Monday, July 31, 2017

Rain, thunder, lightning!

Hello everyone!

Monday we went shopping. I didn't end up getting any thing but Sister Roberts got some shirts.
We had dinner with Sister White. She took us to KFC/Taco Bell. Family, can you guess which one I picked? ;)
We had a lesson with Amanda (investigator) We read D&C 89 and talked about the word of wisdom.

Tuesday we had District Meeting.
We had some lessons fall through.
We had a lesson with Elizabeth (investigator). We took Sister Simpkins with us. We talked about tithes and offerings.
We visited some less actives after that.

Wednesday we did a lot of stop bys. Not very many people were home, or they moved. We did find out that a less active old lady in a nursing home had passed away. Sad.
We had dinner with the Wilsons. It was mostly just Sister Wilson.
We had correlation at the church with our ward mission leader. The elders didn't show up lol. They were running late and then Brother Tinsmith said not to worry about it.

Thursday, conference call and weekly planning.
Stop by more people. We talked to a less active and read Mosiah 24:9-17 with her.
We had dinner with Sister Hall. Sister Stubben and I were working with her when I was here w couple of months ago and she would never come to church and now she is coming like every week!
We thought we were going to have a church tour so we went to the church to set it up and Vanessa never showed up.

Friday we went on exchanges. I stayed in Salisbury with Sister Payne (my MTC comp!!) it was fun to talk about the good ole MTC days.
We went and read a story in the Bible at bay shore services. We go there every Friday. There's like 4-5 people who are there that we read it with.
We were going to have a lesson with a new person named Tammie but she wasn't there.
We walked around and met Daniel while knocking on doors. He said we could come back the next day.
We had a lesson with Amanda. Her boyfriend, Matt, sat down with us as well. We read the Book of Mormon with them.
We met some formers named the Conways. They were really nice. We didn't have time to share a message with them.
We ate dinner with the Nielsens. They have 5 girls! Super cute family. One of their daughters is named Siri and it is not named after Apple! She was born before Apple made Siri haha.
We had a lesson with Diana (recent convert) with Sister Cole. We talked about patriarchal blessings.
Oh and also it started pouring rain and thundering and lightning and I had to drive in it 😑. Everyone was like "are you prepared for the big thunderstorm?" And we were like nope!
The streets were kinda flooding and it was fun to drive through the big puddles because the water would splash all the way up to our cars windows lol.

Saturday we exchanged back with our companions.
We had a lesson with Ziline (investigator) and Diana came with us. Ziline speaks little English. She speaks Creole so Diana translates for us. We talked about baptism and confirmation. She said she isn't ready for baptism right now.
Daniel had something come up so he had to cancel our lesson.
We had a lesson with Berline (bur lean) (investigator) and she didn't speak like any English so that was hard.
Also, it rained all day this day too!

Sunday, Amanda and Matt came to church all three hours! There were three speakers and a musical number. It was about missionary work. There is a young man who is about to leave this week for the California Arcadia mission. Sister Roberts and I taught the gospel principles class on repentance. It went really well. The third hour we were combined with the men. Bishop Peterson taught about unity. It was mostly a discussion. There was a lot of participation.
We went to the Klohs house for lunch/dinner and then a lesson with their family and Melvin (recent convert).
We were asked as a Zone to pick two active families to teach a gospel message to and invite them to do something of missionary work and then we would follow up with them every week. We picked the Slushers and the Coopers. We taught the restoration to the Slushers and it went well.

I have a doctors appointment today. Yay. My mom can fill you in on that if you'd like to know haha.
It has been a long week. I have just been drained this transfer! Family, I hope you are prepared for me to sleep all day everyday when I get home!
Also, we are going to Rehoboth today with the Harrington Sisters!

Love ya lots!
Sister Gronning
Crazy tan line!

Sister Gronning and Sister Payne back together again!