Monday, December 12, 2016

Newark 3 --> New Castle --> West Chester --> Bay View --> Salisbury

Well, good news is - WE HAD A BAPTISM ❤️
sad news is - I am getting transferred 😭

Monday night we ate at the Walkers. I love that family! Sister Walkers
mom is with them and she is just the sweetest lady ever.

Tuesday we had Zone Training! You will see pictures! We got our cars
inspected afterwards and also a member from the Newark 3rd ward
brought us lunch!
We met with Sister Thodos (a less active) and shared the Christmas
video with her and invited her to share it on social media. We ate
dinner with Rosa. We had a lesson with Gladys as well!

Wednesday we had interviews with President! He is so awesome. And
because it was day 7: Jesus fed the hungry and so can you. He brought
us all donuts! We stopped by Dawn and invited her to the Christmas
party and set up a time to come over and have a lesson. We stopped by
and delivered food to Sister Croy. Dropped off food for Sister Miller
(she wasn't home). We went to stop by a less actives house and she
wasn't home but as we were driving away we saw her walking with her
kids so we stopped and got her phone number and she said she will let
us know a time we can come over. We stopped by Helen, an old lady we
found like two weeks ago. She was not feeling well at all and it was
very sad. We said a prayer with her. Ate dinner at the Kemptons and
Rachel and Timothy! We went to the church and we were going to have a
lesson with Destiny and Micheala on Facebook but that didn't really
work out. So we helped set up for  the Christmas party a little bit.
We had a lesson with Gladys that night at the church and she was
already to go for her interview!

Thursday, conference call, weekly planning, historic society, had a
lesson with Laquanda and Brother Cratty was there. We went over the
baptismal interview questions and focused on word of wisdom and we
also invited her to come to Gladys's baptism. Had dinner with the

Friday we helped decorate Sister Croys house for Christmas!! We then
went over to the church and helped decorate for the Christmas party!
We helped penny make fudge and ate pizza with her and shotgun. Also
helped decorate their tree :) went to the Fletchers and got our
baptism program all typed and printed :)

Saturday, CHRISTMAS PARTY. I got my picture with Santa! And I ate too
many cookies!! Gladys had her interview by Elder Wilson (DL, he's
going home 😟) and it went well! Went to Sister Millers and helped her
carry a chest into another room. Shared a talk with her. Ate dinner
with the Cains. Transfer calls came. I found out that I'm the only one
leaving the Wilmington zone besides the missionaries who are going
home! 😭 but I am going to Salisbury, Maryland with Sister Stubben and
I am super excited! But super sad to leave Bayview!

Sunday, church! And a BAPTISM!! The baptism went great and a lot of
members came which was awesome! :) Laquanda slept in but made it to
the very end of relief society and stayed for the baptism which was
great. Her and her daughter loved it. I had to bare my testimony in
sacrament meeting and I was crying and I have no idea what I said but
people said I did good haha. Brother Aydelotte dropped off food for
us. We stopped by and I said bye to Sister Miller and she gave us
bread and fudge. Stopped by and said bye to Shotgun and Penny. Penny
made us stockings and filled them with a bunch of stuff! So sweet.
Shotgun made me cry! I'm going to miss him and Penny so much.

Tonight we have a lesson with Dawn and Heather and dinner with the
Fletchers!! and more tears will come..

Address is 721 Paxon Hollow Rd. Broomall, PA. 19008. For right now!

I love you!!
- Sister Gronning