Monday, December 5, 2016

We have a BAPTISM!

Hello everyone! It kinda feels like a lifetime since my last pday..

Well, I hit my 10 month mark this past week!! Keep reading to find out
what we did that day!!

Monday, we ate dinner at Sister Rosas house. She speaks Italian,
Spanish, and English. I can't understand her half the time but she is
just the sweetest! I honestly don't remember a thing after that......

Tuesday, we had District Meeting. We took a dying picture because
three missionaries in our district our going home, "dying" (funny
little side note. I remember when I was a brand new missionary and my
trainers told me a missionary died and I thought they were serious and
they were like no not literally! They went home! And then they
explained it to meπŸ˜‚) and then we had our first lesson with Gladys!
She is so awesome! We taught her the restoration and she is getting
baptized this Sunday!! (The 11th) when we asked her when she would
like to be baptized, she told us the very next day! We were like well,
we still have a lot more to teach you so how about in two week,
December 11th and she said yes 😊 Sister Hamill came with us and she
was great with her. They both speak Spanish so that was cool! We
stopped by and shared a message about service to Sister Miller. We ate
dinner at the Todds.

Wednesday, we had a thing set up for Sister Dove (less active) but
when we went to her house, she wasn't home. We walked to Sister
Higgins (less active) house and shared a message with her. She drove
us to our next lesson (because she is nice and it was raining and we
were out of miles...) we had a lesson with Dawn and Heather
(investigators) and we ended up teaching the Restoration and the Plan
of Salvation .. they had a lot of questions. They had a death in the
family so they had a lot of questions about the Plan of Salvation so
we ended up teaching that and our plan was the Restoration so we did
both haha. The next time we go over there, we are planning on teaching
the Plan of Salvation more simply to them. We ate lunch. We tried to
contact a bible referral but his daughter answered and said he was not
home. We stopped by Laquandas house (investigator) and shared the
Christmas initiative with her and her daughter.
Had a lesson with Brother Boyd (less active), we shared to Christmas
initiative with him and his daughters as well. We went to a
neighborhood and knocked on some potential and former investigators
doors but not a lot of people we home. We did get inside a house and
showed them the video. Had dinner with Sister Croy and we watched Mr.
Kruegers Christmas (I think that is what it is called..) we went over
and taught Gladys the Plan of Salvation.

Thursday, we had a conference call. Weekly planned. Did service at the
historic society. Had a lesson planned with Laquanda but she
cancelled. Had dinner with the Griffiths. We taught Gladys the gospel
of Jesus Christ.

Friday, we taught Gladys the law of Chastity, word of wisdom, tithing,
fasting, fast offerings. We had Sister Ellsworth with us. We went over
and helped Sister Miller out her Christmas tree up and decorated it!
We had a lesson planned with Dawn and Heather but they had to
reschedule. Had lunch. Went tracting a little bit. We met this super
cute old lady who let us into her home and we showed her the Christmas
initiative and she told us to keep stopping no because she gets lonely
some times and loves the company! We went over to the Boyers and did
some cleaning for them. We went to bakers restaurant with them. I got
Mac n cheese with buffalo chicken in it- so good. We went to the
Fletchers farm and visited with them and Kylie.

Saturday, my 10 month mark! We had correlation meeting with our ward
mission leader and the elders. We went to a parade!! The Fletchers,
Kylie, and a kid in our ward were in the parade! It was so fun. I love
parades. They don't throw candy here in parades because one year, a
kid went out to grab candy and he got hit! Scary. We got lunch at wawa
after! Stopped by and had a little lesson with Brother Brinkley (less
active) we talked about the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. We had
a lesson planned with Sister Bowen but she had to reschedule. We
actually had a lesson with the Martinez family! It has been forever
sense we had a lesson with them! Finally was able to teach the Plan of
Salvation to them. Had dinner with the Cains. Destinys sister,
Micheala wants to get baptized!

Sunday, we had ward council. It was fast and testimony meeting. Sister
Miller, Gladys, Micheala, and Leroy came to church! Oh and we were
able to meet Gladys's boyfriend, john, from the Harrisburg ward! We
called the Martinez family before church started and they said they
were coming right now and they never showed up :( we were bummed.
Stopped by Sister Millers. She sold her last puppy by the way! And her
dog Wendy just got groomed and oh my gosh, she looks o different and
so cute!! We did some visiting teaching with Sister Cherry. Had dinner
with the Weimers. She has two girls- 6 and 7 and a little boy due in
January! Had a lesson with Micheala. Taught her the restoration. There
is a lot of people in that house so it was hard to stay focused!
Taught Gladys the 10 commandments and pray often, keep the sabbath day
holy, study the scriptures, obey and honor the law. Sister Hamill came
with us again. We are all excited for her to be baptized!!!

Saturday we find out about transfers 😬

I hope you all have an amazing week and don't forget #LIGHTtheWORLD

Love you allll,
Sister Gronning