Monday, June 6, 2016


Hi family and friends!!
So, a little side note about my subject. So whenever the mission sends
us a email or whatever, it shows us everyone's first names in the
mission and our district leaders says S Christian Howell and me and
sister Roberts have been wondering what the S stands for and so one
night when he called, we asked him and he said his real name is S!
Just S and he goes by Christian! We thought it was so funny and odd.
Also, we met a girl named Montana!

Monday we went to a thrift store and I got a skirt and Sister Roberts
got some skirts and shirts too!
I don't remember if we did anything important on Monday .... lol. I
think we got frozen yogurt.

Tuesday we tried to contact this referral we got and ended up in
Elsmere at this super sketchy area and the gps said the destination
was this worn down building that was all torn apart ... Ya, pretty
sketchy. Ate at Zoups for lunch. Had a lesson with the Urrunagas. The
husband, Ed, said he would consider being baptized if he came to know
if what we have taught is true! We gave him June 18th. We will see! We
went to the park and met Mike. He told us he would go to church on
Sunday (HE CAME!) ate dinner at the Ennis's. Went over to Sister
Stettlers (LA). She gave us dating and relationship advice... awkward.

Wednesday. Teresa and Tanya cancelled. Went to the doctor for Sister
Roberts. Dinner at the Hughes. Kinda had a lesson but not really, with
Jeff. We didn't have a woman with us so we were just standing in the
hallway. He was telling us everything he remembered about the
restoration and it was awesome! Also, that day we met Montana. Cute
girl we saw walking.

Thursday was zone training and sister Roberts and I had to do a
training on a new pamphlet we got! It was my first training! We had
two goldens there. My STL's are training the girl from meet the
Mormons! She's adorable and tiny! She has a cute accent too! We ate
lunch with a guy from sister Roberts last area. We ate at this sushi
Thai Buffett place. It was yummy. We kinda had a lesson with Teresa.
First she wanted us to talk to her husband but he was not interested
at all and kinda rude ... We taught Teresa a little bit about the plan
of salvation. We don't think she's very interested ... Didn't have a
dinner appointment. Had a lesson with the Limpruns. We talked about
hope. They have been stressed a lot and agreed to get a priesthood
blessing. Ended the night with MCM.

Friday. Sister Roberts had to get her blood drawn. Did some weekly
planning. Helped sister Owens and her family move. They told us it was
national donut day so we went to dunkin donuts and got a free donut :)
it was also my 4 month mark! Went over to sister Brotmans and she
talked to us forever. We did talk about missionary work though. For
dinner sister Howard let us order Chinese food with her card and they
delivered it to us. It was yummy haha.

Saturday we helped the Owens move again. They just moved to a
different trailer. We found a lost dog and we were able to find its
owner! Bishop gave us a family who just moved in and we went over to
their apartment and met April. She was nice. Ate dinner with bishops

Sunday. Mike came to church!!! Just sacrament but we were so excited!!
Afterwards we tried to stop by dome less actives. We did get to visit
with the Oliver's. We met with Geri and we are still trying to get her
to the temple to do baptisms. On our way to our dinner appointment
their was this huge thunderstorm and all of a sudden rain just started
pouring buckets onto our car and we couldn't see where we were driving
and the streets were flooding and one of the street lights were out
and it was sooo scary. Scariest moment of my life. We were driving
like 3 mph with our hazard lights on. It finally cleared up and we
made it to our dinner appointment safely before it started again!

Went to friendlys for lunch today and it was delicious. Went to the
wrong grocery store and ended up outside of our area ... Oops haha.
I hope everyone has had a great week. Love and miss you all!!
Sister Gronning