Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Pictures!


Treats treats and more treats!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I did over here in Salisbury, Maryland!

Monday night we stopped to see Danielle, one of our investigators. We
showed her the #LIGHTtheWORLD video and talked about service. We had a
member from the ward with us. Danielle said we could come back!
We had a Book of Mormon study class at the church with the other
Sister Missionaries in our ward.
We went over the the Layton household and Jay was not having a good
night. We read D&C 84 with Ryan and also talked about the gospel of
Jesus Christ a little bit.

Tuesday we had district meeting and we watched Mr. Kruegers Christmas
haha. After the meeting we met with the parents of the Sister
Missionary serving in Logan. They bought us chick fil a! They were so
sweet and had a lot of good questions :)
We had some lessons fall through.
We went to the Santiagos and helped hang up wreaths outside for her.
We ate dinner at the Wilson's house.
That evening a member drove us to Dover!

Wednesday morning, the Salisbury sisters and the Dover sisters drove
to Cherry Hill, NJ for our Christmas conference! It was great! We sang
a lot of Christmas songs and had awesome trainings. We had the
funniest talent show! There was a lot of singing and also lip singing!
Some of the Spanish elders sang the mission song in Spanish and they
were wearing mustaches and ponchos and sombreros and even our mission
President was dressed up and played the piano while they sang!! One
elder recited word for word Matthew chapter 5 by memory!! It was
insane. All of us were dead silent just staring in amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ€” my
district sang angles we have heard on high. We got our Christmas
packages! We ate lunch and President showed a movie! It's a wonderful
life. It was very interesting lol.
We drove back home and that was pretty much our Wednesday.

Thursday we didn't have a conference call. We weekly planned. We had a
lesson with Edwin. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was an
interesting lesson.
We went caroling that evening with the north sisters with a couple in
our ward. It was fun. The husband knew how to play the harmonica. It
was cool.

Friday morning we went on exchanges. I went to Dover, DE with Sister
Beukers. We did some stop bys. We had a lesson with one of their
investigators. A member fed us lunch and we also had a member take us
to Burger King for dinner.
There are a senior couple serving in Dover. They did computer stuff
and documents all day everyday. But, we stopped by their appointment
because Sister Beukers had to give them something. I told them I was
Sister Gronning and Sister Graham says "my best friend is a Gronning!"
It turns out that her best friend is my grandpas sister (so, my dad's
aunt, which would be my great aunt) how crazy is that!!

Saturday morning we had a special Christmas Eve  conference call. We
exchanged back with our companions.
We met a girl named Holly who was having a hard time and we showed her
the video.
We went over to the Laytons and shared the Christmas story with them
from Luke 2.
We went to the Johnson's with the north sisters and we decorated their
Christmas tree and ate dinner with them and made cookies. It was a lot
of fun. They have a cute baby named Jameson!

Sunday was CHRISTMAS. It didn't feel like a Sunday, or Christmas.. but
it was a great day though!
We opened presents in the morning. Thanks to everyone who sent
packages and cards!! We went over to a members house and ate breakfast
and chatted with their family. They got my a huge soft blanket!!
We had church at 12. Sang in the choir for Sacrament. People keep
giving us treats btw!
We skyped our family!! I loved it so much❤️
We had dinner at a families house in the ward. They fed us so much
food. The husband served his mission in France so some of the things
he fixed he learned from his mission. Side note, his mission President
was Elder Anderson!

There will be lots of pictures attached to this email!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and send me your Christmas
pictures and especially pictures of you skyping your fam!! ❤️

Sister Gronning

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Well look out Maryland peeps, Sister Gronning is behind the wheel!

New Companion- Sister Stubben
New Companions!

Well, hello everyone! Merry Christmas πŸŽπŸŽ„ 
It definitely feels like 20+ years have passed since my last email!!

I am now serving in Salisbury, Maryland! Which is like the most southern area of the mission. This area is HUGE!! We are sharing the ward with another set of sisters and the south side that Sister Stubben and I cover is ginormous. Goodbye miles. Which means we have to walk, IN THE FREEZING COLD!! I am not a fan of this weather and I am so not prepared!! The weather app said like a low chill warning and if you go outside, make sure you wear gloves and a hat.. ya, I didn't have those.. I was definitely not prepared and it was the coldest day that we decided to walk in. Like 7 degrees and super windy. People thought we were insane. Which we were, pretty much. Also the weather app had a warning/pre caution thingy for frost bite and hypothermia. Pray that I don't freeze to death here, okay? Oh and like my subject says, I am driving. You can also pray that I don't die while driving as well. If it snows, I'm asking President if Sister Stubben can drive because I have no experience driving in snow and she does!
Sister Stubben is from New Mexico and she's been out for 3 months, which means she just finished being trained, which means I am refining her! Except she is definitely refining me!! She's an incredible missionary and loves being a missionary!
It is so crazy that Christmas is less than a week away! It's insane. Oh so there is a choir here in the Salisbury ward and we are singing in sacrament meeting on Christmas and the songs are tricky! Me and Sister Watkins (a golden serving in the north side of our boundaries) are terrified. Pray that everything goes well! Haha. Oh and another side note. The new goldens that just came in, have Samsung tablets that they got while in the MTC! What?!

