Monday, April 10, 2017

'He like belches it out when he sings'

Me - "He like belches it out when he sings"
Sister Robinson - "belches?"
Me - "ya, he belches it out"
Sister Robinson - "you mean belts?"
Me - "uhh ya... sure."

Hi everyone! This week was kinda slow in the missionary work but I
have some good/funny stories so keep reading!!

Monday evening we had a lesson with Steven and Sister Onorato came
with us. We talked about what he liked from the Sunday afternoon
session of conference. Guess what? He actually took notes!! He's also
been reading from the Book of Mormon! He had a question about how to
pray so we mostly just touched on that subject. He wanted to push back
his baptism date because he wanted to be ready and prepared for it.
Sister Robinson suggested June 17th and he said "ya, June 3rd. June
3rd would be good" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we were like okay! Sounds great! Lol.
We did some stop bys and found out that some people have moved.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. One of the get to know you questions
our District Leader asked was, who is your favorite District Leader
and why? I said Elder Fifita and I mentioned that I hated him at first
and everyone started laughing hahaha.
We stopped by some people. Went to the library and printed out a talk
for one of our investigators. We took the stress test. I was in the
greenπŸ‘πŸ» after that we stopped by more people's houses. We went to
the less active house and they moved and this guy answered and talked
super fast and kept bouncing his head everywhere as he talked and it
made Sister Robinson and I dizzy! πŸ˜‚
We ate dinner at the Hulse's.
Came home for personal and companionship studies.

Wednesday we helped Sister Collier move her stuff out of the nursing
center place she was in. She was happy and sad to get out of there and
go home. Sad because she met some awesome people there and loved
sharing the gospel with everyone! She was so cute!
We had our last lesson with Mike before his baptism! We talked about
obeying and honoring the law and teaching and learning and service in
the church. He was telling us how this week he was thinking about his
baptism and he felt this burning in his chest and it was so bad that
he had to get up and get some ice cream!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ¦the member was like
"that was the Holy Ghost" we were dying when we got in the car πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
After that we did some more finding.
Ate dinner at the Johnson's.
Came home and had our personal and companionship studies.

Thursday, conference call and weekly planning.
We had a huge rain storm alll day. One of our investigators, Linda,
cancelled our lesson because it was to rainy and yucky outside.
We stopped by and talked to Sister Santiago. She's awesome.
We were going to our dinner appointment and we get out of the car and
Sister Robinson looks for the keys and realizes they aren't in her
bag. So she goes back and the doors are locked.... we go to the
members house and tell them we just locked our keys in the car. We
call Elder Sessions. He tells us to call a lock smith. It was going to
be really expensive. The lovely Sister Richard offered to take us to
our mission office in Broomall and get another set of keys. So, after
dinner we drove an hour to Broomall and Elder Sessions met us there
and he was so nice about it! We got the keys and headed back. The next
morning, the Sister Training Leaders had MLC (a meeting for the
leaders) and so we took the keys to them early Friday morning so that
they could give them back to Elder Humpherys. Good times. Good times.

Friday we volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation. We shopped for
families who are struggling. It is always fun. It was kinda slow the
rest of the day. We had a youth dinner/fundraiser thing for the ward
that we went to that night. They had a silent auction. There was two
game baskets. Filled with board games! I know my family would have bet
on them! Haha. I miss games.

Saturday was a lot of finding. We were able to have a lesson with
peter. We basically just showed him the Easter video and talked about
it and asked him if he still would like us to come over.
We went to the library and attempted to print out the baptism program
but we didn't know how. In the computer next to us, was a lady doing
her genealogy work so we talked to her and gave her a card with the
family history dates and times and she gave us like all of her
information! It was awesome!
More finding.
Had dinner with the Amaya's. They are less actives. We had really good
Puerto Rican food!
We came home and emailed the ward council.
I think it was Saturday, or Friday, we saw snakes! I hate snakes. They
were garden snakes. Gah.

Sunday, MIKE GOT BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!! We are lame for not getting
pictures!! But I have a picture from a couple of weeks ago of us so
I'll put that in the email. The service went well!! His less active
wife came as well :)
We had fast and testimony meeting and also a homecoming talk! A sister
came home from serving in the Utah Provo mission and next week a
sister that served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission is having her
homecoming talk! I'm so pumped to hear that one!!
After church we stayed for a young women recognition. Hailey Peterson
received her young women's medallion :)
We had dinner at the Bussoms and a ton of people came!! We had all of
Mikes favorite foods! I was so full and was in the food coma that
night! Haha! Our bishop was there and he is hilarious! Haha!

Oh and we went to the best pizza place last week and this week called
Lucas pizza or something and it is so good!!!

Today I got my hair cut!! I had a lot of dead ends I needed to get off
lol. Tomorrow is Zone Training. Saturday we find out about transfers!!
Transfers are on Tuesday. What. It went so fast!!
Sister Robinson has been here for 6 months so she will probably be
transferred :( I will let you all know next week!!

P.S. We were talking to someone on the phone this week and we said our
names and he goes "Sister Robinson and Sister Garlic" we got off the
phone and literally died laughing. Okay, not literally. But I was
literally crying!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was soooooo funny!!!!!

P.S.S If you didn't already know- I have the cutest nephew in the
whole wide world.