Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Fourth of July!

New area and new companion! Sister Roberts from Texas!

Look who she found at Zone Conf!! Brother Fletcher!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Am I Dreaming??

Hello everyone!!

So, last Friday we went to the temple and that was considered our pday so we didn't have a pday on Monday and that's why I didn't email any of you back! Sorry!!

The temple was great. We accidentally went to the same session as the departing missionaries and President Randall haha. President went around the celestial room and shook everyone's hands and he saw me and his eyes went big and whispered "you aren't going home are you?!" And I was like no, next transfer and he was like "oh, are you sure you don't want to stay four more?" I was like ya I will! Haha.
We went and got like a brunch afterwards with the members that drove us and I got this stuffed French toast thing and it was so good!

Saturday night we found out what was happening with transfers!! "Sister Gronning you are leaving. Sister Summers you are leaving" WHAT?!?! didn't see that one coming!! We were both freaking out to say the least.

Sunday we told the ward and everyone was so surprised. We told them that they might be putting elders there but we weren't sure and to not take our word on it haha. I actually don't even remember to much of what happened on Sunday... OH! Steven came to church and stayed for the first and second hour and really enjoyed it!

Monday morning we got a phone call from our District Leader and he told Sister Summers that she was going to be with Sister Tate in Phila 4th and I was going to be with Sister Roberts in Salisbury N!!! I was like "WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" I almost started crying!! If you didn't know, I served in Salisbury right before Souderton. I love Salisbury so much!
Also, we found out that Elders were coming in to Souderton!
Monday was a little crazy because we had to pack and do laundry and deliver notes to ward members. We put our darks in the wash in the morning and then we went to Sister Colliers house and ate pancakes and painted. I hope it got home okay! My first one I painted at her house got lost do I had to start it over and Sister Collier helped me with most of it haha.
It was sad saying goodbye to Souderton, it was a great ward but I know that the elders there will do great!
Also, we forgot to put our darks in the dryer so we had to lay them out everywhere in our room to dry πŸ˜‚ 

Tuesday was transfer day! We drove to Broomall and I got Sister Roberts and we drove with the Dover Sisters, Sister Robinson and Sister Keller :) we went to chick fil a and ordered our meals and they forgot to give Sister Roberts and I our food! What the heck haha. We ate some yummy food that the Dover sisters had in their apartment. I found out that I am the driver because Sister Roberts doesn't have a tiwi card. (It is something in our car that we have to log in to everyday and it checks our speed. Please pray for us that we do not die! We almost got in a car crash this week..... We got to Salisbury and I found out that we are in the same apartment that I was in before because it makes more sense to have the elders in the smaller one and us in this one because it is actually in our area now haha. I love having two showers again! 😎
We had some lessons cancel. We ate dinner with the Hahn family. They just moved back here again recently. They took us to a Mexican restaurant. We had a relief society activity that night. There was a lot of lemon stuff for dessert. Sister Tinsmith talked to us about joy. It was really good and it was fun to see some familiar faces again 😊 a lot of them asked if I was just there for the day and I was like, nope, for 6 more weeks then I will go home. 

Wednesday we had some lessons with three of our investigators. We read the Book of Mormon with most of them. We visited one of them in the hospital and it brought back a lot of memories. We had our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and the elders, he was happy to see me again haha.

Thursday we did weekly planning and had a few lessons again. One was with a less active, Sister Lopez. We showed her the sabbath is a delight video and she started to cry! It was really spiritual. She said she knows that she needs to come back to church, it is just hard for her because of her work schedule. We taught Amanda the law of chastity. We taught Elizabeth about the word of wisdom. Ate dinner with Sister Batzer at Panera Bread. 

Friday we taught Nancy the restoration.  We ate dinner with the Liggetts at IHOP and I got the cupcake pancakes!

Saturday we had a Pioneer Day activity . It was fun to see everyone again!! There was actually no food, you were supposed to bring your own food so that was awkward but there was pie and ice cream. We had district meeting after. Elder Morton is my district leader. He was in my district like two transfers ago haha. The topic that he chose was change. I had to give a training on finding the faith to be changed. We had a lesson with Diana's boys. We read the Book of Mormon together. We ate dinner at the Coopers. They let us play a game with them afterwards and it was so much fun! It is called love letter. 

Sunday was great. The ward was so excited and surprised to see me! They were all like are you back?! And I was like ya for 6 weeks! We had one non member come to church and she isn't even interested in meeting with us. We had a lesson with Amanda and she fed us pizza. We went to the Sollars for FHE and talked about the what lack I yet talk. 