Monday- I remember sleeping, emailing, and packing. And eating dinner at the Fletchers with Kylie and that's it! Oh and I definitely cried at the Fletchers.

Tuesday- Transfer day! We went to the church building in Cherry Hill. There was quite a few sisters who met there and the rest of the missionaries met in Broomall. Sister Fuelling went with Sister Tovar back to Bayview and I went with Sister Stubben (pronounced like stooben) down to Salisbury, Maryland. When I was saying bye to Sister Fuelling, I started crying! I'm pretty sure I was the only sister there that was crying! I'm a mess lol. And then my gps was set to no tolls and fastest route but we didn't realize that until we had no idea where we were and the arrival time was like hours away! So we decided to check the settings on my gps and that was why! It was so frustrating. That is why we are almost out of miles. But hey, we just found out that we got 50 more so that is great! I can't imagine what life would be like without a gps! Like seriously though...
We got lunch at wawa.
We had a lesson at 4:30 but he cancelled. We had a lesson with Brandon and his mom Shelly! (Haha, it was weird hearing that) they are investigators. We are teaching Brandon more than his mom. We taught a little bit about the Plan of Salvation.
We visited a less active and read Ether 12:23-27 with her.
We went to a relief society activity and they had different classes set up. One was a baking class and the teacher was showing us different ways to make chocolate! The second class, we made cute little snowmen out of socks and the last class, the teacher was sharing fhe ideas. It was a lot of fun! Oh and we ate cookies :)
That was our dinner haha.

Wednesday- we had a lesson with a less active named Sister Kahler. We read Acts 2:37-38 and talked about the importance of repentance and the sacrament. We met with another less active named Sister Gentry and read 2 Nephi 32 and talked about how she needs to pray, read her scriptures, attend church, and live the commandments. We contacted a referral and delivered a bible to her and taught the restoration. We gave her a Book of Mormon as well. We invited her to read 3 Nephi 11. We have been showing #LIGHTtheWORLD to everyone who will let us! We visited another less active and showed her the video and we asked her how she became a member and she pretty much said that the missionaries forced her into it... uh oh. No good... She currently goes to a different church. We knocked on this one door and a lady answered who didn't speak much English and directed us to her daughter who was in the bedroom studying. We showed her the video and she started crying and she said she loved it and she told us that she was sitting there wondering why she was studying and then we just knocked on her door and shared a video all about serving others. It was so cool. Her name is Tulsi. We went to chipotle for dinner. Sooo good. We had a lesson over at the Laytons. Side note, I actually met April while I was serving in Delaware! We taught Ryan (a recent convert) serving and learning in the church. We went to a potentials house and shared the restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon.

Thursday- conference call. Weekly planning. This is the day we walked, which was the coldest day and we were not prepared! We were sharing the #LIGHTtheWORLD to people. We met with the Counts family (investigators) and taught them the Restoration and read 1 Nephi 1 and part of 3 Nephi 11. Ate dinner with the Bellantes and the Slushers. Went to the Laytons and focused on Jay and we taught him the Plan of Salvation using a picture of a drawing an Elder drew.

Friday- District Meeting. We have two goldens in our district! Had a lesson with Chelsea (investigator) about keeping the sabbath day holy. We read Alma 32:22 and 27 and 1 Nephi 11:17. Had a lesson with Sister Kelley (less active). We had a Facebook lesson with Tulsi. We delivered a bible to a referral. We visited the Williams and showed them the daily #LIGHTtheWORLD video. They gave us hot chocolate! 😊 
Oh so we got a call from a sister missionary serving in Logan Utah. Her parents are not members and she said her mom said she would take the missionary lessons as a Christmas present for her daughter! How cute is that! Her parents are in our area! We are meeting them tomorrow and eating at chick fil a!

