We went to the Book of Mormon class and read 1 Nephi

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it took us 5 years to take a group
picture at the end. Side note, one of my Zone Leaders is now an
Assistant to the President, and he is companions with Elder Wilde, WHO
HE TRAINED. So crazy. Father and son moment. We did some finding. We
were going to have a lesson with Tiffany but she had to reschedule.
One of the North sisters was sick this week so we did splits with
them. I stayed with Sister Watkins and Sister Stubben went with Sister
Garner to a lesson. We went to Roses house and met Howard. We talked
to him for a little bit. We had dinner at the Cooks and taught Claire
about the importance of studying the scriptures. She is going to be
baptized on February 18th! We asked Brother Cook if he would like to
be re baptized and he said right now he wants to focus on Claire.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the Medinas. We read Moroni 6 and
talked about the importance of church and the Sacrament. We had lunch
with Sister Kahler and then afterwards we talked about the Sacrament.
We taught Edwin the Law of Chastity. That was interesting haha. As we
were talking to Edwin, this truck pulls up and the guy just sits there
for a little bit and then gets out and he is holding two bouquet of
flowers and hands them to Sister Stubben and I! It was the sweetest
thing ever!!! We were so happy!! We taught Brandon about temples and
the Holy Ghost. We had a lesson with Michael and we read Ether 12 with
him. We ate dinner at the Williams house. We went and taught the
Activity girls about missionary work! We had them ask us any questions
and they were hilarious. We also had them right a letter to a
missionary who is serving in Australia from this ward. It was fun! And
then after that we had our correlation meeting with our ward mission

Thursday weekly planning. We stopped by the Laytons. We showed them
the sanctify yourselves video. We ate dinner at the ballante's and she
made us this pizza pasta casserole thing and it was so good!! Thursday
night us and the north sisters headed up to Dover for a Dover

Friday a member from the Dover ward took us, the north sisters, and
the Dover sisters to the TEMPLE! It was amazing! We were able to do
initiatorys and an endowment session. I had two family names. I
printed off the males as well but I realized as I was cutting them out
that I printed them double sided so it cut through the one on the
back... oops. We got Philly cheesesteaks afterwards! I got mine with
cheese and bacon!! Yummmm. We had a dinner appointment that night but
we had to reschedule it. We had a lesson with the Castellanos and
Kevin. We had a lesson with Jay about the savior. We taught Eddie
about repentance.

Saturday we had a lesson the Sister Hall and Chris. We talked about
the Sacrament. We had a lesson with Yves (Eve). We taught her the
restoration and we set her with a baptism date for March 18th! We
talked to Sister Santiago and Roberto. We had a lesson with Salif
about Jesus Christ. He had a lot of good questions. We read Mosiah 24
with Edwin. We ate dinner at the Barleys. We read Ether 12 with Sister
Oh so that night we were waiting for transfer calls and just dying.
That night we get a text from our District Leader saying that if you
did not get a call from the Zone Leaders, that means you are staying,
We are so excited if you can't tell!!!

Sunday we had 7 investigators at church!!! Eddie who has not stepped
foot inside a church ever in his life, CAME TO CHURCH!!! I fasted for
him at the temple! Miracles happen people! We also had a part member
family come. The wife is a less active member and the husband and kids
are not. It was an awesome Sunday!!!

Today we have a first lesson at 12 and then some in the evening.
I hope everyone had a great day!!!
Oh and I also had a heart attack because I thought my year mark is
next week. It is in two weeks though! Still so crazy!!!

Sister Gronning

Monday, January 16, 2017


Ya so, if you can't tell, I am SO excited for the temple on Friday!! I
haven't gone since the open house!! I NEED to go! We are going with
the North sisters and our STLs πŸ˜ƒ and because we are going to the
temple, Friday will be a pday but I won't be emailing. I'll probably
just send one email to my family on Monday letting them know what is
happening with transfers because transfer calls are on Saturday and
transfers are Tuesday 😢

Anyways, hello everyone!! I am currently eating chocolate strawberry Oreos... 😍

So on Monday, us and the North sisters went shopping and we went to
lunch together :)
  We had a lesson with Saintamene (investigator) and her daughter who
is 6. We taught them the restoration. She said she would read the Book
of Mormon and be baptized if she knew it was true πŸ™‚
  We had our Book of Mormon class at the church and we read 1 Nephi
7-8. Our investigator Brandon came again πŸ™‚