Today I am just chillin here! Tomorrow we have a zone conference in Newark and then I'll go to Harrington on exchanges with Sister Nye!

Address is 115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D. Salisbury, MD 
Sister Gronning

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

When someone hands you The Quran and tells you to read it

Happy Fourth of July everyone! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Highlights of the week are :

We ate dinner with Hannah and Spencer Vance on Tuesday and they are
the cutest young couple who just got married and are both return

On Wednesday it was a members birthday so we went to Walmart and got
her a chicken clock because she loves chickens!
We met a guy named Steve who asked a lot of questions about our religion.
Also on Wednesday it was a million degrees. We had a pit stop at
Burger King and guess what! They have lucky charms and fruit loop
shakes!! I got the lucky charms one and it was pretty good!

We had a lesson with Ian on Thursday and he brought his friend Gwen
with him. He had a lot of questions about the after life and he was
confused about how we don't believe in hell and I brought up outer
darkness and he said that makes more sense.
We ate dinner with the Richards. They just had a baby! Their son
Zabien was eating a popsicle and he said "it's like eating a cucumber
with ice on it" um okay πŸ˜‚
It was Sister Summers moms birthday the next day so we all sang happy
birthday and they sent her the video :)

On Saturday, all of a sudden it just started pouring rain and
thundering and lightning and it was so scary!!

Sunday we had correlation with Brother Cassel before church.
We finally met Glen. He was a referral we got.
We met Hawk from Bangladesh and he talked and talked about the Quran
and gave us both the book πŸ˜‚ he said that any and every question that
you have, the answer is in the book. We aren't allowed to read it so
I'm sending it home πŸ˜‚

Monday we had District Meeting and we "killed" our District Leader,
Elder Cortes. It was also my 17 month mark. What.
We had dinner and FHE at the Ackermans and we played pie face πŸ˜‚ my
family is playing that when I get home!!

Today we helped with a 5K. No, I did not run it. We helped with the
tshirts haha. I got a free tshirt 😊 we got to see the Delaware river
and the bridge that separates our mission and the New Jersey mission!
Tonight we are having dinner with the Skinfills and get to stay their
till 9:45pm!

I'll send pictures in a separate email :)
I hope you all have a great holiday!!

Sister Gronning

Ps. Next week I will let you all know what is happening with transfers.

Monday, June 26, 2017

I was feeling kinda "crappy"

Got a little wet!

With Sister Nielson yay!

Jehovah Witnesses came by!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Raining today!


You are a hot mess, honey

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there and future dad's!!

Monday - we didn't end up going to Sister Colliers house to paint
because she wasn't feeling well. We were planning on doing our laundry
there so we had to quickly put our whites in the washer and we didn't
have time to dry them. Also, we found out that we were getting a new
car and so we had to wash our old one so we were running all over the
place hahaha.
We were going to have dinner with the Gillis's and Sister Gillis
forgot when we got there and she was trying to get her car fixed so we
went to perkasie pizza and pasta and got pizza and it was delicious!

Tuesday - District Meeting. Our Sister Training Leaders came because
they were going on exchanges with a set of sisters in our District.
Our District Leader called me out during the meeting for not doing his
commitments. I didn't really appreciate it that much lol. He
apologized the next day πŸ˜‚
After district meeting we drove to the Cassels and picked up Sister
Cassel and went to a park and had a lesson with Ian. He enjoyed coming
to church.
We went to a former investigators house and she wasn't home but we
talked to her mom and dad. They spoke Arabic. She was telling us about
her church and invited us to come to her church sometime lol. She
spoke some English but we had to do google translate sometimes haha.
We ate dinner with the Becksteads. We played gospel of Jesus Christ
jenga with the kids. They enjoyed it.
We came home that evening and had our personal and companionship studies.

Wednesday - we had a mission tour conference with Elder Kopischke from
the seventy and it was awesome! He is a really funny guy and I learned
a lot from him and the spirit. He broke down the Plan of Salvation,
talked about our purpose as missionaries is to teach+invite+help and
how we are good at the teaching and inviting but not so good on the
helping part.
Also!! We got our new car!!! It is a 2017 Toyota Corolla! It is so
nice inside!! I love it haha.
We ate dinner with Brother and Sister Webster. We decided to call
Steven and he texted us and said he would call us the next day.