Saturday- took our car to pep boys to get the battery changed. We shared the video with a lot of people. We finished teaching the Plan of Salvation to Brandon. We met with the Castellanos. Ate dinner with the Morris family. Taught jay the gospel of Jesus Christ using an egg! (He is 10) it was cool. 

Sunday- went to church. A lot of people gave us treats for Christmas! The ward members are super nice! The choir provided lunch for us. Spaghetti with meatballs! It was super yummy. Visited Sister Smith (less active)
Had a little FHE with the YSA at a members house but there was only like 4 of them.They gave us chocolate milk! 

Tonight we are having a Book of Mormon class at the church!

Wow, okay, that was a long email. I'm done!

Merry Christmas everyone!! Have a safe and fun holiday!!
Remember the true meaning of Christmas!

115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D
Salisbury, MD 21804

Sister Gronning

Monday, December 12, 2016

Lots of Pictures this week!

Sister Fueling, Gronning and Destiny

Newark 3 --> New Castle --> West Chester --> Bay View --> Salisbury

Well, good news is - WE HAD A BAPTISM ❤️
sad news is - I am getting transferred 😭

Monday night we ate at the Walkers. I love that family! Sister Walkers
mom is with them and she is just the sweetest lady ever.

Tuesday we had Zone Training! You will see pictures! We got our cars
inspected afterwards and also a member from the Newark 3rd ward
brought us lunch!
We met with Sister Thodos (a less active) and shared the Christmas
video with her and invited her to share it on social media. We ate
dinner with Rosa. We had a lesson with Gladys as well!

Wednesday we had interviews with President! He is so awesome. And
because it was day 7: Jesus fed the hungry and so can you. He brought
us all donuts! We stopped by Dawn and invited her to the Christmas
party and set up a time to come over and have a lesson. We stopped by
and delivered food to Sister Croy. Dropped off food for Sister Miller
(she wasn't home). We went to stop by a less actives house and she
wasn't home but as we were driving away we saw her walking with her
kids so we stopped and got her phone number and she said she will let
us know a time we can come over. We stopped by Helen, an old lady we
found like two weeks ago. She was not feeling well at all and it was
very sad. We said a prayer with her. Ate dinner at the Kemptons and
Rachel and Timothy! We went to the church and we were going to have a
lesson with Destiny and Micheala on Facebook but that didn't really
work out. So we helped set up for  the Christmas party a little bit.
We had a lesson with Gladys that night at the church and she was
already to go for her interview!

Thursday, conference call, weekly planning, historic society, had a
lesson with Laquanda and Brother Cratty was there. We went over the
baptismal interview questions and focused on word of wisdom and we
also invited her to come to Gladys's baptism. Had dinner with the

Friday we helped decorate Sister Croys house for Christmas!! We then
went over to the church and helped decorate for the Christmas party!
We helped penny make fudge and ate pizza with her and shotgun. Also
helped decorate their tree :) went to the Fletchers and got our
baptism program all typed and printed :)

Saturday, CHRISTMAS PARTY. I got my picture with Santa! And I ate too
many cookies!! Gladys had her interview by Elder Wilson (DL, he's
going home 😟) and it went well! Went to Sister Millers and helped her
carry a chest into another room. Shared a talk with her. Ate dinner
with the Cains. Transfer calls came. I found out that I'm the only one
leaving the Wilmington zone besides the missionaries who are going
home! 😭 but I am going to Salisbury, Maryland with Sister Stubben and
I am super excited! But super sad to leave Bayview!

Sunday, church! And a BAPTISM!! The baptism went great and a lot of
members came which was awesome! :) Laquanda slept in but made it to
the very end of relief society and stayed for the baptism which was
great. Her and her daughter loved it. I had to bare my testimony in
sacrament meeting and I was crying and I have no idea what I said but
people said I did good haha. Brother Aydelotte dropped off food for
us. We stopped by and I said bye to Sister Miller and she gave us
bread and fudge. Stopped by and said bye to Shotgun and Penny. Penny
made us stockings and filled them with a bunch of stuff! So sweet.
Shotgun made me cry! I'm going to miss him and Penny so much.

Tonight we have a lesson with Dawn and Heather and dinner with the
Fletchers!! and more tears will come..

Address is 721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Broomall, PA. 19008. For right now!

I love you!!
- Sister Gronning

Monday, December 5, 2016

We have a BAPTISM!

Hello everyone! It kinda feels like a lifetime since my last pday..

Well, I hit my 10 month mark this past week!! Keep reading to find out
what we did that day!!

Monday, we ate dinner at Sister Rosas house. She speaks Italian,
Spanish, and English. I can't understand her half the time but she is
just the sweetest! I honestly don't remember a thing after that......

