Monday, April 24, 2017

The Book of Mickey Mormon

Hello everyone! My new companion is Sister Summers and she is
awesome!! We are like the same person and we are getting a long great!
She is hilarious and a great missionary! She is from South Jordan,
Utah and has 4 siblings. She has been out for 5 months.
So, I was trying to change our voicemail the other day and it took me
like 10 tries and one of the tries I was like "hi you've reached
Sister Gronning and Sister Summers from the church of *pause* crap" πŸ˜‚
I finally just went into the other room and said it πŸ˜‚
This week our District Leader and his companion ran over a squirrel....
and our District Leader said that him and I were tight... um no. Go
away, crazy πŸ˜‚
Monday we ate dinner with the Browns. Their little boy was upset
during dinner and he ended up just wanting to say the prayer. So he
went to say the prayer and he says "name of Jesus Christ amen" and
then his mom puts a binky in his mouth and he just passes out and went
to sleep πŸ˜‚ cutest little boy ever.
Ashley was sending us a bunch of videos of elders doing music videos πŸ˜‚
We went to the Biermanns and shared a prince of peace video with them.
Tuesday was transfers. We went to Broomall at 11:30. I got Sister
Summers and I found out I was the driver 😢 (that didn't last long,
she is now driving hahaha) did I mention that the Assistants double
out?! (One went home and the other one is training in Sister Summers
old area) one of the new assistants is one of my old Zone Leaders!! I
was so pumped!!! Oh and guess who I got to see?! Sister Stubben!
We came home and had lunch and companionship study.
We did a lot of stop bys and finding. Steven cancelled our lesson.
We met a bible referral. We gave her the Bible and a Book of Mormon
and talked about it. She told us we can come back tomorrow and teach
her whole family!!
We ate dinner at our apartment and went over and visited with Sister Collier.
Wednesday after our studies we tried to have a Skype call with our
District Leader for our accountability meeting and it was just not
working so we ended up doing like half on video and then we gave up
and did the rest on the phone haha.
We had a lesson with Brother Santos. He's doing great. We talked about
the restoration and Sister Summers did a cook object lesson.
We did stopped by a few people. We knocked on this less actives house
and we were like "we saw that you were a member and we just wanted to
get to know you" or whatever and he was like "I used to be. Come on
in" he lives with his fiancΓ©e and she is not a member. He told us he
served his mission in Las Vegas. They invited us over for dinner
tomorrow night! They were super nice.
We ate dinner at the Schoendorfers and one if their friends from the
Doylestown ward. Their daughter Hannah just got back from a mission in
Hungary. We learned that there is a place in Illinois called Effingham
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we laughed for awhile at that haha! Their friend is moving there
lol. Sister Irwin told us that she had more food for us.. so, we went over
there and grabbed bags and bags of food....
Thursday. Conference call- we learned that we will no longer be having
Zone Training 😭 oh and my Zone Conference is the day after my birthday πŸ˜‰
Weekly planning. More stop bys and finding. Ate dinner with the Polsons.
Drove to the church to meet with President Randall and our
investigator Greg. That was fun. At first I was kinda freaking out but
that's okay. That was when I told President that I didn't like driving
and it doesn't help with my stress level and Sister Summers love
driving and it helps her stress level so he switched us right then and
Friday, we had District Meeting. Our District now is how big our Zone
used to be. Us, Doylestown Elders, Pennypack Elders, Morrisville
Sisters, Jarrettown Sisters. Fun stuff.
We came home. Ate lunch. Skyped with the office elders to figure out
Sister Summers wifi on her tablet. That was fun.
We had comp study. Had a lesson about missionary work with Elizabeth.
Went to Sister Colliers house and helped her and we ate pizza. It took
her forever to actually order the pizza haha. She is a funny old lady!
So sassy and joking! πŸ˜‚ I laugh so hard when I am with her! Oh so she
drove to her friends house for the first time after her accident and
we drove right behind her and oh my gosh. It was the scariest moment
of my life.
Saturday we visited people. Met with our relief society president.
Visited Sister Collier again. We were helping her pack for Utah to
visit her daughter. We were in her bedroom and she goes "oh my
goodness, I need to go to the bathroom" and we were like okay and she
stands there and starts farting!! And bends over and everything and
goes "oh my goodness I am so embarrassed" Sister Summers and I were
dying laughing!! Sister Collier grabs my arm and says "MOVE" and walks to the bathroom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ funniest lady ever!! We visited with her neighbor, Ruthanne after. Sunday we had breakfast and correlation with the Cassels! We had PEC.
In Sacrament meeting, Sister Summers and I had to say the opening and closing prayer. Hannah gave her homecoming talk.
We ate dinner with the Richards. Their oldest daughter Eliza comes in the kitchen with a Book of Mormon and says it's the "Book of Mickey Mouse. Book of Mickey Mormon" it was really funny. After dinner their son wanted to play baseball and his mom is pregnant and it was cute watching her throw the ball and hit the ball with the bat. That night we had a youth face to face event where they got to send in questions for us, bishop, and Hannah. It was a lot of fun! We have some great youth in this ward.
I think that is everything but I probably forgot something lol.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Sister Gronning you are...............

