Monday, August 14, 2017

πŸŒͺ whaaat ?!

Well, this week has been kinda crazy!!
I don't have a lot of time today because we went to the temple on Saturday and so we are taking a half pday today because we didn't get to do any pday stuff on Saturday.

Monday we went to Assateague with Alanna Klos, Evan Klos, and Melvin! It was fun! Took some sea shells, saw horses, ate ice cream.
We ate dinner with Sister Pilchard, the relief society President and then afterwards we talked about a few relief society sisters who are less active.
Oh and during the day when we got home from the beach, it was pouring down rain so hard and we needed to go to Walmart so we ran outside and got in our car and I could barely see while I was driving because it was raining so hard! And then later that day we found out that their was a tornado in Salisbury!! It hit closer to the south side and we were told that a few trees got knocked down and some cars while driving got picked up and thrown and turned over unto other cars! Crazy!!! We had no idea this was happening....

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it was focused on courage. Stopped by a few people. Had dinner with Sister Thibault (pronounced T-Bo).
We went to a relief society activity.

Wednesday we met with Chemica and read from the Book of Mormon with her.
We were going to have a lesson with a young girl who we met I think Tuesday, named Laurie but the member who was going to come with us couldn't make it and so we talked to her on her porch about the Book of Mormon.
We went walking and knocking on doors on Zion Rd and Sassy Ln. Few people said we could come back.
We had a lesson with Amanda and Sister Smith came with us. We read the Book of Mormon with her.

We ate dinner with the Hahn's and Miranda and Brother Dipaolo at Plaza Tapatia.
After dinner we drove to Woodstown, New Jersey!!! We stayed the night with the Woodstown sisters and the Cape May sisters.

Thursday morning Sister Crystal, Sister Prince and I drove to Broomall and then the Sessions took us in a van up to the priesthood restoration site. Usually they take all of the "dying" missionaries up but this time they only took the ones who have never gone their whole missions. It was an awesome experience. I loved it. I loved just walking around the trails and seeing all of the historic church sites. We were able to see the Susquehanna river as well! The Sessions were too kind and brought us lunch. Us sisters slept on the way there and back. We came prepared and brought our pillows haha.
We didn't get back to Woodstown until like 7 or something and we got dinner at McDonald's and then drove to Dover and spent the night with the Dover sisters.

Friday we drove back from Dover in the morning.
We helped volunteer at the holly center. We sorted through donations of clothes and hung them up. I felt like I was in the back of DI haha.
We had bible study.
We did weekly planning.
We ate dinner at the Smiths house.

Saturday the Smiths took us and Melvin to the temple! It was Melvin's first time doing baptisms. It was awesome.It was my first time doing baptisms in the philly temple. I saw Sister Watkins and some members from Souderton ☺️ Sister Onorato and Brother Nelson.
We ate lunch at the Christiana mall. I had a cheesesteak with bacon on it and fries with cheese, bacon, and ranch!
We had our first lesson with Miranda (the one who came to church for the first time and bore her testimony last Sunday) she is solid. We taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized and she said she has been thinking about it and praying about it already and we set her with a date of September 9th!

Sunday, Miranda came to church again. We had a returned missionary speak in Sacrament who just got back from Australia.
Second hour we talked about the Holy Ghost and the third hour we talked about the Book of Mormon.
We had dinner at the Johnsons with the Taylor's and the Oler's as well. They all have the cutest kids. The Olers baby boy is 2 months old! We had breakfast for dinner because that is what I requested πŸ˜‹
We had FHE at the Sollars. They just got released after 15 years 😭 the Nielsens just got called to replace them. They will do great.

It is so unreal that I leave next week. It hasn't quite hit me yet.. people keep saying "are you leaving next week?!" And I have to stop and think about it for a little bit and say "oh wow, that is next week huh." I forget because I'm not counting πŸ˜‚

I have my last interview with President Randall next week and my departing temple trip. Gahhh.

Love you all!!! See you soon😳
Sister Gronning

Monday, August 7, 2017

"When do you go home" "How much longer do you have?" "When is your last day?"

Hello everyone! Those are the questions I keep getting this week! 😢

Monday we went to rehoboth beach with the Harrington Sisters (our STLs), Sister Payne and Sister Nye. It was fun! (Photos are on my moms Facebook).
We went straight to the doctors office and I was super late so we had to reschedule for Tuesday...
That evening we taught Amanda the Ten Commandments and taught her the hand signals. Family, I can show you them when I get home!