Thursday - weekly planning. We were going to deliver a bible and Book
of Mormon to a referral but he wasn't home even though we had set it
up. We stopped by some people.
Ate dinner with the Brother and Sister Oliver. They were telling us
how he proposed and he said he asked her three questions "do you
support your stake president? Do you support your bishop? Do you
support me as the father of your children?" I laughed so hard!! That
is the greatest proposal ever!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
We finally met with Greg and Karol!! We told him what President
Randall said and they are so excited! I want to see Greg be baptized
so bad! They are awesome. Karol is from Brazil and was telling us a
lot of things about it :)

Friday - we volunteered at mitzvah. We did a lot of tracting and
knocking on doors.

Saturday - Steven said we could come over so we did and we had Sister
Webster come with us. He said he loves everything about our church
except for the Sacrament meeting part. I asked if he ever has gone to
all three hours and he said no. We invited him to come to the second
hour and he said he would love to and he will be able to on July 2nd!
He said he would still want to be baptized and set a date as a goal
again! We are giving him a gospel principles book next week.
We met with Ashish and gave him a large print triple combination. He
told us a lot about his religion.

Sunday - Father's Day! The primary kids sang a song and Brother and
Sister Cassel did a musical number :)
We ate dinner with the Brenemans. They are hilarious. There youngest
son just got him from his mission in Arizona.

This week we were knocking on a door and all of the sudden someone was
knocking really hard on the other side and it freaked sister Summers
and I out so we left a card and walked away. As we were getting in our
car he came outside and just stared at us. We get a call and the says
"2 missionaries just knocked on my door. Send 2 male missionaries next
time and don't insult me with women" or something like that. We were
so scared! He said his name was Whitney.

This week we were talking to our next door neighbor, Karen and I was
telling her about how I don't like this weather and the humidity and
stuff and she said "you are a hot mess, honey" and it was so funny.
Yep. Everyday. πŸ˜‚

I love you all!
Sister Gronning

Monday, June 12, 2017

Interviews. Exchanges. Pep boys

Hello everyone! Well, lets see if I remember what happened this week.
It felt 20 years long.
Btw, let me know if you all get this.. send a quick email saying got
it so I know. Thankssss

We tried to take in our car to pep boys for an inspection on Monday
and we get there and they are looking at our paper work and tell us
that our registration was expired ... so they wouldn't take our car
We ate dinner at the Harwards with Sister Harward and some of her kids.
We came in early because I was not feeling too hot so I slept from
like 7pm to like 7am (our alarm didn't go off.... whoops.) Our
District Leader called for announcements on Monday night and I was
like what is going on hahaha and then afterwards I crashed again.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. Pennypack S is not in our District
anymore for some odd reason, I have no idea. But now it is just our DL
and his companion and 3 sets of sisters. Awkward.
We actually found the right registration in our glove department in
our car, which was there the whole time.. we took our car back to pep
boys and went to the Biermanns and it took foreverrrr.
Sister Biermann had a fidget spinner and I decided I want one when I get home..
We went to a relief society activity and played a get to know you game.

Wednesday we had interviews with President Randall. Before our
interview we had to role play the restoration to our Zone Leaders and
then role play a BOM read to our Sister Training Leaders. We had to
cancel our lesson with Ian.
We had dinner with the Cassels.

Thursday we had a lesson with Ian and Sister Jones came with us last
minute and it was awesome! Sister jones asked inspired questions and
we were able to get Ian's concerns out.
We ate dinner with Sister Flandro and her son izaack. I got sushi!!
After dinner we helped Sister Flandro clean and get ready for girls camp.
Thursday night the STLs came to our apartment and we switched companions!

Friday I got to be with Sister Walton for the day in Logan, PA and it
was awesome! We were in the same mtc district :) we did service for
one of their investigators who is moving. We had a lesson with one of
their investigators named David. We saw a dead cat on the road and
watched it get ran over again and it was horrifying. Also, their was a
huge bug in their apartment that Sister Walton caught in a cup and we
kept it there all day and it eventually died.
We exchanged back with our companions that night.

Saturday was a bunch of tracting. We stopped by and did some service
with Sister Collier. We are going over there today to do our laundry
and paint.

Sunday IAN CAME TO CHURCH. It was a great Sunday for him to come!!
Sacrament topic was on the Book of Mormon and why it is so important
and gaining a testimony of it and gospel principles was about the gift
of the Holy Ghost. It was great!

I think that is it.. I will send pictures in a different email :)

Oh! Elder Erich Kopishcke is coming to our mission this week on
Wednesday and Thursday and I get to hear from him on Wednesday and I
am so excited!

