Monday, December 26, 2016

Treats treats and more treats!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I did over here in Salisbury, Maryland!

Monday night we stopped to see Danielle, one of our investigators. We
showed her the #LIGHTtheWORLD video and talked about service. We had a
member from the ward with us. Danielle said we could come back!
We had a Book of Mormon study class at the church with the other
Sister Missionaries in our ward.
We went over the the Layton household and Jay was not having a good
night. We read D&C 84 with Ryan and also talked about the gospel of
Jesus Christ a little bit.

Tuesday we had district meeting and we watched Mr. Kruegers Christmas
haha. After the meeting we met with the parents of the Sister
Missionary serving in Logan. They bought us chick fil a! They were so
sweet and had a lot of good questions :)
We had some lessons fall through.
We went to the Santiagos and helped hang up wreaths outside for her.
We ate dinner at the Wilson's house.
That evening a member drove us to Dover!

Wednesday morning, the Salisbury sisters and the Dover sisters drove
to Cherry Hill, NJ for our Christmas conference! It was great! We sang
a lot of Christmas songs and had awesome trainings. We had the
funniest talent show! There was a lot of singing and also lip singing!
Some of the Spanish elders sang the mission song in Spanish and they
were wearing mustaches and ponchos and sombreros and even our mission
President was dressed up and played the piano while they sang!! One
elder recited word for word Matthew chapter 5 by memory!! It was
insane. All of us were dead silent just staring in amazing 😂🤔 my
district sang angles we have heard on high. We got our Christmas
packages! We ate lunch and President showed a movie! It's a wonderful
life. It was very interesting lol.
We drove back home and that was pretty much our Wednesday.

Thursday we didn't have a conference call. We weekly planned. We had a
lesson with Edwin. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was an
interesting lesson.
We went caroling that evening with the north sisters with a couple in
our ward. It was fun. The husband knew how to play the harmonica. It
was cool.

Friday morning we went on exchanges. I went to Dover, DE with Sister
Beukers. We did some stop bys. We had a lesson with one of their
investigators. A member fed us lunch and we also had a member take us
to Burger King for dinner.
There are a senior couple serving in Dover. They did computer stuff
and documents all day everyday. But, we stopped by their appointment
because Sister Beukers had to give them something. I told them I was
Sister Gronning and Sister Graham says "my best friend is a Gronning!"
It turns out that her best friend is my grandpas sister (so, my dad's
aunt, which would be my great aunt) how crazy is that!!

Saturday morning we had a special Christmas Eve  conference call. We
exchanged back with our companions.
We met a girl named Holly who was having a hard time and we showed her
the video.
We went over to the Laytons and shared the Christmas story with them
from Luke 2.
We went to the Johnson's with the north sisters and we decorated their
Christmas tree and ate dinner with them and made cookies. It was a lot
of fun. They have a cute baby named Jameson!

Sunday was CHRISTMAS. It didn't feel like a Sunday, or Christmas.. but
it was a great day though!
We opened presents in the morning. Thanks to everyone who sent
packages and cards!! We went over to a members house and ate breakfast
and chatted with their family. They got my a huge soft blanket!!
We had church at 12. Sang in the choir for Sacrament. People keep
giving us treats btw!
We skyped our family!! I loved it so much❤️
We had dinner at a families house in the ward. They fed us so much
food. The husband served his mission in France so some of the things
he fixed he learned from his mission. Side note, his mission President
was Elder Anderson!

There will be lots of pictures attached to this email!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and send me your Christmas
pictures and especially pictures of you skyping your fam!! ❤️

Sister Gronning