Tuesday we had the BEST Zone Training ever! Our Zone Leaders are so
good. It was focused on the How to Begin Teaching points found in
Preach my Gospel. I wasn't expecting the Assistants to be there though
haha. We had little break out session things where we were separated
into three groups and went to different rooms and did different
trainings and role plays. I actually had fun role playing lol, who
knew πŸ˜‚ we went to lunch with a member afterwards. We went to Tapatia.
Which was super yummy.
    We decided to knock on this door in an apartment complex and a
girl named Jane answered and let us right in. We showed her the
Because of Him video and taught a brief restoration lesson. She was
super nice and at first she thought we were JWs but a lot of people
think that at first haha.
    We didn't have a woman with us when for Michaels lesson so we
talked to him on his porch. He didn't read his Book of Mormon and he
said he is always late to church but he wants to go..
    We didn't have a woman for Carl's lesson either.. we talked to him
outside and he said he likes the 10 commandments in the Bible and we
invited him to read Mosiah 13.
    We won't over to the Medinas and we met the dad! He is the only
member in his family but doesn't come to church. He pulled up right as
we got there! We read Mosiah 3:5-13 and talked about Jesus Christ. The
dad said they all would be at church on Sunday! Which sadly they
didn't πŸ™ we invited them to read Mosiah 2.
    We had dinner with Brother Cook and his family. He used to be a
member. His wife is not a member. He has a daughter who will be eight
and wants to be baptized! The mom and dad are both okay with it! They
picked February 18th for the date of her baptism! We are having dinner
with them again tomorrow πŸ™‚

Wednesday we had a lesson with Julia (investigator) she asked
questions about Prophets and Bishops. We shared some scriptures in
Matthew 7 with her.
    We did some finding.
    We had a lesson with Sister Hallyburton. We talked about her
relationship with God.
    We had a lesson with Edwin and learned more about him! We talked
about keeping the sabbath day holy and he said he didn't realize that
coming to church is a commandment (he came to church on Sunday!) he
also didn't realize that not saying the lords name in vain is a
    We also taught Brandon about keeping the sabbath day holy and the
importance of church. He came to church as well!
    I don't remember what we did for dinner that night.
    We had an interesting lesson with Janice and Elvis. Elvis asked a
ton of questions! We managed to get through the restoration though
haha. Janice said she would probably get baptized!
    We had correlation that night.

Thursday we had a conference call and weekly planned like usual.
    We did a lot of finding and tracting.
    We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Minwoo (returned missionary) and his mom!
    We went to the Layton household and were planning on teaching Jay
but him, Ryan, and Eddie all left! So we talked to Pam and Jean about
the visiting teaching this month which was about the importance of
relief society. We read Matthew 25:40 and D&C 121:41-44 and talked
about how the gospel blesses our families.

Friday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I went
to Dover with Sister Casey and Sister Stubben stayed in Salisbury with
Sister Beukers. It was fun! Sister Casey is awesome.

Saturday morning we switched back.
    We stopped by and talked to Sister Santiago for a long time. We
showed her a rock climbing video. The story that Elder Holland shared.
It is terrifying but so good. She came to church on Sunday!
    We taught Edwin about the word of wisdom and he was perfectly fine with it!
    We also found a family while knocking on doors! They let us right
in and we showed a video and the mom invited us back! We are going
over there tomorrow!
    We ate dinner at the Morris's.
    We had a lesson over at the Castellanos house and there nephew who
is not a member was there and we taught him the restoration. He speaks
no English.. Brother Castellanos knows English and Spanish and was
able to translate for us and Sister Castellanos just knows Spanish
haha. Sister Stubben is awesome and speaks some Spanish and she did
    We also had an awesome lesson with Ryan. We talked about strengths
and how Heavenly Father helps us overcome our weaknesses. I felt
prompted to ask him what he thinks his strengths are and he mentioned
two and then Pam just went off telling him how much she loves him and
everything and it was just the sweetest thing ever!! Sister Stubben
and I almost cried!! I seriously love that family so much. And they
were all certain that they were coming to church on Sunday but only
Ryan and April came.

Sunday we had a good Sunday! Great talks. We were notified like 5 min
before ward council started that we were teaching the relief society
lesson.. the teacher was sick.
Some of our investigators and less actives came.
    We visited Sister Smith, an old member in our ward. Showed her a
video. She is super sweet, she gave us chocolate πŸ˜‹
    We went to the mission prep class and they discussed missionary
life haha it was so cool. Brother Swanson taught it and he is
    We had a Skype training thingy with the north sisters and the STLs
about companionship inventory haha.