Tuesday we had District Meeting. We brought brownies for a Elder Mortons birthday which was on Wednesday. Didn't take any photos..
Went to my doctors appointment. We were not late this time lol. I realized I really need my moms help with answering all of the questions!! πŸ˜‚ the appointment was to check on my bottom from when I fell down the stairs in March. The doctor told me I do have sciatica. Same thing my mission nurse told me. She said it might or might not ever go away πŸ˜‘ something I just have to deal with.
We were going to have a lesson with Ziline but she wasn't home.
We were going to have a lesson with Elizabeth as well but she had a family emergency and had to cancel.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Ziline. She speaks Creole and little English so we read out of the children's BOM with her in English and help her read it. She has gotten a lot better!
We had a lesson with some formers (meaning they met with missionaries in the past) named the Conways. They asked about how our church is different then the Methodist faith and we talked about the restoration of the gospel. They weren't really interested in taking the lessons or coming to church or anything.
We had a lesson with Amanda again. We read 2 Nephi 2:1-15.
We ate dinner with Sister Spadin. A cute older lady in our ward.
We went to a relief society activity after and we were late for it haha.

Thursday we had to break up our weekly planning because we had to clean our apartment for the bug inspection people.
Sister Armstrong took us to lunch at Delmar pizza and it was really good!
We were going to have a lesson with Ricardo but he didn't answer. We had Sister Slusher and her daughter come with us and Sister Slusher said well, lets go knock on some doors then! And so we went walking and knocking in the trailer park we were in πŸ˜† the awkward part was there was some other people from a different church knocking on doors in the trailer park as well πŸ˜‚
We were going to have a lesson with Berline but she wasn't home.
We ate dinner with the Cooks. It was so fun to be back there again! I love Claire so much! We had BLTs and fruit pizza!

Friday we went and got brownies and made them for the Walsh family because Sister Walsh had her baby boy!
We went to Elizabeth's 2 year old nephews funeral with Sister Kelley. That was sad. I cried!
We were going to have a church tour that evening with Daniel so we went to the church and turned on all the lights and made everything look nice and he never showed up....
We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner that night πŸ˜‹

Saturday we were going to have a lesson with the Cuzicks, less actives in our ward, but they just came out unto their porch and we just talked. They can't make it to church because of Brother Cuzicks work schedule but they are going to try and come sometime.
We had a lesson with Chemica and went over the restoration again because it has been awhile since she was taught that. She also speaks Creole.
We had our interviews with President Randall! It was broken up in 3 parts. The first part we had to prepare a lesson in 10 min and the Zone Leaders watched and evaluated. Then we taught a 15 minute lesson and one of the STLs was the investigator and the other watched and evaluated. Then the last part was we had a 10 minute interview with President. I get to have another interview with him in a couple of weeks πŸ‘πŸ»
We had a lesson with Ziline and read from the children's BOM with her.
We were going to have a lesson with Diana and her boys but Diana wasn't home.

Sunday was a great Sunday! We had 4 nonmembers there! One of them was Chemica. One was a lady named Melissa who met missionaries before and she contacted us asking for the time of church and if we could get her a ride. Sister Kelley picked her up and took her home after the third hour. A member of our ward brought his coworker and that was the first time she has come to church and she got up and bore her testimony!! She mentioned that she is reading the BOM every night and feels peace and she said she will definitely be back. She is golden! Another member brought his coworker as well but he might be in the elders area. I am grateful for members and their willingness to do member missionary work!
We finally delivered the brownies to the Walsh family haha.
We had lunch/dinner at the Klos's house (we go their every Sunday after church) and then went over the Word of Wisdom with Sean, he was recently baptized.
We taught Amanda about tithing and fast offerings.

Today we are going to Assateague with the Klos kids! Hopefully the rain won't be too bad!

Love ya!!!
Sister Gronning

Monday, July 31, 2017

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Grotto Pizza

Pizza from Grotto

Rain, thunder, lightning!

Hello everyone!

Monday we went shopping. I didn't end up getting any thing but Sister Roberts got some shirts.
We had dinner with Sister White. She took us to KFC/Taco Bell. Family, can you guess which one I picked? ;)
We had a lesson with Amanda (investigator) We read D&C 89 and talked about the word of wisdom.

Tuesday we had District Meeting.
We had some lessons fall through.
We had a lesson with Elizabeth (investigator). We took Sister Simpkins with us. We talked about tithes and offerings.
We visited some less actives after that.

Wednesday we did a lot of stop bys. Not very many people were home, or they moved. We did find out that a less active old lady in a nursing home had passed away. Sad.
We had dinner with the Wilsons. It was mostly just Sister Wilson.
We had correlation at the church with our ward mission leader. The elders didn't show up lol. They were running late and then Brother Tinsmith said not to worry about it.

Thursday, conference call and weekly planning.
Stop by more people. We talked to a less active and read Mosiah 24:9-17 with her.
We had dinner with Sister Hall. Sister Stubben and I were working with her when I was here w couple of months ago and she would never come to church and now she is coming like every week!
We thought we were going to have a church tour so we went to the church to set it up and Vanessa never showed up.

