Monday, April 3, 2017

"She makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I think she puts puts crack in them"

Hello everyone!! Let's see what I can remember about this week haha.
It's all a blur. Mission brain is totally a thing and it is hitting me
hard. It's when you don't remember anything, especially things at
home. Btw, today is my 14 month mark. What.

Monday, the three of us and our Sister Training Leaders (Sister Prince
and Sister Adhikari) went bowling!! Best day ever!!! We also made
music videos in the car haha!
We had a lesson with Olga. She was a referral from a member somewhere.
She went to the temple open house. She told us about her life and some
struggles she has been having lately. We gave her a Book of Mormon and
a Plan of Salvation pamphlet.
We had dinner with the Pynes! I love that family! They are hilarious!
They have three girls and one boy.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and oh my gosh, it was so good. Oh and
Elder Morton showed me a picture of when he had long girl hair ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
and Sister Garner came to my District Meeting! We served in Salisbury
We had lunch with Sister Flandro at Panera Bread.
We visited a less active named Ben and he said he was not interested
in being reactivated any time soon. He was nice though!
We had dinner with the Nelsons! They are hilarious too! Brother Nelson
got a huge gigantic bag of Reese's pieces from his work because
someone put a whole bunch of them in a draw probably as a prank and he
put some in little baggies for us to take home!

Wednesday we had Mikes baptism interview by our District Leader, Elder
Cortes. We talked to Brother Bussom and Elder Morton and attempted to
fill out a baptism form.. we filled out 5 before we got it right.
Sister Young kept messing up and then Sister Robinson tried and she
messed up and then I tried and I didn't mess up haha! We put them back
in the binder and Elder Cortes came out and he had the binder in his
hand and the forms fell out and he was like "what are these?!" And we
were all like "uhh nothing" and he was counting them and was like "you
wrote out 5 of them?! What happened?!" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ถ Mike passed and he is so
excited for his baptism on Sunday!!
We went to visit Sister Collier. We gave her some pamphlets to give to
people who ask about our church.
So, we had an investigator in our area book who was always super busy
and this week our Zone focus is daily contact so we sent him a text on
Tuesday with a quote from a Conference talk and asked if we could meet
with him this week and he said yes, Wednesday night or Thursday night
and we freaked out and met with him on Wednesday. He had a previous
baptism date that didn't work out and he mentioned to us first that he
wanted to be baptized again and he cleansed from sin and we asked if
he wanted to set a date as a goal again and he said yes!! We set him
with a date of April 15th!! It was a great lesson and he cried during
it! He listened to the Sunday afternoon session on General Conference
and really enjoyed it and it was PERFECT for him!! He had questions
about the Holy Ghost! We are meeting with him again tonight!
We ate dinner with the Websters.
We stopped by and visited with Sister Onorato. Her daughter served in
the Las Vegas mission :) also, there is a girl coming home this week
from the Nevada Las Vegas mission!
We got a call from the Assistants saying "there has been a change of
plans for Sister Young. She needs to be in Nazareth tomorrow packed
and ready to go at 3:30" it was a surprise and very sad.

Thursday we weekly planned. Sister Young packed. We dropped her off at 3:30.
Ate dinner at the Elggrens.
Had correlation with Brother Cassel.
We had a huge rain storm and super loud thunder and bright lightning
as we were going to bed. It was terrifying. Our parking lot was

Friday we volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation.
We were going to have a lesson with Gladys but she cancelled because
of the huge rain storm.
We had dinner with the Skinfills and before dinner Sister Robinson was
telling me about her amazing chocolate chip cookies and that she
probably puts crack in them and I almost peed myself laughing so

Saturday morning session of General Conference we watched it with
Sister Cassel. She fed us taquitos! Saturday afternoon we watched it
with the Flandros and they fed us pizza! I love Conference!!
Especially as a missionary!! From the Saturday sessions I loved M.
Joseph Brough, Jeffery R. Holland, M. Russel Ballard.

Sunday morning we watched it with the Peterson's. Also had taquitos
and stuffed shells. Sunday afternoon we watched it at the Elggrens and
they fed us taco soup. From the Sunday sessions I loved Yoon Hwan
Choi, Ronald A. Rasband, Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Joaquin E. Costa, Gary E.

I love the spirit that we feel when listening to General Conference. I
definitely received answers to my questions. I invite everyone to
listen to it if you didn't get a chance to! Side note, I met Elder
Cordรณn and Elder Cook!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning
199 West Vine St. Apt. 22
Hatfield, PA 19440