Monday, January 16, 2017


Ya so, if you can't tell, I am SO excited for the temple on Friday!! I
haven't gone since the open house!! I NEED to go! We are going with
the North sisters and our STLs 😃 and because we are going to the
temple, Friday will be a pday but I won't be emailing. I'll probably
just send one email to my family on Monday letting them know what is
happening with transfers because transfer calls are on Saturday and
transfers are Tuesday 😶

Anyways, hello everyone!! I am currently eating chocolate strawberry Oreos... 😍

So on Monday, us and the North sisters went shopping and we went to
lunch together :)
  We had a lesson with Saintamene (investigator) and her daughter who
is 6. We taught them the restoration. She said she would read the Book
of Mormon and be baptized if she knew it was true 🙂
  We had our Book of Mormon class at the church and we read 1 Nephi
7-8. Our investigator Brandon came again 🙂

Tuesday we had the BEST Zone Training ever! Our Zone Leaders are so
good. It was focused on the How to Begin Teaching points found in
Preach my Gospel. I wasn't expecting the Assistants to be there though
haha. We had little break out session things where we were separated
into three groups and went to different rooms and did different
trainings and role plays. I actually had fun role playing lol, who
knew 😂 we went to lunch with a member afterwards. We went to Tapatia.
Which was super yummy.
    We decided to knock on this door in an apartment complex and a
girl named Jane answered and let us right in. We showed her the
Because of Him video and taught a brief restoration lesson. She was
super nice and at first she thought we were JWs but a lot of people
think that at first haha.
    We didn't have a woman with us when for Michaels lesson so we
talked to him on his porch. He didn't read his Book of Mormon and he
said he is always late to church but he wants to go..
    We didn't have a woman for Carl's lesson either.. we talked to him
outside and he said he likes the 10 commandments in the Bible and we
invited him to read Mosiah 13.
    We won't over to the Medinas and we met the dad! He is the only
member in his family but doesn't come to church. He pulled up right as
we got there! We read Mosiah 3:5-13 and talked about Jesus Christ. The
dad said they all would be at church on Sunday! Which sadly they
didn't 🙁 we invited them to read Mosiah 2.
    We had dinner with Brother Cook and his family. He used to be a
member. His wife is not a member. He has a daughter who will be eight
and wants to be baptized! The mom and dad are both okay with it! They
picked February 18th for the date of her baptism! We are having dinner
with them again tomorrow 🙂

Wednesday we had a lesson with Julia (investigator) she asked
questions about Prophets and Bishops. We shared some scriptures in
Matthew 7 with her.
    We did some finding.
    We had a lesson with Sister Hallyburton. We talked about her
relationship with God.
    We had a lesson with Edwin and learned more about him! We talked
about keeping the sabbath day holy and he said he didn't realize that
coming to church is a commandment (he came to church on Sunday!) he
also didn't realize that not saying the lords name in vain is a
    We also taught Brandon about keeping the sabbath day holy and the
importance of church. He came to church as well!
    I don't remember what we did for dinner that night.
    We had an interesting lesson with Janice and Elvis. Elvis asked a
ton of questions! We managed to get through the restoration though
haha. Janice said she would probably get baptized!
    We had correlation that night.

Thursday we had a conference call and weekly planned like usual.
    We did a lot of finding and tracting.
    We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Minwoo (returned missionary) and his mom!
    We went to the Layton household and were planning on teaching Jay
but him, Ryan, and Eddie all left! So we talked to Pam and Jean about
the visiting teaching this month which was about the importance of
relief society. We read Matthew 25:40 and D&C 121:41-44 and talked
about how the gospel blesses our families.

Friday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I went
to Dover with Sister Casey and Sister Stubben stayed in Salisbury with
Sister Beukers. It was fun! Sister Casey is awesome.

Saturday morning we switched back.
    We stopped by and talked to Sister Santiago for a long time. We
showed her a rock climbing video. The story that Elder Holland shared.
It is terrifying but so good. She came to church on Sunday!
    We taught Edwin about the word of wisdom and he was perfectly fine with it!
    We also found a family while knocking on doors! They let us right
in and we showed a video and the mom invited us back! We are going
over there tomorrow!
    We ate dinner at the Morris's.
    We had a lesson over at the Castellanos house and there nephew who
is not a member was there and we taught him the restoration. He speaks
no English.. Brother Castellanos knows English and Spanish and was
able to translate for us and Sister Castellanos just knows Spanish
haha. Sister Stubben is awesome and speaks some Spanish and she did
    We also had an awesome lesson with Ryan. We talked about strengths
and how Heavenly Father helps us overcome our weaknesses. I felt
prompted to ask him what he thinks his strengths are and he mentioned
two and then Pam just went off telling him how much she loves him and
everything and it was just the sweetest thing ever!! Sister Stubben
and I almost cried!! I seriously love that family so much. And they
were all certain that they were coming to church on Sunday but only
Ryan and April came.

Sunday we had a good Sunday! Great talks. We were notified like 5 min
before ward council started that we were teaching the relief society
lesson.. the teacher was sick.
Some of our investigators and less actives came.
    We visited Sister Smith, an old member in our ward. Showed her a
video. She is super sweet, she gave us chocolate 😋
    We went to the mission prep class and they discussed missionary
life haha it was so cool. Brother Swanson taught it and he is
    We had a Skype training thingy with the north sisters and the STLs
about companionship inventory haha.

This morning we played basketball at the church with the north sisters
and got cold stone! 😋

I love you all and I'll talk to probably in two weeks!

Also since transfers are coming up, if you want to send anything, send
mail to 721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Ste B Broomall, PA 19008. I'm probably
staying but just to be safe send mail to mission office :)

Sister Gronning

1. Sister Stubben and I with our STLs
2. My zone
3/4. I don't even know 😂🤣😂🤣
5. Vegas temple