This morning we played basketball at the church with the north sisters
and got cold stone! πŸ˜‹

I love you all and I'll talk to probably in two weeks!

Also since transfers are coming up, if you want to send anything, send
mail to 721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Ste B Broomall, PA 19008. I'm probably
staying but just to be safe send mail to mission office :)

Sister Gronning

1. Sister Stubben and I with our STLs
2. My zone
3/4. I don't even know πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
5. Vegas temple

Monday, January 9, 2017

❄️ 🌨☃️

Well everyone, it is literally freezing down here on the east coast.
This morning the weather app said 1 degrees and a windchill of -15
degrees!!! Ya so, if I don't ever come home, that means I froze to
death. This Nevada girl is doing to dieee. Helppp meeee😫

Monday evening we had a lesson with Salif (investigator) and we had
Sister Cole with us (a member in our ward). We reviewed the
Restoration and he remembered everything. We talked about the Plan of
Salvation. We talked a lot about Adam and Eve and the Fall. He was
going to come to church last Sunday but his ride fell through.. Salif
is awesome. And we learned that he is moving and his new house will be
in the North Sisters area😭
    Oh, side note, apparently we live 3 miles out of our area #what #whyπŸ€”
    We went to our Book of Mormon class at the church that we have
every Monday night. Ryan (recent convert) and Brandon (investigator)
came!! And 3 other members from our ward came as well.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. I had to role play with the tallest
elder in our mission (one of our Zone Leaders) and one that was
shorter than him but still 6 foot something! It was hilarious. I was
looking up at them the whole timeπŸ™„πŸ˜‚. A member from the Seaford ward
brought us pizza πŸ• which he usually doesπŸ˜‹
    We did some finding and found Nikki and we showed her the Because
of Him video and she did it was exactly what she learned in church on
Sunday. She wanted us to send her the video so she could share it and
show her "elder"πŸ˜‚
    We met this guy who he said his name is spelt Bamy Gams but is
pronounced nothing like that! We showed him the Hallelujah video and
he told us he meets with Missionaries from our church every week?!
    We met a guy named Allen and he was interesting. He doesn't know
if God is a person, white, black, male, female, etc. He thinks the
people should be punished for their sins. We shared some of Alma 42
with him.
    We had a lesson with Michael (less active) and Sister Johnson came
with us (a member in our ward). We talked about church and the
Sacrament and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We read John 14:26-27. We
also read "why the Book of Mormon" from the New Era.
    We were going to have a lesson with Dilan (investigator) but we
were late to his lesson and his mom was busy at the time.
    We were going to have a lesson with Yasmin but she had gone to the store.
    We had a lesson with Everaldo (investigator) on Facebook with
Sister Slusher (member in our ward). We talked about his religious
background. We talked about repentance.

Wednesday we went to visit a less active and found out that he had
passed away a long time ago. It was sad.
    We went to the church and opened the door for Sister Slusher and
cleaned out the refrigerators. Yuck.
    We met with Robert (referral) and got to know his religious
background. He was interested and he needed to ask his wife and then
we got a text yesterday that said his wife isn't interestedπŸ˜•
    We visited Sister Kahler (less active). She was fixing herself
breakfast and gave some to us! We talked more about the word of wisdom
and she let us take her coffee! We talked about President Hinkley and
the importance of following the Prophet.
    We stopped by a less actives house and he was super nice but said
he is working on getting his name removed from the records..
    We had a lesson with Edwin (investigator) and Sister Williams
(member in our ward) came with us. We talked about the importance of
reading the Book of Mormon. We talked about how we want to help him
live the commandments and prepare him for baptism.
    We visited Sister Santiago and she said she wants to start paying
her tithing and that she would be at church again his Sunday!
    We stopped by the Medinas and they were home! We talked to them
about repentance. We invited them to read Alma 34.
    We ate dinner at the Naumanns.
    We went over to the Layton household and went over the baptismal
interview questions with Eddie. We need to teach him more about
repentance and the law of Chastity😬 and then Ryan hasn't been reading
the Book of Mormon because he gets frustrated when he doesn't
understand it☹️
    We had a correlation meeting with the sisters, the ward mission
leader, and the new ward missionary couples.