Oh and Happy Fathers Day next week dad!!!

Sister Gronning

Monday, June 5, 2017

It is all fun and games until someone throws the keys πŸ”‘

Hello friends, family, missionaries!

I am going to do things different this week! Here are some funny moments that happened during the week :

Okay, the first one isn't funny but we were going to a less actives house to see if he moved or anything and it was in the same complex as Sam and guess who we run into! Sam! It was super cool.

Thursday we were having a lesson with Brother Santos outside and there is an umbrella in the center of the table we were sitting in and he says "hold on to your umbrella, if it blows away we might see Heidi" sister Summers asks who Heidi is and he says "you know, the girl with the umbrella and the big purse?" Sister Summers "you mean Mary poppins?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Also on Thursday we were in a neighborhood and it stunk really bad and this guy starts talking to us and asks if we live around here and we said no and he said "well what you're smelling is a rabid skunk that was just shot and it had two other little baby skunks and they're cute as heaven so don't touch them because they probably have rabies." πŸ˜³

This week I was wearing my sunglasses in the car and all of a sudden a lense pops out and it scared me so bad! 

Saturday we had District Meeting and car inspections after wards. Sister Summers and I were inspecting the Zone Leaders car. We were all done and an Elder throws the keys to the ZLs and they come flying towards me and I scream and dunk my head and they hit the ZLs window and crack it!!! One of the ZLs was cracking up and the other one was super mad and the Elder that threw them goes red as a tomatoe. All the sisters mouths are wide open. Lesson learned that day, don't throw keys!!! It was pretty funny though afterwards. The elder that threw them had to call our vehicle coordinator guy and tell him. Poor elder πŸ˜‚ there is never a dull moment in our District hahaha.

But now on a spiritual side. We found George this week. He was sitting on his steps in front of his house and we started talking to him. He doesn't have a very strong belief in God. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it and if he had any questions he would call us.

This Sunday our gospel principles class was on baptism and the Biermanns taught it and it went really well!

We have to take our car into pep boys today. Super fun.

Also, I hit my 16 month mark on Saturday.....

I am so grateful for this mission and the opportunity that I get to serve here. I love it so much.

I love and miss you all!
Sister Gronning
Sunglass lens popped out!

Monday, May 29, 2017

I know what houses are going to be burned first during the millennium- Elder Cortes

Hello everyone!!

Monday we ate dinner at the Websters. That's all I can remember haha.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting of the transfer. We sang our
mission hymn for the closing hymn and our District Leader (Elder
Cortes) was singing the words wrong and it was hilarious πŸ˜‚
Also during our accountability meeting Elder Cortes was telling us
about this one lady yelled at them and slammed the door in their face
and he was like "I was pretty heated that day, let's just say I know
what houses are going to be burned first during the millennium." It
was so funny. Sister Summers and I were dying.
We ate dinner with the Biermanns and then taught the gospel of Jesus
Christ using jenga.

Wednesday Sam cancelled. We shared the prince of peace video with
Helen. We met with Ian and he said he isn't really interested in
getting baptized but he said knowledge is power..
We ate dinner with the Schoendorfers and the Cassels.

Thursday conference call and weekly planning. We had drop some more
people. Tracting and finding.
We were going to eat at the Caspers. But we got there and they weren't
home so we ate at a Chinese place. She called us and said they went
out and called the number on the program and it wasn't us. Awkward.

Friday was mitzvah. Met with Joanne.
Ate dinner with the Ackerman.
Met with Zita and Samira.

Saturday tracting all day.
We found Juan and Juan Carlos. They let us in to their apartment and
gave us a awesome drink and Juan Carlos said he would come to church
Ate dinner with the Amaya's.
Found out that Sister Summers and I are staying in Souderton! Woohoo!!

Sunday was the Peterson's farewell. President Randall and his family came!
Ate dinner with the Cassels.

Today we had a memorial picnic with our ward.

