Monday, March 28, 2016

Mini Missionary! Miracles! Easter!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Wilmington Zone


Smile and Wave!

It's Monday again!

Last Monday we went to the mall with our ward mission leaders wife. It
was so fun! I love her. I used my chick fill a gift card! Haha. That
night one of my companions told us how she's been feeling like she
hasn't been good enough and she's been stressing a lot and she broke
down and cried, of course so did I. I bet you are all tired of hearing
that by now. Mission life is hard though. Tuesday we took our car in
the shop to get the bumper replaced and we walked all day and oh my
gosh, my feet were killing me. I was dying inside. Good thing the
weather was nice. We saw miracles though. So we have the new Easter
video out now so we were showing that to people. Some were not
interested. Some thought we were soliciting and one lady said she was
going to call the police on us.. 😂 we walked and smiled and waved at
everyone driving by. We got to the Pats pizza parking lot and this
delivery guy named Mike comes out and asked if we were the ones waving
at everyone and we said ya and he said we are so happy and was
wondering why we were so happy. We shared the video with him and he
asked where our church was and thanked us for being so happy and
making everyone's day. He was going to come to church but something
came up at work so he couldn't go 😔 but he seems super interested
We got our car back on Thursday and no more slash/dent! We are not
going to get in any more car accidents!
Thursday was st pattys day! We wore green :) a member fed us store
bought sushi! And this home made Chinese thingy that I forget what it
is called. And brownies with green frosting :)
That night we clover attacked someone and we almost got caught but it
was fun lol.
Friday we did a lot of service. We did more yard work for a lady who
has cancer and just had surgery. The elders were there too but they
stayed on the other side of the house lol. And we cleaned someone's
house. Kinda.
Saturday during the day I had another melt down for like an hour and a
half just chilling in the car. It was pretty bad but it felt good to
just let it out.
Sunday was good. No investigators came to church but we did have some
recent converts and less actives though.
I hope everyone is doing great. I love you all! Thanks for the support :)
Love, ❤️
Sister Gronning

Monday, March 14, 2016

Golden Retraining 3/8/16

Service hours!

Teach the Gospel to everyone and their cat's cousin

Hey everyone!! How are you all doing?! I'm doing great.
So, we had golden retraining this week and I got to see my mtc
sisters!! It was great. Also, they fed us wawas! They did a really
good training. It was mostly President and Sister Anderson and the
AP's. We talked about faith, finding people to teach, overcoming our
fears, recognizing the spirit, how to use our iPads effectively, role
playing. All good things! 😊
The weather has been awesome this week except for yesterday and today,
it has been raining. Ew. But earlier in the week it was so warm. Short
sleeve shirt, no tights. Awesome! Lol.
We did some yard work for the Hughes in our ward. Got to wear pants so
that was nice. We pulled weeds out of her little garden. I have came
to the conclusion that I hate worms and bugs. But if you know me, that
is nothing new 😂 .
We met with Tanya this week and set her with a baptism date for April
23rd! She is awesome.
We also met with Amanda, her husband is a member but less active. We
set her with a date for April 23rd and she said she would pray about
We met with Craig, he is crazy..... He was totally drunk and being
weird. Sister Blake almost got in a argument with him... Lol. He was
being really pushy and rude. But we hope we planted a seed in his
heart lol. We might give him to the elders 😂
We have been talking to people on the streets and knocking on doors.
We've been giving out lots of Book of Mormons and pass along cards.
Every Thursday we have district meeting. It is always good. I have a
good district. I really like my district leaders. Friday we had zone
conference with 4 zones and it was amazing. I got to see a sister who
was in my mtc district and some elders who came out with me as well.
We talked a lot about desires. Desire = action and works. We talked
about how to work with the members and how to gain their trust. Talked
about sacrament and church. They fed us lunch. We have a mission song,
which I love, we sang it twice. There was missionaries who were going
home this transfer and they bore their testimonies at the end. I
almost started crying. I did cry that night though.
This weekend we helped with a garage giveaway our stake put on at the
church. People donate stuff and people come to the church and grab
anything they like. Everything was free. There was tons of stuff. We
helped set up a little bit on Friday night then helped clean up on
Saturday. Also on Saturday we helped someone move in. This week has
been filled with meetings and service.
We met with Tanya again and her daughter Amora was there. They are
awesome. We are trying to start to teach Amora. Tanya was telling her
about church and temples. They said they would come to church on
Sunday. But they didn't make it 😔
We taught Martha, we brought a member with us and she is amazing. She
basically taught the whole lesson and taught Martha about the word of
wisdom. Martha's family was there and we showed them the Easter
initiative. And they all wanted Book of Mormons! We gave out 7 BOM's
Sunday night in one teaching appointment!! It was amazing.
Our ward is good at feeding us. We've gotten lots of yummy food and
desserts lol.
My subject line is a quote one of my companions said this week and I
just died laughing 😂😂
Today we wanted to go to the college town which is where they have
shops and food places but it's super wet outside so we might just go
to the mall. Which will be fun too. We are taking a member with us.
Tuesday we have to take our car into the shop to get a new bumper so
we'll be walking everywhere and asking for rides. We have been using a
bunch of miles so this is a good thing.. Lol.
I hope everyone is doing well. Love you all!!
Sister G

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Sister Trio and their mission leaders wife and daughter

One Month, 8 Months, 1 Year