Monday, July 31, 2017

Letter from President Randall

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Grotto Pizza

Pizza from Grotto

Rain, thunder, lightning!

Hello everyone!

Monday we went shopping. I didn't end up getting any thing but Sister Roberts got some shirts.
We had dinner with Sister White. She took us to KFC/Taco Bell. Family, can you guess which one I picked? ;)
We had a lesson with Amanda (investigator) We read D&C 89 and talked about the word of wisdom.

Tuesday we had District Meeting.
We had some lessons fall through.
We had a lesson with Elizabeth (investigator). We took Sister Simpkins with us. We talked about tithes and offerings.
We visited some less actives after that.

Wednesday we did a lot of stop bys. Not very many people were home, or they moved. We did find out that a less active old lady in a nursing home had passed away. Sad.
We had dinner with the Wilsons. It was mostly just Sister Wilson.
We had correlation at the church with our ward mission leader. The elders didn't show up lol. They were running late and then Brother Tinsmith said not to worry about it.

Thursday, conference call and weekly planning.
Stop by more people. We talked to a less active and read Mosiah 24:9-17 with her.
We had dinner with Sister Hall. Sister Stubben and I were working with her when I was here w couple of months ago and she would never come to church and now she is coming like every week!
We thought we were going to have a church tour so we went to the church to set it up and Vanessa never showed up.

Friday we went on exchanges. I stayed in Salisbury with Sister Payne (my MTC comp!!) it was fun to talk about the good ole MTC days.
We went and read a story in the Bible at bay shore services. We go there every Friday. There's like 4-5 people who are there that we read it with.
We were going to have a lesson with a new person named Tammie but she wasn't there.
We walked around and met Daniel while knocking on doors. He said we could come back the next day.
We had a lesson with Amanda. Her boyfriend, Matt, sat down with us as well. We read the Book of Mormon with them.
We met some formers named the Conways. They were really nice. We didn't have time to share a message with them.
We ate dinner with the Nielsens. They have 5 girls! Super cute family. One of their daughters is named Siri and it is not named after Apple! She was born before Apple made Siri haha.
We had a lesson with Diana (recent convert) with Sister Cole. We talked about patriarchal blessings.
Oh and also it started pouring rain and thundering and lightning and I had to drive in it πŸ˜‘. Everyone was like "are you prepared for the big thunderstorm?" And we were like nope!
The streets were kinda flooding and it was fun to drive through the big puddles because the water would splash all the way up to our cars windows lol.

Saturday we exchanged back with our companions.
We had a lesson with Ziline (investigator) and Diana came with us. Ziline speaks little English. She speaks Creole so Diana translates for us. We talked about baptism and confirmation. She said she isn't ready for baptism right now.
Daniel had something come up so he had to cancel our lesson.
We had a lesson with Berline (bur lean) (investigator) and she didn't speak like any English so that was hard.
Also, it rained all day this day too!

Sunday, Amanda and Matt came to church all three hours! There were three speakers and a musical number. It was about missionary work. There is a young man who is about to leave this week for the California Arcadia mission. Sister Roberts and I taught the gospel principles class on repentance. It went really well. The third hour we were combined with the men. Bishop Peterson taught about unity. It was mostly a discussion. There was a lot of participation.
We went to the Klohs house for lunch/dinner and then a lesson with their family and Melvin (recent convert).
We were asked as a Zone to pick two active families to teach a gospel message to and invite them to do something of missionary work and then we would follow up with them every week. We picked the Slushers and the Coopers. We taught the restoration to the Slushers and it went well.

I have a doctors appointment today. Yay. My mom can fill you in on that if you'd like to know haha.
It has been a long week. I have just been drained this transfer! Family, I hope you are prepared for me to sleep all day everyday when I get home!
Also, we are going to Rehoboth today with the Harrington Sisters!

Love ya lots!
Sister Gronning
Crazy tan line!

Sister Gronning and Sister Payne back together again!

Monday, July 24, 2017

The rains came down and the floods came up☔️

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather where they are.
It is hot and humid and rainy over here!!

