Monday, January 23, 2017

Everything is awesome!!

Hello everyone! I said I wasn't doing a weekly today but I am! Haha.
Today we are doing like a half pday thingy, I don't even know.
Anyways, keep reading to hear about the temple, transfers, and church

And yes, I quoted the Lego movie as my subject. 😏

Monday we ate dinner at Sister Johnsons house. She takes care of the
meal calendar for us. We stopped by a less actives house. He said he
would want to start going back to church if it was with his family.
His family members are not members so we are going to try and teach
his whole family! We went to the Book of Mormon class and read 1 Nephi

Tuesday we had District Meeting and it took us 5 years to take a group
picture at the end. Side note, one of my Zone Leaders is now an
Assistant to the President, and he is companions with Elder Wilde, WHO
HE TRAINED. So crazy. Father and son moment. We did some finding. We
were going to have a lesson with Tiffany but she had to reschedule.
One of the North sisters was sick this week so we did splits with
them. I stayed with Sister Watkins and Sister Stubben went with Sister
Garner to a lesson. We went to Roses house and met Howard. We talked
to him for a little bit. We had dinner at the Cooks and taught Claire
about the importance of studying the scriptures. She is going to be
baptized on February 18th! We asked Brother Cook if he would like to
be re baptized and he said right now he wants to focus on Claire.

Wednesday we had a lesson with the Medinas. We read Moroni 6 and
talked about the importance of church and the Sacrament. We had lunch
with Sister Kahler and then afterwards we talked about the Sacrament.
We taught Edwin the Law of Chastity. That was interesting haha. As we
were talking to Edwin, this truck pulls up and the guy just sits there
for a little bit and then gets out and he is holding two bouquet of
flowers and hands them to Sister Stubben and I! It was the sweetest
thing ever!!! We were so happy!! We taught Brandon about temples and
the Holy Ghost. We had a lesson with Michael and we read Ether 12 with
him. We ate dinner at the Williams house. We went and taught the
Activity girls about missionary work! We had them ask us any questions
and they were hilarious. We also had them right a letter to a
missionary who is serving in Australia from this ward. It was fun! And
then after that we had our correlation meeting with our ward mission

Thursday weekly planning. We stopped by the Laytons. We showed them
the sanctify yourselves video. We ate dinner at the ballante's and she
made us this pizza pasta casserole thing and it was so good!! Thursday
night us and the north sisters headed up to Dover for a Dover

Friday a member from the Dover ward took us, the north sisters, and
the Dover sisters to the TEMPLE! It was amazing! We were able to do
initiatorys and an endowment session. I had two family names. I
printed off the males as well but I realized as I was cutting them out
that I printed them double sided so it cut through the one on the
back... oops. We got Philly cheesesteaks afterwards! I got mine with
cheese and bacon!! Yummmm. We had a dinner appointment that night but
we had to reschedule it. We had a lesson with the Castellanos and
Kevin. We had a lesson with Jay about the savior. We taught Eddie
about repentance.

Saturday we had a lesson the Sister Hall and Chris. We talked about
the Sacrament. We had a lesson with Yves (Eve). We taught her the
restoration and we set her with a baptism date for March 18th! We
talked to Sister Santiago and Roberto. We had a lesson with Salif
about Jesus Christ. He had a lot of good questions. We read Mosiah 24
with Edwin. We ate dinner at the Barleys. We read Ether 12 with Sister
Oh so that night we were waiting for transfer calls and just dying.
That night we get a text from our District Leader saying that if you
did not get a call from the Zone Leaders, that means you are staying,
We are so excited if you can't tell!!!

Sunday we had 7 investigators at church!!! Eddie who has not stepped
foot inside a church ever in his life, CAME TO CHURCH!!! I fasted for
him at the temple! Miracles happen people! We also had a part member
family come. The wife is a less active member and the husband and kids
are not. It was an awesome Sunday!!!

Today we have a first lesson at 12 and then some in the evening.
I hope everyone had a great day!!!
Oh and I also had a heart attack because I thought my year mark is
next week. It is in two weeks though! Still so crazy!!!

Sister Gronning