Monday, July 17, 2017

Am I Dreaming??

Hello everyone!!

So, last Friday we went to the temple and that was considered our pday so we didn't have a pday on Monday and that's why I didn't email any of you back! Sorry!!

The temple was great. We accidentally went to the same session as the departing missionaries and President Randall haha. President went around the celestial room and shook everyone's hands and he saw me and his eyes went big and whispered "you aren't going home are you?!" And I was like no, next transfer and he was like "oh, are you sure you don't want to stay four more?" I was like ya I will! Haha.
We went and got like a brunch afterwards with the members that drove us and I got this stuffed French toast thing and it was so good!

Saturday night we found out what was happening with transfers!! "Sister Gronning you are leaving. Sister Summers you are leaving" WHAT?!?! didn't see that one coming!! We were both freaking out to say the least.

Sunday we told the ward and everyone was so surprised. We told them that they might be putting elders there but we weren't sure and to not take our word on it haha. I actually don't even remember to much of what happened on Sunday... OH! Steven came to church and stayed for the first and second hour and really enjoyed it!

Monday morning we got a phone call from our District Leader and he told Sister Summers that she was going to be with Sister Tate in Phila 4th and I was going to be with Sister Roberts in Salisbury N!!! I was like "WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?" I almost started crying!! If you didn't know, I served in Salisbury right before Souderton. I love Salisbury so much!
Also, we found out that Elders were coming in to Souderton!
Monday was a little crazy because we had to pack and do laundry and deliver notes to ward members. We put our darks in the wash in the morning and then we went to Sister Colliers house and ate pancakes and painted. I hope it got home okay! My first one I painted at her house got lost do I had to start it over and Sister Collier helped me with most of it haha.
It was sad saying goodbye to Souderton, it was a great ward but I know that the elders there will do great!
Also, we forgot to put our darks in the dryer so we had to lay them out everywhere in our room to dry 😂 

Tuesday was transfer day! We drove to Broomall and I got Sister Roberts and we drove with the Dover Sisters, Sister Robinson and Sister Keller :) we went to chick fil a and ordered our meals and they forgot to give Sister Roberts and I our food! What the heck haha. We ate some yummy food that the Dover sisters had in their apartment. I found out that I am the driver because Sister Roberts doesn't have a tiwi card. (It is something in our car that we have to log in to everyday and it checks our speed. Please pray for us that we do not die! We almost got in a car crash this week..... We got to Salisbury and I found out that we are in the same apartment that I was in before because it makes more sense to have the elders in the smaller one and us in this one because it is actually in our area now haha. I love having two showers again! 😎
We had some lessons cancel. We ate dinner with the Hahn family. They just moved back here again recently. They took us to a Mexican restaurant. We had a relief society activity that night. There was a lot of lemon stuff for dessert. Sister Tinsmith talked to us about joy. It was really good and it was fun to see some familiar faces again 😊 a lot of them asked if I was just there for the day and I was like, nope, for 6 more weeks then I will go home. 

Wednesday we had some lessons with three of our investigators. We read the Book of Mormon with most of them. We visited one of them in the hospital and it brought back a lot of memories. We had our correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and the elders, he was happy to see me again haha.

Thursday we did weekly planning and had a few lessons again. One was with a less active, Sister Lopez. We showed her the sabbath is a delight video and she started to cry! It was really spiritual. She said she knows that she needs to come back to church, it is just hard for her because of her work schedule. We taught Amanda the law of chastity. We taught Elizabeth about the word of wisdom. Ate dinner with Sister Batzer at Panera Bread. 

Friday we taught Nancy the restoration.  We ate dinner with the Liggetts at IHOP and I got the cupcake pancakes!

Saturday we had a Pioneer Day activity . It was fun to see everyone again!! There was actually no food, you were supposed to bring your own food so that was awkward but there was pie and ice cream. We had district meeting after. Elder Morton is my district leader. He was in my district like two transfers ago haha. The topic that he chose was change. I had to give a training on finding the faith to be changed. We had a lesson with Diana's boys. We read the Book of Mormon together. We ate dinner at the Coopers. They let us play a game with them afterwards and it was so much fun! It is called love letter. 

Sunday was great. The ward was so excited and surprised to see me! They were all like are you back?! And I was like ya for 6 weeks! We had one non member come to church and she isn't even interested in meeting with us. We had a lesson with Amanda and she fed us pizza. We went to the Sollars for FHE and talked about the what lack I yet talk. 

Today I am just chillin here! Tomorrow we have a zone conference in Newark and then I'll go to Harrington on exchanges with Sister Nye!

Address is 115 Overlook Dr. Apt 2D. Salisbury, MD 
Sister Gronning