Thursday we had a conference call and weekly planned.
    We visited Sister Bray and talked to her for awhile. She told us
again how she feels that the ward has given up on her☹️. We read in
D&C 121 and 122.
    We had a lesson with Janice (investigator) and Sister Rambo
(member in our ward) came. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She loved

it. We introduced the Book of Mormon and invited her to be baptized
but she said she has already been baptized.
    We visited the Williams. The husband is active, the wife is not
due to health reasons. Brother Williams is hilarious! He has an accent
and I love it haha. We talked about President Hinkley and teaching by
the spirit. We also showed them the New Years video.

Friday I had a doctors appointment for my feet.
    We had a lesson and lunch with Tulsi (investigator). We taught her
the restoration. She said she would read the Book of Mormon for 5-10
min everyday! She is awesome!! She made us Indian food!
    We visited Sister Kelley and talked about a repentance talk and
talked about forgiveness. She said she would be at church on Sunday.
    We stopped by Sister Halls house (less active) and showed her and
her boyfriend (not a member) the New Years video. We asked Sister Hall
why she stopped coming to church and she just said "personal reasons".
    We were going to have a lesson with Bamy but he wasn't home. And
our member cancelled.
    We were walking down the street and we see an old lady walking
outside with just a bathrobe on, in like 20 degrees outside and a mail
man (about a lil older than us) was helping her home and making sure
she was okay. We stopped to see if she was okay and she was breathing
heavy. The mail man called the police and they came over. The lady
couldn't remember if that was her house (it was). Her breathing went
normal. She couldn't remember a whole lot and kept repeating herself a
lot. She had dementia. She was 87 years old. The police men were so
nice and they called one of her sons and when he was on his way over
there, her neighbor came over and we sat with her until her son came.
The police left when the neighbor came by. The lady was named Janette
and she was so grateful. It made me realize how grateful I am for kind
people! It was a neat experience but kinda scary too! And side note.
We saw one of the police men that night when we were eating dinner at
a Chinese place haha.
    We were going to have a lesson with Edwin but we didn't have a
women with us and he wanted to go eat lol.
    We helped carry a mans groceries and walked a little kid home.
    We showed the Santiagos the New Years video.
    Had a lesson at the Layton household. Eddie wouldn't come
downstairs. We talked to Pam and Ryan about fasting.

Saturday it snowed all day about a foot and we were snowed in all day
and so we were bored and had some Facebook lessons!

Sunday church got cancelled!! Pretty mouth did what we did on Saturday.
We had a phone lesson with Eddie and Ryan. That was interesting haha.

Today we are going to attempt to go to Walmart and get food!

Love you allll,
Sister Gronning

Monday, January 2, 2017

First 2017 pictures!

HELLO 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

So, when I was writing President this week, I could not remember
anything that happened this week so I am going to rely on area book to
tell me what we did! This might be a long email so bare with me!

By the way, it is super rainy over here in Maryland today. If anyone
was wondering lol

Also, tomorrow is my 11 month mark!

Monday - I think we slept all day. We ate dinner at the Walsh's house.
We had our Book of Mormon class at the church and 3 people came..
Afterwards we had a little correlation meeting with our Ward Mission

Tuesday - District Meeting. Afterwards a member from the Seaford ward
brought us pizza. Then our District went and helped a family move.
They were moving like one street down from the house so it was not bad
at all.
We stopped by a less actives house and it was really interesting. She
is super active in her own church and kept repeating over and over
that she is a missionary. She took a test and passed so now she is a
missionary πŸ˜‚ also, she told us the Second Coming already happened.
And she kept singing to us.. it was very strange.
We had a lesson with Michael (a less active) and his friend Brenden
(not a member) they are teenagers. We talked about the nature of God
and Prophets and the Book of Mormon. Brenden said he would read the
Book of Mormon and be baptized if he knew it was true! Brenden didn't
want to say the closing prayer so Michael helped him. 😊
We went to the Swansons for dinner and they are hilarious! Brother
Swansons mom and dad were there and also Sister Swansons sister and
brother in law. We were there way to long.. but by the end, Sister
Stubben and I were laughing so hard we were crying! πŸ˜‚
We had a lesson at the Layton house. Jay was a little crazy but
apologized at the end. We talked about the importance of keeping our