Happy Easter everyone!

We got transfer calls on Sunday morning. I am staying and Sister
Robinson is leaving :( an elder in the other district in our Zone is
leaving and one of our Zone Leaders is leaving also.

Monday evening we had dinner with Sister Nelson. We had steak and
really good cupcakes!
We went to a less actives house and shared the prince of peace video with her.
We came home and did some daily contact.

Tuesday we had Zone Training, it was awesome like always!
We were walking and we were going to tract on this one street we saw
on our area book map, and it turned out to not be a real street. It
was just like people's garages and backyards. It was funny.
We had a lesson with Steven. Abigail Magland came with us. Steven is
awesome! He couldn't come to church on Sunday because his family had
invited him to their church for Easter. We showed him the prince of
peace video. We took a picture with him also!
We didn't have a dinner appointment and Sister Collier invited us over
to the house she was staying at to recover from her fall, for dinner.
They have a dog and we were in the kitchen and all of a sudden the dog
just started peeing!! It was so bad!! And then, the dog started
walking and was still peeing!!! It was the funniest and grossest thing
ever!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
That night we went to the Biermanns and chatted with them. Sister
Biermann is recovering from surgery.

Wednesday we met with Brother Santos! He is doing awesome! He loved
his baptism and is so happy now! He was telling us how he feels a lot
different after he's been baptized and that it is a good different! He
also said that he doesn't worry about death anymore because now he
knows where he is going and where he came from!
We were going to have a lesson with Elizabeth Helms, a recent convert,
but when we got there, they had just barely left.
We were also going to have a lesson with Sister McCormick, a less
active, but she wasn't having a very good day so she cancelled.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we ate at home.
We decided to check out the mutual activity to get to know the youth
more but it was lame and a waste of our time so we left lol.
We were able to get in contact with one of our referrals and he
recently had a death in the family and he said he would give us a call
when he gets back in town.

Thursday we helped the Irwins move. My, do they have a lot of stuff!
😬 they gave us a bunch of food..
We had an appointment set up with a referral, to deliver a bible to
her and we called to confirm and she said she wasn't interested
We were going to contact another referral we got, who requested to
meet with missionaries and we get to the house and a guy said he
doesn't live there anymore, he is in Philadelphia. As we were walking
away, a lady called to us and asked us if we were looking for her son,
Kevin and said that she was actually on the phone with him right then!
It was really cool.
We ate dinner at the Hartlines. She made us mint brownies!