Sorry this is so short! Nothing to exciting happened!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Official Travel Plans! 8/23/2017

Wednesday 23 August 2017
Delta Air Lines DL 6218 (Operated by Gojet Airlines Dba Delta Connection)
23 August 09:40 AM
Philadelphia, (Philadelphia Intl) (+)
Terminal: D
23 August 11:29 AM
Detroit, (Metropolitan Wayne
Wednesday 23 August 2017
Delta Air Lines DL 1840
23 August 12:05 PM
Detroit, (Metropolitan Wayne Co) (+)
Terminal: EM - E.H. Mcnamara Terminal
23 August 01:24 PM
Las Vegas, (Mccarran International) (+)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Dropping us like its hot

Hello everyone! This email is coming from the Cassels house so let's
see if you all get it! Let me know!! 🌝

Monday we did nothing. We stopped by some people that evening. We
called a less active and she was like "I'm sleeping can you call me
another day" 😴

Tuesday we had District Meeting and the Jarrettown sisters had to
Skype in so that was fun πŸ‘€
Afterwards we talked to Sister Randall and Sister Bills. Sister Bills
is the mission nurse and she is hilarious!!! I want to be like her
when I am older πŸ˜‚ Sister Summers talked to them and then I finally
told them about my fall and bruised my bum πŸ˜‚ they were like "why
didn't you tell me sooner?" Oops. Sister Bills told me to ice it or
heat it whichever feels better on it haha. She said it will hurt for
about three months so I have one more month to go and then if it is
still hurting I have to get an X-ray. Maybe I'll just do that when I
get home. I'll just get a full on body X-ray and see what else is
wrong with me πŸ€“
We met with the livignis. Got to know them and their daughter a little bit more.
We ate dinner with the Maitlands.

Wednesday we were going to have a meeting with a less active but she forgot..
We dropped off a Book of Mormon to a referral who said to just leave
it in his mail box.. that was a little awkward. But he said he got it
and will read it!
We visited a really cute old less active lady in our ward named Delsa.
She talks a lot! πŸ‘΅πŸ» she's 96 but doesn't look it or act it!
So, we were confirming an appointment with Steven and he texts back
saying "no thank you , as I have decided to go another route with my
baptism and faith in churches . It's not you as I enjoy your company
but I need more in a Sunday experience in faith" what. Sister Summers
and I almost started crying!! We were so sad! We think it was because
he came to just Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day and the talks were
all about mothers and not a gospel topic. If only he stayed for all
three hours. In Gospel Principles we read some verses in the Bible. We
have tried to meet with him again to talk about what he is feeling and
he always says he is busy and he has a lot of things going on right
now. We are going to give him some space and we had to drop his date
and drop him 😭
We had a lesson with Lawrence and Sister Flandro came with us again.
He talked for a very long time about some things going on in his life
right now.
Also on Wednesday we found a mouse in our kitchen!!! Sister Summers saw it! 🐭

Thursday the conference call was helping investigators have a
spiritual experience at church. We weekly planned, like always.
We had a lesson with Brother Santos. He got the priesthood and feels
great! He decided to decline the job offering. We talked about the
Plan of Salvation using little cut outs that Sister Summer drew. He
asked about the Holy Ghost and what it feels like. We told him that
when he thought about his baptism before he was baptized and he felt a
burning in his chest, that was the Holy Ghost.
After that it took us 20 years to find a member to come with us to a
lesson with Abel because he's a guy and Joanne because her aunt
wouldn't be home. Sister Harward saved the day!! πŸ™ŒπŸ» she came with us
to Joanne's but we couldn't find anyone for Abel so we had to cancel
his appointment. We taught Joanne the Plan of Salvation using the cut
outs that Sister Summers drew. She understood a lot of it! Sister
Harward was awesome.
We had to pick up dinner at the Massangas because Alice had to babysit
someone so Thomas made us dinner and oh my goodness, it was so good!!!

Friday we volunteered at mitzvah circle and packed boxes for people in need.
We talked to our neighbor and Amanda (our maintenance lady) about the
mouse and our neighbor gave us this worm stuff to set someone and
yesterday the mouse ate it and he should be gone now!!
Sister Collier got home from her trip to Utah. She talked to us for
hours! She is a funny lady. Also it has been really hot and humid this
week and we sat outside and Sister Summers and I were dying. We also
had to go to the store and get her kitty litter 🐈
We went to our bishops daughters wedding reception. They had a bunch
of syrup flavors to make flavored drinks! I loved it haha. They also
had a lot of food!

Saturday we helped Sister Flandro clean her house. Sister Summers
jumped on her tramp for a little bit haha. We ate green smoothies and
and a veggie burger haha.
We were trying to contact a former investigator and we ran into Sister
Despain instead and I didn't recognize her and it was so
We visited a less active family in an area where we aren't in as much
because of miles and Sister Casper was so friendly and is a little
missionary! She has a bunch of Book of Mormons that she gives away to
people who stop by! Her granddaughter is also a member and her husband
is not. She invited us over for dinner on Thursday.
We stopped by Helen and talked to her and her grandson. Her grandson
loves super heroes haha.