Wednesday - We ate at Panera Bread for lunch. We had a lesson with
Sister Kahler (a less active) about the Word of Wisdom. She said she
is addicted to chocolate and wants to stop eating it..
We had a lesson with Sister Gentry (a less active) about why we it is
important to read the Book of Mormon.
We delivered bibles to two bible referrals.
We had a lesson with Edwin (investigator) and he told us he will be
moving to Jacksonville, FL! (that is where my dad served his mission)
we talked about why the Book of Mormon is important and read 2 Nephi
31 and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also said the closing
prayer and it was awesome!
We had a lesson with Salif (investigator). He said some questions
about the title page and the introduction page on the Book of Mormon.
We taught him The Restoration. He said he didn't believe Christ was
crucified. We read 3 Nephi 11:14 and it really struck him. We talked
about how we have a modern day prophet and we showed him President
Monsons talk called "the perfect path to happiness" and he read it all
right then.
We had a lesson with Sister Santiago (a less active). We read some of
Alma 34 and talked about how we can't procrastinate repentance.
Ate dinner at the Barleys.
We went to go find an investigator and met Saintamene in the apartment
complex. We showed her the Because of Him video and talked about
Christs Atonement. We gave her a brief overview of The Restoration and
gave her a pamphlet in Creole!
We went over to Sister Hallyburtons house (a less active) and read
some of Alma 34 and also talked about the importance of keeping

Thursday - we texted one of the Bible referrals and asked her if she
got the Bible we left and she said yes and she was very grateful and
she asked us where our church was!
We listened to the conference call.
Weekly planned.
Stake reports.
We met Dilan and showed him the Because of Him video and he really liked it.
We met Yasmin and showed her the Because of Him video and invited her to church.
We met another person who requested a Bible and a Book of Mormon! We
delivered them to him and talked about the Book of Mormon and his
religious background a little bit.
We stopped by and met Nellie (investigator) She has talked to elders
in the past. We testified of eternal families and she teared up.
Ate dinner at the Williams house. They had two of the grandkids there
and they were adorable! Ages 2 and 4!
Went to the Laytons and retaught Ryan (recent convert) the Word of
Wisdom. They all have a strong testimony of the Word of Wisdom.

Friday - we were going to have a lesson with Tulsi (investigator) but
she had to reschedule.
Had a lesson with Sister Kelley (a less active) and read 1 Nephi 8 and
talked about Lehis vision of the tree of life and holding on to the
iron rod. She said she would be at church on Sunday and she needs to
make the gospel a priority (she came!!) we then went to Denny's with
her and some people and I got a peanut butter and chocolate pancake
and oh my goodness, it was the best thing I have ever eaten!!!! I will
attach a picture!
We were going to have a lesson with Edwin (investigator) but we
couldn't get a women to come out with us.
We met with Sister Santiago again and talked about gambling and
tithing.. also talked about the Atonement. She said her New Years
resolution is to come to church and she came!!
Sister Smith brought us dinner at the church.
We had a Facebook lesson with Brandon (investigator) and talked about
the Ten Commandments.
We were going to have a lesson with Salif in person but couldn't find
a women so we started a lesson over Facebook but that didn't really
happen lol.
We went over more of the Commandments with Ryan. He is nervous to
receive the priesthood. Eddie (investigator) came in and told us he
read all of the Book of Mormon again for the second time!! He also
said he wants to get baptized but didn't want to set a date because he
wants to take it slow. He was going to come to church but his family
got sick.

Saturday - we went to Lukas Swansons baptism and the set up was so
cute! Had lunch afterwards too.
We went to the Franco's (less actives) and got there as soon as
Brother Franco got there and talked to him for a little bit.
We read D&C 84 with Ryan about the oath and covenant of the priesthood.
We met Julia and showed her the Because of Him video and talked about
the Atonement and family.
We were going to have a lesson with Saintamene but no one answered the door.
Had dinner at the Castellanos and then we went home because we had to
be in by 6pm!

Sunday - went to church. Most of our investigators got sick and some
of their rides fell though..
We ate lunch at the church.
Visited Brother White (not a member) at the hospital.
We met Sister Bowen and her two of her grandchildren. We showed them a
New Years Mormon message. Bentley, who is 5 years old was so cute!!
We visited the Armstrongs (investigators) and showed them the New
Years Mormon message as well.
Ate dinner at the Rambos. They cook a ton of food!!
We stopped by and visited Janice and Elvis (investigators) and showed
them the video and talked about faith.
We visited Sister Bray (a less active) and it was super sad. She is
old and stays in a bed and she told us that she feels like the ward
has given up on her πŸ˜”

Today we plan on going to Dairy Queen!

I hope you all had a great New Years!

115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D
Salisbury, MD 21804

Love, Sister Gronning

Celebrating 4 and 11 months!