Friday we volunteered at the Mitzvah circle foundation again.
We were going to have a lesson with Brother Meehan. Ashley Brown, a
return missionary who just got home from the Nevada Las Vegas mission
came with us but Brother Meehan cancelled and rescheduled for the next
day. Sister Brown knows all of the missionaries serving in my stake!
And she knows Elder Butcher! (Mom, you have to tell him!)
We ate dinner at the Flandros. The crazy boys weren't there haha.

Saturday we helped the Irwin's move again and they gave us a crap load
of food again.. which we through most of it away because it was years
We had our lesson with Brother Meehan and Sister Brown. He wanted to
talk about the Atonement.
We did some finding and talked to a less active for a while, named
Delsa Houck. She is 96 years old and a cute sweet old lady! We shared
the Easter video with her and she enjoyed it!
We also stopped by the Copes and shared the video with them.
We had dinner at our apartment.
I opened my Easter box that night :)

Sunday was Easter! We ate breakfast with Brother and Sister Onorato!
We had waffles, cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and fruit! She also gave
us Easter baskets! :)
Sister Brown gave her homecoming talk! We had 3 musical numbers and
Sister Robinson spoke as well!
We almost had to give the gospel principles lesson but nobody showed
up, well, three men showed up and we can't teach just men so we went
to the gospel doctrines class haha.
We contacted another referral we got and she said we can come on
Tuesday and deliver her bible!
We ate dinner at the Richards. The Becksteads and the Woodwards came also :)

Today we are getting ready for transfers. The Zone Leaders called and
we couldn't understand anything they were saying so they said they
will text or call us later haha.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that the Atonement is real. I know
that we will all be able to live with our father in heaven and Jesus
Christ and our families again. I know that this is the true church.

I love you all! I hope you had a great Easter!

Sister Gronning
1 and 2. Pants into skirts!
3. Steven!
4 and 5. Philadelphia North Zone
6. Sister Collier
7. Brother Santos (mike)
8. We are basically the sister APs πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
9. Our cute Easter baskets!

Monday, April 10, 2017

'He like belches it out when he sings'

Me - "He like belches it out when he sings"
Sister Robinson - "belches?"
Me - "ya, he belches it out"
Sister Robinson - "you mean belts?"
Me - "uhh ya... sure."

Hi everyone! This week was kinda slow in the missionary work but I
have some good/funny stories so keep reading!!

Monday evening we had a lesson with Steven and Sister Onorato came
with us. We talked about what he liked from the Sunday afternoon
session of conference. Guess what? He actually took notes!! He's also
been reading from the Book of Mormon! He had a question about how to
pray so we mostly just touched on that subject. He wanted to push back
his baptism date because he wanted to be ready and prepared for it.
Sister Robinson suggested June 17th and he said "ya, June 3rd. June
3rd would be good" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we were like okay! Sounds great! Lol.
We did some stop bys and found out that some people have moved.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. One of the get to know you questions
our District Leader asked was, who is your favorite District Leader
and why? I said Elder Fifita and I mentioned that I hated him at first
and everyone started laughing hahaha.
We stopped by some people. Went to the library and printed out a talk
for one of our investigators. We took the stress test. I was in the
greenπŸ‘πŸ» after that we stopped by more people's houses. We went to
the less active house and they moved and this guy answered and talked
super fast and kept bouncing his head everywhere as he talked and it
made Sister Robinson and I dizzy! πŸ˜‚
We ate dinner at the Hulse's.
Came home for personal and companionship studies.

Wednesday we helped Sister Collier move her stuff out of the nursing
center place she was in. She was happy and sad to get out of there and
go home. Sad because she met some awesome people there and loved
sharing the gospel with everyone! She was so cute!
We had our last lesson with Mike before his baptism! We talked about
obeying and honoring the law and teaching and learning and service in
the church. He was telling us how this week he was thinking about his
baptism and he felt this burning in his chest and it was so bad that
he had to get up and get some ice cream!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ¦the member was like
"that was the Holy Ghost" we were dying when we got in the car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
After that we did some more finding.
Ate dinner at the Johnson's.
Came home and had our personal and companionship studies.

