Monday, April 17, 2017

Sister Gronning you are...............

Happy Easter everyone!

We got transfer calls on Sunday morning. I am staying and Sister
Robinson is leaving :( an elder in the other district in our Zone is
leaving and one of our Zone Leaders is leaving also.

Monday evening we had dinner with Sister Nelson. We had steak and
really good cupcakes!
We went to a less actives house and shared the prince of peace video with her.
We came home and did some daily contact.

Tuesday we had Zone Training, it was awesome like always!
We were walking and we were going to tract on this one street we saw
on our area book map, and it turned out to not be a real street. It
was just like people's garages and backyards. It was funny.
We had a lesson with Steven. Abigail Magland came with us. Steven is
awesome! He couldn't come to church on Sunday because his family had
invited him to their church for Easter. We showed him the prince of
peace video. We took a picture with him also!
We didn't have a dinner appointment and Sister Collier invited us over
to the house she was staying at to recover from her fall, for dinner.
They have a dog and we were in the kitchen and all of a sudden the dog
just started peeing!! It was so bad!! And then, the dog started
walking and was still peeing!!! It was the funniest and grossest thing
ever!!! 😂😂😂😂
That night we went to the Biermanns and chatted with them. Sister
Biermann is recovering from surgery.

Wednesday we met with Brother Santos! He is doing awesome! He loved
his baptism and is so happy now! He was telling us how he feels a lot
different after he's been baptized and that it is a good different! He
also said that he doesn't worry about death anymore because now he
knows where he is going and where he came from!
We were going to have a lesson with Elizabeth Helms, a recent convert,
but when we got there, they had just barely left.
We were also going to have a lesson with Sister McCormick, a less
active, but she wasn't having a very good day so she cancelled.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we ate at home.
We decided to check out the mutual activity to get to know the youth
more but it was lame and a waste of our time so we left lol.
We were able to get in contact with one of our referrals and he
recently had a death in the family and he said he would give us a call
when he gets back in town.

Thursday we helped the Irwins move. My, do they have a lot of stuff!
😬 they gave us a bunch of food..
We had an appointment set up with a referral, to deliver a bible to
her and we called to confirm and she said she wasn't interested
We were going to contact another referral we got, who requested to
meet with missionaries and we get to the house and a guy said he
doesn't live there anymore, he is in Philadelphia. As we were walking
away, a lady called to us and asked us if we were looking for her son,
Kevin and said that she was actually on the phone with him right then!
It was really cool.
We ate dinner at the Hartlines. She made us mint brownies!

Friday we volunteered at the Mitzvah circle foundation again.
We were going to have a lesson with Brother Meehan. Ashley Brown, a
return missionary who just got home from the Nevada Las Vegas mission
came with us but Brother Meehan cancelled and rescheduled for the next
day. Sister Brown knows all of the missionaries serving in my stake!
And she knows Elder Butcher! (Mom, you have to tell him!)
We ate dinner at the Flandros. The crazy boys weren't there haha.

Saturday we helped the Irwin's move again and they gave us a crap load
of food again.. which we through most of it away because it was years
We had our lesson with Brother Meehan and Sister Brown. He wanted to
talk about the Atonement.
We did some finding and talked to a less active for a while, named
Delsa Houck. She is 96 years old and a cute sweet old lady! We shared
the Easter video with her and she enjoyed it!
We also stopped by the Copes and shared the video with them.
We had dinner at our apartment.
I opened my Easter box that night :)

Sunday was Easter! We ate breakfast with Brother and Sister Onorato!
We had waffles, cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and fruit! She also gave
us Easter baskets! :)
Sister Brown gave her homecoming talk! We had 3 musical numbers and
Sister Robinson spoke as well!
We almost had to give the gospel principles lesson but nobody showed
up, well, three men showed up and we can't teach just men so we went
to the gospel doctrines class haha.
We contacted another referral we got and she said we can come on
Tuesday and deliver her bible!
We ate dinner at the Richards. The Becksteads and the Woodwards came also :)

Today we are getting ready for transfers. The Zone Leaders called and
we couldn't understand anything they were saying so they said they
will text or call us later haha.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that the Atonement is real. I know
that we will all be able to live with our father in heaven and Jesus
Christ and our families again. I know that this is the true church.

I love you all! I hope you had a great Easter!

Sister Gronning
1 and 2. Pants into skirts!
3. Steven!
4 and 5. Philadelphia North Zone
6. Sister Collier
7. Brother Santos (mike)
8. We are basically the sister APs 👌🏻
9. Our cute Easter baskets!