Monday, January 2, 2017

HELLO 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!

So, when I was writing President this week, I could not remember
anything that happened this week so I am going to rely on area book to
tell me what we did! This might be a long email so bare with me!

By the way, it is super rainy over here in Maryland today. If anyone
was wondering lol

Also, tomorrow is my 11 month mark!

Monday - I think we slept all day. We ate dinner at the Walsh's house.
We had our Book of Mormon class at the church and 3 people came..
Afterwards we had a little correlation meeting with our Ward Mission

Tuesday - District Meeting. Afterwards a member from the Seaford ward
brought us pizza. Then our District went and helped a family move.
They were moving like one street down from the house so it was not bad
at all.
We stopped by a less actives house and it was really interesting. She
is super active in her own church and kept repeating over and over
that she is a missionary. She took a test and passed so now she is a
missionary 😂 also, she told us the Second Coming already happened.
And she kept singing to us.. it was very strange.
We had a lesson with Michael (a less active) and his friend Brenden
(not a member) they are teenagers. We talked about the nature of God
and Prophets and the Book of Mormon. Brenden said he would read the
Book of Mormon and be baptized if he knew it was true! Brenden didn't
want to say the closing prayer so Michael helped him. 😊
We went to the Swansons for dinner and they are hilarious! Brother
Swansons mom and dad were there and also Sister Swansons sister and
brother in law. We were there way to long.. but by the end, Sister
Stubben and I were laughing so hard we were crying! 😂
We had a lesson at the Layton house. Jay was a little crazy but
apologized at the end. We talked about the importance of keeping our

Wednesday - We ate at Panera Bread for lunch. We had a lesson with
Sister Kahler (a less active) about the Word of Wisdom. She said she
is addicted to chocolate and wants to stop eating it..
We had a lesson with Sister Gentry (a less active) about why we it is
important to read the Book of Mormon.
We delivered bibles to two bible referrals.
We had a lesson with Edwin (investigator) and he told us he will be
moving to Jacksonville, FL! (that is where my dad served his mission)
we talked about why the Book of Mormon is important and read 2 Nephi
31 and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also said the closing
prayer and it was awesome!
We had a lesson with Salif (investigator). He said some questions
about the title page and the introduction page on the Book of Mormon.
We taught him The Restoration. He said he didn't believe Christ was
crucified. We read 3 Nephi 11:14 and it really struck him. We talked
about how we have a modern day prophet and we showed him President
Monsons talk called "the perfect path to happiness" and he read it all
right then.
We had a lesson with Sister Santiago (a less active). We read some of
Alma 34 and talked about how we can't procrastinate repentance.
Ate dinner at the Barleys.
We went to go find an investigator and met Saintamene in the apartment
complex. We showed her the Because of Him video and talked about
Christs Atonement. We gave her a brief overview of The Restoration and
gave her a pamphlet in Creole!
We went over to Sister Hallyburtons house (a less active) and read
some of Alma 34 and also talked about the importance of keeping

Thursday - we texted one of the Bible referrals and asked her if she
got the Bible we left and she said yes and she was very grateful and
she asked us where our church was!
We listened to the conference call.
Weekly planned.
Stake reports.
We met Dilan and showed him the Because of Him video and he really liked it.
We met Yasmin and showed her the Because of Him video and invited her to church.
We met another person who requested a Bible and a Book of Mormon! We
delivered them to him and talked about the Book of Mormon and his
religious background a little bit.
We stopped by and met Nellie (investigator) She has talked to elders
in the past. We testified of eternal families and she teared up.
Ate dinner at the Williams house. They had two of the grandkids there
and they were adorable! Ages 2 and 4!
Went to the Laytons and retaught Ryan (recent convert) the Word of
Wisdom. They all have a strong testimony of the Word of Wisdom.

Friday - we were going to have a lesson with Tulsi (investigator) but
she had to reschedule.
Had a lesson with Sister Kelley (a less active) and read 1 Nephi 8 and
talked about Lehis vision of the tree of life and holding on to the
iron rod. She said she would be at church on Sunday and she needs to
make the gospel a priority (she came!!) we then went to Denny's with
her and some people and I got a peanut butter and chocolate pancake
and oh my goodness, it was the best thing I have ever eaten!!!! I will
attach a picture!
We were going to have a lesson with Edwin (investigator) but we
couldn't get a women to come out with us.
We met with Sister Santiago again and talked about gambling and
tithing.. also talked about the Atonement. She said her New Years
resolution is to come to church and she came!!
Sister Smith brought us dinner at the church.
We had a Facebook lesson with Brandon (investigator) and talked about
the Ten Commandments.
We were going to have a lesson with Salif in person but couldn't find
a women so we started a lesson over Facebook but that didn't really
happen lol.
We went over more of the Commandments with Ryan. He is nervous to
receive the priesthood. Eddie (investigator) came in and told us he
read all of the Book of Mormon again for the second time!! He also
said he wants to get baptized but didn't want to set a date because he
wants to take it slow. He was going to come to church but his family
got sick.

Saturday - we went to Lukas Swansons baptism and the set up was so
cute! Had lunch afterwards too.
We went to the Franco's (less actives) and got there as soon as
Brother Franco got there and talked to him for a little bit.
We read D&C 84 with Ryan about the oath and covenant of the priesthood.
We met Julia and showed her the Because of Him video and talked about
the Atonement and family.
We were going to have a lesson with Saintamene but no one answered the door.
Had dinner at the Castellanos and then we went home because we had to
be in by 6pm!

Sunday - went to church. Most of our investigators got sick and some
of their rides fell though..
We ate lunch at the church.
Visited Brother White (not a member) at the hospital.
We met Sister Bowen and her two of her grandchildren. We showed them a
New Years Mormon message. Bentley, who is 5 years old was so cute!!
We visited the Armstrongs (investigators) and showed them the New
Years Mormon message as well.
Ate dinner at the Rambos. They cook a ton of food!!
We stopped by and visited Janice and Elvis (investigators) and showed
them the video and talked about faith.
We visited Sister Bray (a less active) and it was super sad. She is
old and stays in a bed and she told us that she feels like the ward
has given up on her 😔

Today we plan on going to Dairy Queen!

I hope you all had a great New Years!

115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D
Salisbury, MD 21804

Love, Sister Gronning