Thursday, conference call and weekly planning.
We had a huge rain storm alll day. One of our investigators, Linda,
cancelled our lesson because it was to rainy and yucky outside.
We stopped by and talked to Sister Santiago. She's awesome.
We were going to our dinner appointment and we get out of the car and
Sister Robinson looks for the keys and realizes they aren't in her
bag. So she goes back and the doors are locked.... we go to the
members house and tell them we just locked our keys in the car. We
call Elder Sessions. He tells us to call a lock smith. It was going to
be really expensive. The lovely Sister Richard offered to take us to
our mission office in Broomall and get another set of keys. So, after
dinner we drove an hour to Broomall and Elder Sessions met us there
and he was so nice about it! We got the keys and headed back. The next
morning, the Sister Training Leaders had MLC (a meeting for the
leaders) and so we took the keys to them early Friday morning so that
they could give them back to Elder Humpherys. Good times. Good times.

Friday we volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation. We shopped for
families who are struggling. It is always fun. It was kinda slow the
rest of the day. We had a youth dinner/fundraiser thing for the ward
that we went to that night. They had a silent auction. There was two
game baskets. Filled with board games! I know my family would have bet
on them! Haha. I miss games.

Saturday was a lot of finding. We were able to have a lesson with
peter. We basically just showed him the Easter video and talked about
it and asked him if he still would like us to come over.
We went to the library and attempted to print out the baptism program
but we didn't know how. In the computer next to us, was a lady doing
her genealogy work so we talked to her and gave her a card with the
family history dates and times and she gave us like all of her
information! It was awesome!
More finding.
Had dinner with the Amaya's. They are less actives. We had really good
Puerto Rican food!
We came home and emailed the ward council.
I think it was Saturday, or Friday, we saw snakes! I hate snakes. They
were garden snakes. Gah.

Sunday, MIKE GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!! We are lame for not getting
pictures!! But I have a picture from a couple of weeks ago of us so
I'll put that in the email. The service went well!! His less active
wife came as well :)
We had fast and testimony meeting and also a homecoming talk! A sister
came home from serving in the Utah Provo mission and next week a
sister that served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission is having her
homecoming talk! I'm so pumped to hear that one!!
After church we stayed for a young women recognition. Hailey Peterson
received her young women's medallion :)
We had dinner at the Bussoms and a ton of people came!! We had all of
Mikes favorite foods! I was so full and was in the food coma that
night! Haha! Our bishop was there and he is hilarious! Haha!

Oh and we went to the best pizza place last week and this week called
Lucas pizza or something and it is so good!!!

Today I got my hair cut!! I had a lot of dead ends I needed to get off
lol. Tomorrow is Zone Training. Saturday we find out about transfers!!
Transfers are on Tuesday. What. It went so fast!!
Sister Robinson has been here for 6 months so she will probably be
transferred :( I will let you all know next week!!

P.S. We were talking to someone on the phone this week and we said our
names and he goes "Sister Robinson and Sister Garlic" we got off the
phone and literally died laughing. Okay, not literally. But I was
literally crying!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was soooooo funny!!!!!

P.S.S If you didn't already know- I have the cutest nephew in the
whole wide world.

Monday, April 3, 2017

"She makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I think she puts puts crack in them"

Hello everyone!! Let's see what I can remember about this week haha.
It's all a blur. Mission brain is totally a thing and it is hitting me
hard. It's when you don't remember anything, especially things at
home. Btw, today is my 14 month mark. What.