We had Zone Conference in Newark this week. We drove to Harrington and
Sister Nye and Sister Payne (MTC comp) drove us to Dover and we all
stayed the night with Sister Robinson and Sister Keller and then the
next morning we drove to Newark in the Dover van!
The conference was about planning and teaching, obedience. It was all
really good. The missionaries going home this transfer got to bare
their "dying" testimonies. President and Sister Randall had to leave
right before that. I went second and the first thing I said was that I
just got there yesterday πŸ˜‚ I shared my missionary plaque scripture
which is Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 (I think...) and I'm not really
sure what else I said. I didn't start crying till Sister Payne got up
there like right after me and we were all crying and especially
afterwards when we were all hugging everyone!! I was a mess. I got to
Sister Fuelling! Also, Brother Fletcher from Bayview was there too

We went on exchanges after with the Harrington Sisters. I went to
Harrington with Sister Nye. I love her a lot. She's so sweet and
hilarious. I want to cut my hair like hers when I get home!

We had some good lessons this week. When we taught Amanda, Sister
Tovar (she just served here and went home last transfer) skyped in and
that was really cool. We read from the Book of Mormon.

We had District Meeting on Friday and President Randall had wrote this
document about obedience and we basically talked about that the whole

We did a lot of service for a lady in our ward. We painted some of her
windows and I put tape around the windows. Her 8 year old grandson was
there and he was talking up a storm with me about his games he plays
on his phone πŸ˜‚

We taught Elizabeth this week about the importance of church and she
came to Sacrament on Sunday.

Sister Roberts and I and a couple of sisters in the ward sang a
version of The Spirit of God in church. It went well. I saw the Cook
family and they were excited to see me :) Claire is adorable.

When it rains here it pours and I hate driving in it! The streets
flood! On Sunday we were going to a referrals house and we had to get
out of our car and run to the door and the lady didn't let us in and
first and then apologized for making us stay out there so we went in
and the guy only wanted his bible and not a Book of Mormon. When we
were running back to our car their was a huge puddle in the street and
I had to step in it to get to the drivers side and it was so deep!!
I'm pretty sure my shoes are still wet...
We had a lesson with a less active who speaks Spanish and we had a
Spanish member and his wife and little boy come with us. I didn't
understand a word but it was cool listening! Haha.

That is pretty much all I can remember.. oh, we got chick fil a today
and went shopping but I didn't see anything I wanted.

Happy Pioneer Day and I love you all!
Sister Gronning

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Fourth of July!

New area and new companion! Sister Roberts from Texas!

Look who she found at Zone Conf!! Brother Fletcher!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Am I Dreaming??

Hello everyone!!

So, last Friday we went to the temple and that was considered our pday so we didn't have a pday on Monday and that's why I didn't email any of you back! Sorry!!

The temple was great. We accidentally went to the same session as the departing missionaries and President Randall haha. President went around the celestial room and shook everyone's hands and he saw me and his eyes went big and whispered "you aren't going home are you?!" And I was like no, next transfer and he was like "oh, are you sure you don't want to stay four more?" I was like ya I will! Haha.
We went and got like a brunch afterwards with the members that drove us and I got this stuffed French toast thing and it was so good!

Saturday night we found out what was happening with transfers!! "Sister Gronning you are leaving. Sister Summers you are leaving" WHAT?!?! didn't see that one coming!! We were both freaking out to say the least.

Sunday we told the ward and everyone was so surprised. We told them that they might be putting elders there but we weren't sure and to not take our word on it haha. I actually don't even remember to much of what happened on Sunday... OH! Steven came to church and stayed for the first and second hour and really enjoyed it!

Monday morning we got a phone call from our District Leader and he told Sister Summers that she was going to be with Sister Tate in Phila 4th and I was going to be with Sister Roberts in Salisbury N!!! I was like "WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" I almost started crying!! If you didn't know, I served in Salisbury right before Souderton. I love Salisbury so much!
Also, we found out that Elders were coming in to Souderton!
Monday was a little crazy because we had to pack and do laundry and deliver notes to ward members. We put our darks in the wash in the morning and then we went to Sister Colliers house and ate pancakes and painted. I hope it got home okay! My first one I painted at her house got lost do I had to start it over and Sister Collier helped me with most of it haha.
It was sad saying goodbye to Souderton, it was a great ward but I know that the elders there will do great!
Also, we forgot to put our darks in the dryer so we had to lay them out everywhere in our room to dry πŸ˜‚ 

