Monday, June 13, 2016

Conference! Conference! Conference!

Hi family and friends!!!

Monday after dinner we had a lesson with Amy and Randel. We taught the
plan of salvation. Invited them to be baptized on July 30th! Randel
put it into his calendar! He asked what his homework was and we told
him to read 2 Nephi 31 and he started reading it out loud right then!
And then he asked what his assignment was again and so we told him to
read Mosiah 18! He also prayed at the end of the lesson! We called
Mary to set up an appointment and she ended up talking to us forever!
And we ended it with a prayer so it was a phone lesson haha. She told
us she didn't want to meet with us in person because of her health
issues so we probably will just have phone lessons with her every week
or something haha. Monday night the Sister Training Leaders came over
for exchanges on Tuesday. I stayed here with Sister Jackson.

Tuesday I was with Sister Jackson all day. Mike cancelled but we went
to the park anyways. We met a Buddhist, that was interesting. We met
Tyniesha and Lexie. They didn't believe in God. They weren't
interested in talking to us again. We heart attacked Sister Brotman.
Barbara cancelled, again. We met a girl named Sarah, we showed her the
hallelujah Easter video and she really enjoyed it. She told us to come
back on Saturday (she wasn't there..) Stopped by Tanya and Amoras.
Read 2 Nephi 31:20. Amora said she is going to be gone for two weeks
but said she would take the BOM with her. We will see. Haha. I don't
remember what we did before dinner.... Lol. We ate at home though. We
did accountability that night, which was where we talk about how I am
doing and how my relationship is with my companion, DL, ZL'S, etc.
pretty much just talk about everything haha.

The STL's and Sister Adhikari (their golden) left Wednesday morning
for their zone conference. Our zone conference was Thursday so we had
our district meeting on Wednesday. We did a lot of stop bys and we
found out that a less active is active in the Salisbury ward in Ocean
City, Maryland. He goes to work up there on the weekends so he just
goes to church up there as well haha. We visited Sister Cheeseman, she
told us she read ether 12 we gave her to read! We also did some
service for her too! Oh so we met this kid named Moises (pronounced
Moses) on Tuesday in our apartment complex and he said to stop by
Wednesday night but he wasn't there .... And then was our night haha.

Thursday was zone conference! They talked a lot about the temple open
house coming up!! 😊 it was president and sister Andersons last zone
conference so it was really sad. I cried! Well, a lot of missionaries
did! We sang our song to them and gave them a poster that a elder drew
of the two of them and all the missionaries signed it. I am so excited
about the temple open house!!!
This is the last week of the transfer and I might be getting
transferred! Ahhhh. Our dinner appointment at Zoup cancelled because
we were so late... Oops. Also, MCM cancelled as well haha.

Friday we did weekly planning. The Limpruns cancelled. We went over to
Tanya's and she wasn't there but there was this family friend of hers
there watching the house and he was very rude to us. He was kinda
bible bashing us but not really.. He was telling us we knew nothing
about the bible and we need to be better teachers and all this random
stuff.. We got out of there haha. The Searls cancelled. We have not
been able to see them in like forever! Ugg. Ate dinner with the
McNeils outside!

Saturday we tried to stop by Sarah but she wasn't home. We had a
lesson with Marguerite and Ray. Marguerite left during the lesson.. It
was a really good lesson with Ray though. Invited him to be baptized
on July 30th he seems interested but really wants to make sure he is
ready and he wants to do make this step. Barbara cancelled once
again.. Visited Sister Cheeseman again. Had a lesson with Sister
Benson. Talked about charity and humility. She talked a lot about
mental illnesses. Had a lesson with the Limpruns. Talked about FHE.
For dinner we went to pats pizza. We had stake conference but we
couldn't go because we didn't have an investigator to come with us ..

Sunday we had stake conference at a high school!! Found out that our
bishop got called to be the 2nd counselor in the stake presidency! It
was a really good conference. All about the temple in Philly. Also,
our new mission president and his family will arrive on Monday! We had
a lesson with the Bensons and their home teachers and we talked about
prayer and the atonement of Jesus Christ. Ate dinner with the Minters.
That night we baked brownies for Sister Stettler haha.

Today we did laundry, went to Walmart, got car washed, went to I hop
for lunch haha. I got a crepe with eggs, ham, bacon, and cheese sauce
on top. It. Was. Delicious!!!! Best thing I've ever eaten haha.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! Love you all!!

Sister G

I don't remember if I've sent this picture already...