Monday, the three of us and our Sister Training Leaders (Sister Prince
and Sister Adhikari) went bowling!! Best day ever!!! We also made
music videos in the car haha!
We had a lesson with Olga. She was a referral from a member somewhere.
She went to the temple open house. She told us about her life and some
struggles she has been having lately. We gave her a Book of Mormon and
a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.
We had dinner with the Pynes! I love that family! They are hilarious!
They have three girls and one boy.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and oh my gosh, it was so good. Oh and
Elder Morton showed me a picture of when he had long girl hair πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
and Sister Garner came to my District Meeting! We served in Salisbury
We had lunch with Sister Flandro at Panera Bread.
We visited a less active named Ben and he said he was not interested
in being reactivated any time soon. He was nice though!
We had dinner with the Nelsons! They are hilarious too! Brother Nelson
got a huge gigantic bag of Reese's pieces from his work because
someone put a whole bunch of them in a draw probably as a prank and he
put some in little baggies for us to take home!

Wednesday we had Mikes baptism interview by our District Leader, Elder
Cortes. We talked to Brother Bussom and Elder Morton and attempted to
fill out a baptism form.. we filled out 5 before we got it right.
Sister Young kept messing up and then Sister Robinson tried and she
messed up and then I tried and I didn't mess up haha! We put them back
in the binder and Elder Cortes came out and he had the binder in his
hand and the forms fell out and he was like "what are these?!" And we
were all like "uhh nothing" and he was counting them and was like "you
wrote out 5 of them?! What happened?!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ά Mike passed and he is so
excited for his baptism on Sunday!!
We went to visit Sister Collier. We gave her some pamphlets to give to
people who ask about our church.
So, we had an investigator in our area book who was always super busy
and this week our Zone focus is daily contact so we sent him a text on
Tuesday with a quote from a Conference talk and asked if we could meet
with him this week and he said yes, Wednesday night or Thursday night
and we freaked out and met with him on Wednesday. He had a previous
baptism date that didn't work out and he mentioned to us first that he
wanted to be baptized again and he cleansed from sin and we asked if
he wanted to set a date as a goal again and he said yes!! We set him
with a date of April 15th!! It was a great lesson and he cried during
it! He listened to the Sunday afternoon session on General Conference
and really enjoyed it and it was PERFECT for him!! He had questions
about the Holy Ghost! We are meeting with him again tonight!
We ate dinner with the Websters.
We stopped by and visited with Sister Onorato. Her daughter served in
the Las Vegas mission :) also, there is a girl coming home this week
from the Nevada Las Vegas mission!
We got a call from the Assistants saying "there has been a change of
plans for Sister Young. She needs to be in Nazareth tomorrow packed
and ready to go at 3:30" it was a surprise and very sad.

Thursday we weekly planned. Sister Young packed. We dropped her off at 3:30.
Ate dinner at the Elggrens.
Had correlation with Brother Cassel.
We had a huge rain storm and super loud thunder and bright lightning
as we were going to bed. It was terrifying. Our parking lot was

Friday we volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation.
We were going to have a lesson with Gladys but she cancelled because
of the huge rain storm.
We had dinner with the Skinfills and before dinner Sister Robinson was
telling me about her amazing chocolate chip cookies and that she
probably puts crack in them and I almost peed myself laughing so

Saturday morning session of General Conference we watched it with
Sister Cassel. She fed us taquitos! Saturday afternoon we watched it
with the Flandros and they fed us pizza! I love Conference!!
Especially as a missionary!! From the Saturday sessions I loved M.
Joseph Brough, Jeffery R. Holland, M. Russel Ballard.

Sunday morning we watched it with the Peterson's. Also had taquitos
and stuffed shells. Sunday afternoon we watched it at the Elggrens and
they fed us taco soup. From the Sunday sessions I loved Yoon Hwan
Choi, Ronald A. Rasband, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Joaquin E. Costa, Gary E.

I love the spirit that we feel when listening to General Conference. I
definitely received answers to my questions. I invite everyone to
listen to it if you didn't get a chance to! Side note, I met Elder
CordΓ³n and Elder Cook!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning
199 West Vine St. Apt. 22
Hatfield, PA 19440

Sister Car Video