Tuesday, we had District Meeting. We took a dying picture because
three missionaries in our district our going home, "dying" (funny
little side note. I remember when I was a brand new missionary and my
trainers told me a missionary died and I thought they were serious and
they were like no not literally! They went home! And then they
explained it to meπŸ˜‚) and then we had our first lesson with Gladys!
She is so awesome! We taught her the restoration and she is getting
baptized this Sunday!! (The 11th) when we asked her when she would
like to be baptized, she told us the very next day! We were like well,
we still have a lot more to teach you so how about in two week,
December 11th and she said yes 😊 Sister Hamill came with us and she
was great with her. They both speak Spanish so that was cool! We
stopped by and shared a message about service to Sister Miller. We ate
dinner at the Todds.

Wednesday, we had a thing set up for Sister Dove (less active) but
when we went to her house, she wasn't home. We walked to Sister
Higgins (less active) house and shared a message with her. She drove
us to our next lesson (because she is nice and it was raining and we
were out of miles...) we had a lesson with Dawn and Heather
(investigators) and we ended up teaching the Restoration and the Plan
of Salvation .. they had a lot of questions. They had a death in the
family so they had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation so
we ended up teaching that and our plan was the Restoration so we did
both haha. The next time we go over there, we are planning on teaching
the Plan of Salvation more simply to them. We ate lunch. We tried to
contact a bible referral but his daughter answered and said he was not
home. We stopped by Laquandas house (investigator) and shared the
Christmas initiative with her and her daughter.
Had a lesson with Brother Boyd (less active), we shared to Christmas
initiative with him and his daughters as well. We went to a
neighborhood and knocked on some potential and former investigators
doors but not a lot of people we home. We did get inside a house and
showed them the video. Had dinner with Sister Croy and we watched Mr.
Kruegers Christmas (I think that is what it is called..) we went over
and taught Gladys the Plan of Salvation.

Thursday, we had a conference call. Weekly planned. Did service at the
historic society. Had a lesson planned with Laquanda but she
cancelled. Had dinner with the Griffiths. We taught Gladys the gospel
of Jesus Christ.

Friday, we taught Gladys the law of Chastity, word of wisdom, tithing,
fasting, fast offerings. We had Sister Ellsworth with us. We went over
and helped Sister Miller out her Christmas tree up and decorated it!
We had a lesson planned with Dawn and Heather but they had to
reschedule. Had lunch. Went tracting a little bit. We met this super
cute old lady who let us into her home and we showed her the Christmas
initiative and she told us to keep stopping no because she gets lonely
some times and loves the company! We went over to the Boyers and did
some cleaning for them. We went to bakers restaurant with them. I got
Mac n cheese with buffalo chicken in it- so good. We went to the
Fletchers farm and visited with them and Kylie.

Saturday, my 10 month mark! We had correlation meeting with our ward
mission leader and the elders. We went to a parade!! The Fletchers,
Kylie, and a kid in our ward were in the parade! It was so fun. I love
parades. They don't throw candy here in parades because one year, a
kid went out to grab candy and he got hit! Scary. We got lunch at wawa
after! Stopped by and had a little lesson with Brother Brinkley (less
active) we talked about the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. We had
a lesson planned with Sister Bowen but she had to reschedule. We
actually had a lesson with the Martinez family! It has been forever
sense we had a lesson with them! Finally was able to teach the Plan of
Salvation to them. Had dinner with the Cains. Destinys sister,
Micheala wants to get baptized!

Sunday, we had ward council. It was fast and testimony meeting. Sister
Miller, Gladys, Micheala, and Leroy came to church! Oh and we were
able to meet Gladys's boyfriend, john, from the Harrisburg ward! We
called the Martinez family before church started and they said they
were coming right now and they never showed up :( we were bummed.
Stopped by Sister Millers. She sold her last puppy by the way! And her
dog Wendy just got groomed and oh my gosh, she looks o different and
so cute!! We did some visiting teaching with Sister Cherry. Had dinner
with the Weimers. She has two girls- 6 and 7 and a little boy due in
January! Had a lesson with Micheala. Taught her the restoration. There
is a lot of people in that house so it was hard to stay focused!
Taught Gladys the 10 commandments and pray often, keep the sabbath day
holy, study the scriptures, obey and honor the law. Sister Hamill came
with us again. We are all excited for her to be baptized!!!

Saturday we find out about transfers 😬

I hope you all have an amazing week and don't forget #LIGHTtheWORLD

Love you allll,
Sister Gronning