Monday, July 24, 2017

The rains came down and the floods came up☔️

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather where they are.
It is hot and humid and rainy over here!!

We had Zone Conference in Newark this week. We drove to Harrington and
Sister Nye and Sister Payne (MTC comp) drove us to Dover and we all
stayed the night with Sister Robinson and Sister Keller and then the
next morning we drove to Newark in the Dover van!
The conference was about planning and teaching, obedience. It was all
really good. The missionaries going home this transfer got to bare
their "dying" testimonies. President and Sister Randall had to leave
right before that. I went second and the first thing I said was that I
just got there yesterday 😂 I shared my missionary plaque scripture
which is Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 (I think...) and I'm not really
sure what else I said. I didn't start crying till Sister Payne got up
there like right after me and we were all crying and especially
afterwards when we were all hugging everyone!! I was a mess. I got to
Sister Fuelling! Also, Brother Fletcher from Bayview was there too

We went on exchanges after with the Harrington Sisters. I went to
Harrington with Sister Nye. I love her a lot. She's so sweet and
hilarious. I want to cut my hair like hers when I get home!

We had some good lessons this week. When we taught Amanda, Sister
Tovar (she just served here and went home last transfer) skyped in and
that was really cool. We read from the Book of Mormon.

We had District Meeting on Friday and President Randall had wrote this
document about obedience and we basically talked about that the whole

We did a lot of service for a lady in our ward. We painted some of her
windows and I put tape around the windows. Her 8 year old grandson was
there and he was talking up a storm with me about his games he plays
on his phone 😂

We taught Elizabeth this week about the importance of church and she
came to Sacrament on Sunday.

Sister Roberts and I and a couple of sisters in the ward sang a
version of The Spirit of God in church. It went well. I saw the Cook
family and they were excited to see me :) Claire is adorable.

When it rains here it pours and I hate driving in it! The streets
flood! On Sunday we were going to a referrals house and we had to get
out of our car and run to the door and the lady didn't let us in and
first and then apologized for making us stay out there so we went in
and the guy only wanted his bible and not a Book of Mormon. When we
were running back to our car their was a huge puddle in the street and
I had to step in it to get to the drivers side and it was so deep!!
I'm pretty sure my shoes are still wet...
We had a lesson with a less active who speaks Spanish and we had a
Spanish member and his wife and little boy come with us. I didn't
understand a word but it was cool listening! Haha.

That is pretty much all I can remember.. oh, we got chick fil a today
and went shopping but I didn't see anything I wanted.

Happy Pioneer Day and I love you all!
Sister Gronning