Tuesday was transfer day! We drove to Broomall and I got Sister Roberts and we drove with the Dover Sisters, Sister Robinson and Sister Keller :) we went to chick fil a and ordered our meals and they forgot to give Sister Roberts and I our food! What the heck haha. We ate some yummy food that the Dover sisters had in their apartment. I found out that I am the driver because Sister Roberts doesn't have a tiwi card. (It is something in our car that we have to log in to everyday and it checks our speed. Please pray for us that we do not die! We almost got in a car crash this week..... We got to Salisbury and I found out that we are in the same apartment that I was in before because it makes more sense to have the elders in the smaller one and us in this one because it is actually in our area now haha. I love having two showers again! 😎
We had some lessons cancel. We ate dinner with the Hahn family. They just moved back here again recently. They took us to a Mexican restaurant. We had a relief society activity that night. There was a lot of lemon stuff for dessert. Sister Tinsmith talked to us about joy. It was really good and it was fun to see some familiar faces again 😊 a lot of them asked if I was just there for the day and I was like, nope, for 6 more weeks then I will go home. 

Wednesday we had some lessons with three of our investigators. We read the Book of Mormon with most of them. We visited one of them in the hospital and it brought back a lot of memories. We had our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and the elders, he was happy to see me again haha.

Thursday we did weekly planning and had a few lessons again. One was with a less active, Sister Lopez. We showed her the sabbath is a delight video and she started to cry! It was really spiritual. She said she knows that she needs to come back to church, it is just hard for her because of her work schedule. We taught Amanda the law of chastity. We taught Elizabeth about the word of wisdom. Ate dinner with Sister Batzer at Panera Bread. 

Friday we taught Nancy the restoration.  We ate dinner with the Liggetts at IHOP and I got the cupcake pancakes!

Saturday we had a Pioneer Day activity . It was fun to see everyone again!! There was actually no food, you were supposed to bring your own food so that was awkward but there was pie and ice cream. We had district meeting after. Elder Morton is my district leader. He was in my district like two transfers ago haha. The topic that he chose was change. I had to give a training on finding the faith to be changed. We had a lesson with Diana's boys. We read the Book of Mormon together. We ate dinner at the Coopers. They let us play a game with them afterwards and it was so much fun! It is called love letter. 

Sunday was great. The ward was so excited and surprised to see me! They were all like are you back?! And I was like ya for 6 weeks! We had one non member come to church and she isn't even interested in meeting with us. We had a lesson with Amanda and she fed us pizza. We went to the Sollars for FHE and talked about the what lack I yet talk. 

Today I am just chillin here! Tomorrow we have a zone conference in Newark and then I'll go to Harrington on exchanges with Sister Nye!

Address is 115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D. Salisbury, MD 
Sister Gronning

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

When someone hands you The Quran and tells you to read it

Happy Fourth of July everyone! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Highlights of the week are :

We ate dinner with Hannah and Spencer Vance on Tuesday and they are
the cutest young couple who just got married and are both return

On Wednesday it was a members birthday so we went to Walmart and got
her a chicken clock because she loves chickens!
We met a guy named Steve who asked a lot of questions about our religion.
Also on Wednesday it was a million degrees. We had a pit stop at
Burger King and guess what! They have lucky charms and fruit loop
shakes!! I got the lucky charms one and it was pretty good!

We had a lesson with Ian on Thursday and he brought his friend Gwen
with him. He had a lot of questions about the after life and he was
confused about how we don't believe in hell and I brought up outer
darkness and he said that makes more sense.
We ate dinner with the Richards. They just had a baby! Their son
Zabien was eating a popsicle and he said "it's like eating a cucumber
with ice on it" um okay πŸ˜‚
It was Sister Summers moms birthday the next day so we all sang happy
birthday and they sent her the video :)

On Saturday, all of a sudden it just started pouring rain and
thundering and lightning and it was so scary!!

Sunday we had correlation with Brother Cassel before church.
We finally met Glen. He was a referral we got.
We met Hawk from Bangladesh and he talked and talked about the Quran
and gave us both the book πŸ˜‚ he said that any and every question that
you have, the answer is in the book. We aren't allowed to read it so
I'm sending it home πŸ˜‚

Monday we had District Meeting and we "killed" our District Leader,
Elder Cortes. It was also my 17 month mark. What.
We had dinner and FHE at the Ackermans and we played pie face πŸ˜‚ my
family is playing that when I get home!!

Today we helped with a 5K. No, I did not run it. We helped with the
tshirts haha. I got a free tshirt 😊 we got to see the Delaware river
and the bridge that separates our mission and the New Jersey mission!
Tonight we are having dinner with the Skinfills and get to stay their
till 9:45pm!

I'll send pictures in a separate email :)
I hope you all have a great holiday!!

Sister Gronning

Ps. Next week I will let you all know what is happening with transfers.