Sunday there was a mission farewell! He is going to Jarkarta,
Indonesia! There was a lot of people there!!
We had someone picking up Lawrence but when they got there Lawrence
just kept talking and talking and making up excuses and we don't
really know what to do with him.
We ate dinner with the Benfields and their kids are so funny!

I hope you all get this email :))

Love and miss you all!

Monday, May 15, 2017

"I love chocolate. I wouldn't mind being baptized in chocolate"

Hello everyone! I hope you all get this!! 😢

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! I loved talking to my family!

Monday for my birthday we hung out at the Cassels house with Sister
Cassel and Neil. We ate pizza, emailed, did laundry. Brother Cassel
came home and we went and got ice cream at a farm thing. We got to see
a lot of animals- cows, pigs, chickens, peacock, etc.
We ate dinner with the Johnson's and guess what I requested? Breakfast
πŸ˜‹ we had French toast, bacon, and fruit! Their youngest son who is
like 2 years old I think, started choking on a piece of bacon and it
was so scary!
We had a FHE with the Biermanns. We taught the Plan of Salvation using
a drawing that Sister Summers drew and cut out into a puzzle. Anna
wasn't there but Quinn was and she really enjoyed it and even said she
wants to be a missionary!! Usually she hates us so this was a huge
deal... Anna on the other hand told her mom she wants to be confirmed

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Broomall. We were in bumper to
bumper traffic. We took pictures haha. The conference was focused on
teaching repentance, teaching prayer simply and inviting investigators
to pray, and virtue. I really enjoyed it.
We ate dinner with Sister Peterson. They are getting ready to go to
Texas to be mission president and wife!

Wednesday we did a lot of finding. We met a guy who talked to us for a
long time about music and sports. I didn't really know anything he was
talking about lol. He liked walked us to our car and everything..
We had a lesson with Lawrence at McDonald's with Sister Flandro. He
talked a lottt. Most people here do lol. He had a question about
restoration and reformation. We talked about gratitude prayers. We had
him say a prayer out loud with us and he was crying afterwards and it
was really powerful.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we ate at subway.

Thursday we weekly planned. We had a lesson with Mike Santos about the
Aaronic Priesthood. During the lesson he said "I'm sweating like
Elvis" and I started laughing and he was like "what? You've never
heard that saying before?" And I was like "nope" haha.
We had a lesson with Abel. That was interesting. He also talked the
entire time about some random things. I don't know haha.
We had a lesson with Steven. We went over the baptism interview
questions and he did great. He has a issue with coffee. HE CAME TO
We also almost got in a car crash, so that was intense.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we were going to try this
Chinese place and oh my gosh, it was super duper fancy and expensive
and we were like nope! We tried another place and it was expensive as
well so we ended up going to McDonald's haha.
We had our accountability skype with our District Leader that night.

Friday we volunteered at mitzvah circle.
We got two referrals from missionaries. Ian was at college at LHU and
met with missionaries and has been taught pretty much everything and
he is here for the summer. We haven't met with him yet but he sounds
awesome. Sunny, missionaries met him at a farmers market. He lives in
our area and wants a Korean BOM and he said he is not interested in
talking with us and would like us to put it in his mail box..
We did some finding. We found out where Kevin is and got his
information to send to missionaries in his area.
We had a lesson about the temple with Joanne. She is going back to
china for a year in less than a month.
We ate dinner at our apartment, we got Popeyes.

Saturday finding and tracting all day in the rain.
Ate dinner with the Onoratos. We were talking about chocolate and
Brother Onorato says "I love chocolate. I wouldn't mind being baptized
in chocolate." It was so funny!!! I was dying! I said "same!" πŸ˜‚

Sunday was a great day at church. Great talks and musical numbers. We
got a lot of chocolate as well! STEVEN CAME TO CHURCH. He left during
Sacrament meeting to go to a family thing for Mother's Day. Brother
Santos came as well. He is getting the priesthood on Tuesday!
After church we went to the Cassels and skyped our families and ate
cafe rio burritos!

Also, funny side note. We got a text this week from a sister in a
different mission that started off by saying "hello Elders Gronning
and Summers!" Hahahaha.

I hope everyone has a great week!!
Sister Gronning
Picture number two- primary colors are 123, red yellow and blue!