Friday we went on exchanges. I stayed in Salisbury with Sister Payne (my MTC comp!!) it was fun to talk about the good ole MTC days.
We went and read a story in the Bible at bay shore services. We go there every Friday. There's like 4-5 people who are there that we read it with.
We were going to have a lesson with a new person named Tammie but she wasn't there.
We walked around and met Daniel while knocking on doors. He said we could come back the next day.
We had a lesson with Amanda. Her boyfriend, Matt, sat down with us as well. We read the Book of Mormon with them.
We met some formers named the Conways. They were really nice. We didn't have time to share a message with them.
We ate dinner with the Nielsens. They have 5 girls! Super cute family. One of their daughters is named Siri and it is not named after Apple! She was born before Apple made Siri haha.
We had a lesson with Diana (recent convert) with Sister Cole. We talked about patriarchal blessings.
Oh and also it started pouring rain and thundering and lightning and I had to drive in it πŸ˜‘. Everyone was like "are you prepared for the big thunderstorm?" And we were like nope!
The streets were kinda flooding and it was fun to drive through the big puddles because the water would splash all the way up to our cars windows lol.

Saturday we exchanged back with our companions.
We had a lesson with Ziline (investigator) and Diana came with us. Ziline speaks little English. She speaks Creole so Diana translates for us. We talked about baptism and confirmation. She said she isn't ready for baptism right now.
Daniel had something come up so he had to cancel our lesson.
We had a lesson with Berline (bur lean) (investigator) and she didn't speak like any English so that was hard.
Also, it rained all day this day too!

Sunday, Amanda and Matt came to church all three hours! There were three speakers and a musical number. It was about missionary work. There is a young man who is about to leave this week for the California Arcadia mission. Sister Roberts and I taught the gospel principles class on repentance. It went really well. The third hour we were combined with the men. Bishop Peterson taught about unity. It was mostly a discussion. There was a lot of participation.
We went to the Klohs house for lunch/dinner and then a lesson with their family and Melvin (recent convert).
We were asked as a Zone to pick two active families to teach a gospel message to and invite them to do something of missionary work and then we would follow up with them every week. We picked the Slushers and the Coopers. We taught the restoration to the Slushers and it went well.

I have a doctors appointment today. Yay. My mom can fill you in on that if you'd like to know haha.
It has been a long week. I have just been drained this transfer! Family, I hope you are prepared for me to sleep all day everyday when I get home!
Also, we are going to Rehoboth today with the Harrington Sisters!

Love ya lots!
Sister Gronning
Crazy tan line!

Sister Gronning and Sister Payne back together again!

Monday, July 24, 2017

The rains came down and the floods came up☔️

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying the weather where they are.
It is hot and humid and rainy over here!!

We had Zone Conference in Newark this week. We drove to Harrington and
Sister Nye and Sister Payne (MTC comp) drove us to Dover and we all
stayed the night with Sister Robinson and Sister Keller and then the
next morning we drove to Newark in the Dover van!
The conference was about planning and teaching, obedience. It was all
really good. The missionaries going home this transfer got to bare
their "dying" testimonies. President and Sister Randall had to leave
right before that. I went second and the first thing I said was that I
just got there yesterday πŸ˜‚ I shared my missionary plaque scripture
which is Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 (I think...) and I'm not really
sure what else I said. I didn't start crying till Sister Payne got up
there like right after me and we were all crying and especially
afterwards when we were all hugging everyone!! I was a mess. I got to
Sister Fuelling! Also, Brother Fletcher from Bayview was there too

We went on exchanges after with the Harrington Sisters. I went to
Harrington with Sister Nye. I love her a lot. She's so sweet and
hilarious. I want to cut my hair like hers when I get home!

We had some good lessons this week. When we taught Amanda, Sister
Tovar (she just served here and went home last transfer) skyped in and
that was really cool. We read from the Book of Mormon.

We had District Meeting on Friday and President Randall had wrote this
document about obedience and we basically talked about that the whole

We did a lot of service for a lady in our ward. We painted some of her
windows and I put tape around the windows. Her 8 year old grandson was
there and he was talking up a storm with me about his games he plays
on his phone πŸ˜‚

We taught Elizabeth this week about the importance of church and she
came to Sacrament on Sunday.

Sister Roberts and I and a couple of sisters in the ward sang a
version of The Spirit of God in church. It went well. I saw the Cook
family and they were excited to see me :) Claire is adorable.

When it rains here it pours and I hate driving in it! The streets
flood! On Sunday we were going to a referrals house and we had to get
out of our car and run to the door and the lady didn't let us in and
first and then apologized for making us stay out there so we went in
and the guy only wanted his bible and not a Book of Mormon. When we
were running back to our car their was a huge puddle in the street and
I had to step in it to get to the drivers side and it was so deep!!
I'm pretty sure my shoes are still wet...
We had a lesson with a less active who speaks Spanish and we had a
Spanish member and his wife and little boy come with us. I didn't
understand a word but it was cool listening! Haha.

That is pretty much all I can remember.. oh, we got chick fil a today
and went shopping but I didn't see anything I wanted.

Happy Pioneer Day and I love you all!
Sister Gronning

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Fourth of July!

New area and new companion! Sister Roberts from Texas!

Look who she found at Zone Conf!! Brother Fletcher!