Monday, January 30, 2017

Schedule Changes! One year mark!

Hello everyone! So you know how I said last week that my year mark is
in 2 weeks?? Ya, it is this week...... (Friday) 😳 that is so crazy to
think about!!

Monday we had an interesting lesson thingy, I don't even know what it
was, at the church with these two girls. One of them was a referral
from bishop. We have not heard anything back from them since last
Monday evening we had FHE with the Castellanos family. They speak
Spanish but that did speaks a little bit of English. Sister Stubben
speaks Spanish well. I on the other hand, do not.
We ate dinner at the Sollars house.
Then had our Book of Mormon class at the church.

Tuesday was transfer day so we didn't have district meeting. We walked
and tracted a ton on Tuesday. We found this guy named Paul. He was an
interesting guy and talked to us for a very long time. He didn't want
to discuss anything religion. We told him about the family history
We had a lesson with Sister Kahler. We talked about conversion vs.
testimony. And we talked about the Sacrament and becoming worthy.
We had a lesson with Michael and we showed him the video called
"shining forth in the family" he is the only member in his family. We
talked about being a good example and talked about coming to church.
We had dinner with the Wilsons. The husband is not a member and he is
hilarious. He is not ready now but he will one day be baptized!
We had a lesson with Sister Hallyburton and talked about conversion.
We went to the Laytons house and talked a little bit to Jean.

Wednesday we travelled to Dover and watched a worldwide missionary
broadcast! It was about teaching repentance and baptizing converts.
Also, we have some schedule changes! It is more now up to the
missionaries what time they do stuff. So for Sister Stubben and I, we
wake up at 6:30. Exercise till 7:00. 7:00-8:30 getting ready (30 more
minutes to get ready!). 8:30-9:00 daily planning (instead of nightly
planning from 9:00-9:30pm). 9:00-10:00 personal study. 10:00-10:30
companionship study. 10:30-11:00 lunch (instead of one hour).
11:00-9:00 out proselyting. We can now go to bed anytime from
9:00-10:30! And pday is now from 8:00-6:00! Also, just missionaries
and returned missionaries will understand this part - we only have 4
key indicators now! We don't even set goals anymore when we do daily
planning! And also, just a rule that President Randall has made, we
don't have to wear cardigans at meetings anymore. It is optional.
Crazy stuff!
Oh and on Wednesday I found out that the Bayview sisters, Sister
Fuelling and Sister Tovar are our Sister Training Leaders!!! I almost
We went to Waffle House afterwards for lunch.
We ate dinner at Sister Spadins house with her and her daughter.
We had a lesson with the Laytons and we sang "if the savior stood
beside me" and talked about not swearing!
Wednesday night we found out that we have interviews with President
the next day!

Thursday we had interviews with President Randall. He was running out
of time so ours was really short and Sister Stubben and I didn't get a
chance to teach him repentance. He said we can do it over Skype but he
hasn't called us.
We talked to a former investigator who has family members who are
members and active. She has some concerns about our church.
We ate dinner at the Dredges.
We had a lesson with Claire who is getting baptized on Feb 18th! We
taught her the restoration simply. Her dad did awesome teaching it as

Friday we had District Meeting and our DL made all of us brownies!
We had a lesson with Sister Kelley about conversion.
We had a lesson with Minwoos family (he's a returned missionary who's
family is less active) we talked about praying and church.
We had a lesson with the hammonds who just moved to our area. Brother
Hammond is going to ask for Sundays off. They both came to church on
Sunday. It is a father and daughter.
We had a lesson with Jane about the Plan of Salvation.
Ate dinner at the Smiths
We taught Ryan about patriarchal blessings and the priesthood. He is
going to get the priesthood this week!

Saturday we helped clean one of our family investigators clean and
talked to her kids.
We retaught Edwin the restoration.
Met with Sister Santiago. She came to church on Sunday :)
We shared a message with Sister Hall and Chris.
We had correlation with our ward mission leader, the sisters, and Minwoo.
We had dinner with bishops family and a Chinese and Japanese place
that took foreverrr.
We had a lesson with the Layton household.

Sunday was church and we were combined the third hour. We had a lunch
with 3 ysa and Sister Ridlon.
We helped Megan move in to her dorm at Salisbury university.
Ate dinner at the Slushers.
Had FHE at the Sollars house.

That's pretty much it!
I hope everyone has a great week!!
I hope to soon be an aunt ☺️

Last picture is a shout out to my dad's mission and my mtc district elders!!!
Sister Gronning