Monday, January 9, 2017

❄️ 🌨☃️

Well everyone, it is literally freezing down here on the east coast.
This morning the weather app said 1 degrees and a windchill of -15
degrees!!! Ya so, if I don't ever come home, that means I froze to
death. This Nevada girl is doing to dieee. Helppp meeee😫

Monday evening we had a lesson with Salif (investigator) and we had
Sister Cole with us (a member in our ward). We reviewed the
Restoration and he remembered everything. We talked about the Plan of
Salvation. We talked a lot about Adam and Eve and the Fall. He was
going to come to church last Sunday but his ride fell through.. Salif
is awesome. And we learned that he is moving and his new house will be
in the North Sisters area😭
    Oh, side note, apparently we live 3 miles out of our area #what #why🤔
    We went to our Book of Mormon class at the church that we have
every Monday night. Ryan (recent convert) and Brandon (investigator)
came!! And 3 other members from our ward came as well.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. I had to role play with the tallest
elder in our mission (one of our Zone Leaders) and one that was
shorter than him but still 6 foot something! It was hilarious. I was
looking up at them the whole time🙄😂. A member from the Seaford ward
brought us pizza 🍕 which he usually does😋
    We did some finding and found Nikki and we showed her the Because
of Him video and she did it was exactly what she learned in church on
Sunday. She wanted us to send her the video so she could share it and
show her "elder"😂
    We met this guy who he said his name is spelt Bamy Gams but is
pronounced nothing like that! We showed him the Hallelujah video and
he told us he meets with Missionaries from our church every week?!
    We met a guy named Allen and he was interesting. He doesn't know
if God is a person, white, black, male, female, etc. He thinks the
people should be punished for their sins. We shared some of Alma 42
with him.
    We had a lesson with Michael (less active) and Sister Johnson came
with us (a member in our ward). We talked about church and the
Sacrament and the gift of the Holy Ghost. We read John 14:26-27. We
also read "why the Book of Mormon" from the New Era.
    We were going to have a lesson with Dilan (investigator) but we
were late to his lesson and his mom was busy at the time.
    We were going to have a lesson with Yasmin but she had gone to the store.
    We had a lesson with Everaldo (investigator) on Facebook with
Sister Slusher (member in our ward). We talked about his religious
background. We talked about repentance.

Wednesday we went to visit a less active and found out that he had
passed away a long time ago. It was sad.
    We went to the church and opened the door for Sister Slusher and
cleaned out the refrigerators. Yuck.
    We met with Robert (referral) and got to know his religious
background. He was interested and he needed to ask his wife and then
we got a text yesterday that said his wife isn't interested😕
    We visited Sister Kahler (less active). She was fixing herself
breakfast and gave some to us! We talked more about the word of wisdom
and she let us take her coffee! We talked about President Hinkley and
the importance of following the Prophet.
    We stopped by a less actives house and he was super nice but said
he is working on getting his name removed from the records..
    We had a lesson with Edwin (investigator) and Sister Williams
(member in our ward) came with us. We talked about the importance of
reading the Book of Mormon. We talked about how we want to help him
live the commandments and prepare him for baptism.
    We visited Sister Santiago and she said she wants to start paying
her tithing and that she would be at church again his Sunday!
    We stopped by the Medinas and they were home! We talked to them
about repentance. We invited them to read Alma 34.
    We ate dinner at the Naumanns.
    We went over to the Layton household and went over the baptismal
interview questions with Eddie. We need to teach him more about
repentance and the law of Chastity😬 and then Ryan hasn't been reading
the Book of Mormon because he gets frustrated when he doesn't
understand it☹️
    We had a correlation meeting with the sisters, the ward mission
leader, and the new ward missionary couples.

Thursday we had a conference call and weekly planned.
    We visited Sister Bray and talked to her for awhile. She told us
again how she feels that the ward has given up on her☹️. We read in
D&C 121 and 122.
    We had a lesson with Janice (investigator) and Sister Rambo
(member in our ward) came. We taught the Plan of Salvation. She loved

it. We introduced the Book of Mormon and invited her to be baptized
but she said she has already been baptized.
    We visited the Williams. The husband is active, the wife is not
due to health reasons. Brother Williams is hilarious! He has an accent
and I love it haha. We talked about President Hinkley and teaching by
the spirit. We also showed them the New Years video.

Friday I had a doctors appointment for my feet.
    We had a lesson and lunch with Tulsi (investigator). We taught her
the restoration. She said she would read the Book of Mormon for 5-10
min everyday! She is awesome!! She made us Indian food!
    We visited Sister Kelley and talked about a repentance talk and
talked about forgiveness. She said she would be at church on Sunday.
    We stopped by Sister Halls house (less active) and showed her and
her boyfriend (not a member) the New Years video. We asked Sister Hall
why she stopped coming to church and she just said "personal reasons".
    We were going to have a lesson with Bamy but he wasn't home. And
our member cancelled.
    We were walking down the street and we see an old lady walking
outside with just a bathrobe on, in like 20 degrees outside and a mail
man (about a lil older than us) was helping her home and making sure
she was okay. We stopped to see if she was okay and she was breathing
heavy. The mail man called the police and they came over. The lady
couldn't remember if that was her house (it was). Her breathing went
normal. She couldn't remember a whole lot and kept repeating herself a
lot. She had dementia. She was 87 years old. The police men were so
nice and they called one of her sons and when he was on his way over
there, her neighbor came over and we sat with her until her son came.
The police left when the neighbor came by. The lady was named Janette
and she was so grateful. It made me realize how grateful I am for kind
people! It was a neat experience but kinda scary too! And side note.
We saw one of the police men that night when we were eating dinner at
a Chinese place haha.
    We were going to have a lesson with Edwin but we didn't have a
women with us and he wanted to go eat lol.
    We helped carry a mans groceries and walked a little kid home.
    We showed the Santiagos the New Years video.
    Had a lesson at the Layton household. Eddie wouldn't come
downstairs. We talked to Pam and Ryan about fasting.

Saturday it snowed all day about a foot and we were snowed in all day
and so we were bored and had some Facebook lessons!

Sunday church got cancelled!! Pretty mouth did what we did on Saturday.
We had a phone lesson with Eddie and Ryan. That was interesting haha.

Today we are going to attempt to go to Walmart and get food!

Love you allll,
Sister Gronning