Monday, June 20, 2016


Sister Roberts said I say booom all the time! And now she is starting
to say it 😂😂

So, we found out about transfers!!! Sister Roberts and I are staying
here for three more weeks! We will be having a mid transfer transfer
because of the temple open house and we will be doubling out and
elders will be taking over our area!!!

So, Monday was crazy busy. We are dinner at the Johns. Afterwards we
went over to Geri's. She let us pick some strawberries from her little
garden! We told her that after her baptism she has to be re taught all
of the lessons again. She didn't like that lol. We went over the plan
of salvation again.

Tuesday we had 3 lessons planned in the morning and they all cancelled
.. We did stop by Sister Brotman and she talked to us for a very long
time. We went to the park again to find more people. We stopped by a
referral that the elders sent us and she talked to us about her
family. She wants to see what our church is like. Are dinner at the
Condies. We ate chicken and waffles and it was this chicken like in a
sauce type thing. It was so good!! That night we made brownies for
Sister Stettler and dropped them off at her door.

Wednesday we had to go on splits. I went with Sister Shorten to my
doctors appointment and Sister Roberts went with Sister Owens to visit
a less active but she cancelled .. We went to a church with Sister
Owens and did some service. We went to the park with Ashley because we
had a lesson with someone but they didn't show up .. We had a lesson
with a former named Pam. Got to know her a little bit and we talked a
little about the restoration. Ate dinner at the Holderbaums and oh my
gosh, Geri made sooooo much food. We were going to throw up. And she
just kept giving us more!! That night we heart attacked the Bensons
and we were going to the dollar store to get some paper and we
realized the place we walked into was too fancy and expensive to be a
dollar tree and we were like wait, where are we?! And we were in the
store next to the dollar tree and it was so funny!! We laughed so
hard. 😂

Thursday was district meeting. We all had to share a 3 min talk about
a Christ like attribute and I chose hope. Afterwards I got my blood
drawn. That was fun. We went to see Sister Welsh and talked to her
about enduring to the end and joy. Ate dinner at the Bonds and oh I
ate a late lunch and I thought I was going to throw up and I couldn't
finish my plate! Later that night we had mcm.

Friday, doctors appointment again (no more I promise haha). Weekly
planning. Met with Sister Layton. Ate dinner at Moe's. I don't think
anything too exciting happened on Friday ..

Saturday had a conference call. Weekly planned. Some some lessons
cancel. Had a interesting lesson with Tanya and her friend Marquise.
Towards the end he was starting to get a little interested haha. We
ate dinner at friendlys with the Howards and then afterwards went a
visited someone in the ward who is at the hospital. Nicest hospital

Sunday. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. We had TWO really less active people come
to church!!! Sister Stettler and Sister Magnusson!!! We were soo
excited!! It was awesome. After church we met with Sister Brotmans
boyfriend and set him with a baptism date for July 17th!! He is so
excited and he will be coming to church next week!!! Met with Sister
Benson. She loved our heart attack. Had a lesson with the Limpruns.
Their family just had another death. So sad. Bea said she would try
and come to church next week!!!! Ahhhh!! 😃😃 Had a lesson with Amy
and Randel. They are going to try and come to church next Sunday!! We
had a great Sunday!!!

Today we went to friendlys for lunch 😋
I am going to send a bunch of pictures!! 😎

Sista G