Monday, June 27, 2016

They call me Sister Roberts.........for today

So this morning I left without my name tag!! I've never done that
before on my mission!! Sister Roberts had an extra tag so I am Sister
Roberts today 😂😂

Monday we ate dinner at the Slaughs. Cutest family ever. Relationship
goals haha. After we went to Sister Owens house and we read the Book
of Mormon together.

Tuesday we heart attacked Pam. I love heart attacking haha. We did
stop bys and tracting. Ate dinner at the Lea's, they are from Nevada!
Had a lesson with Sister Brotman and her grandchildren were there. We
talked about the 10 commandments. Randell cancelled again.

Wednesday we went over to Sister Moores because she finished sewing my
skirt that had a hole in it. It doesn't even fit me anymore ... lol.
She had a lot of questions about the temple and her endowment. We read
some of the Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple pamphlet. I think we
ate lunch somewhere but I don't really remember lol. We went to
Tanya's and she wasn't there so Marquise was talking to us and was
telling us what he wrote in his bible he is writing ... Very awkward.
We then went over to Sister Owens and ate ice cream because it was
just that kind of day .. Haha. We showed them the Deep Beauty Mormon
message. We were supposed to Jane dinner over at the Bensons but they
forgot so we showed Sister Benson the Deep Beauty video and also
talked about Patriarchal Blessings. Randell cancelled again. Had a
phone lesson with Mary. That was awkward .. Lol. She was bible bashing
us. We pretty much told her we aren't here to argue .. But of course
in a nicer way haha.

Thursday we had district meeting. Got a new district leader again! You
could tell he was nervous but he did a good job. We went to McDonald's
for lunch/brunch. Went over to the Limpruns but Danielle was the only
one there so we showed her the video called "New Years Eve. Look not
behind me" and talked about focusing on the future and not the past.
We then went to this apartment complex where we had 3 lessons planned
and they all cancelled ... But something really cool happened! So we
had a lesson with this guy named Xavior who we met the other day and
he told us to come back so we knocked on his door and his brother
Jaquan answered the door and said Xavior was not home. He started
asking what church we go to and what the address was and we told him
and he asked if we had any bible study material so we gave him a Book
of Mormon. He also asked us if we do baptisms in our church! Yes we do
buddy!! He wanted to get his three year old son baptized! Cool
We went home for dinner and then went to visit Sister Cheeseman and it
started pouring rain!! We ran to our car and we were soaked!! It was
so funny! We then drove to MCM. It started pouring again when we were
leaving and we ran to our car and we were so soaked. Water was
dripping off of us! We took pictures!

Friday, weekly planning. Had a lesson with Oscar Ray. Started talking
about the Plan of Salvation and then he asked about prophets and the
priesthood, so we then started talking about the Restoration. It was a
good lesson. We stopped by Sister Brotmans house but she wasn't there
but her granddaughter Gia was there and we talked about church. Her
mom won't let her be baptized .. We had a lesson with the Limpruns. We
showed them the video called "Sunday will come" and talked about
staying positive! Ate dinner at the Owens family! Had a lesson with
Bill Geary and showed him the gospel nails.

Saturday we met Sister Carroll at the park and talked to her about her
temple experience!! :) afterwards we went to a different park and
talked to a few people there. I kept tripping/rolling my ankles and
almost falling on the rocks while we were walking! I am so clumsy
hahaha. Went to the Olivers. Talked about family history work. We went
to a high priest group social annual cook-out thing. It was fun. We
then came home and finished weekly planning.

Sunday, Raymond came to church! He said he enjoyed it and the speakers
really spoke to him! We had a lesson with him afterwards and talked
about the plan of salvation and the law of chastity. Haha. His date of
July 17th might have to be pushed back ..
We did a lot of stop bys and tracting. We didn't have a dinner planned
but Sister Engebretsen invited us over. It was fun. Yummy food.
We knocked on this one door and he told us that this was a non
soliciting neighborhood and that we needed to go away and I told him
we weren't soliciting and he said yes you are and so I asked him how
and he said something about we are trying to get people to join our
church to receive money and sister Roberts said nobody in our church
gets paid. We kindly left haha. Sister Roberts said my sass came out

We went to friendlys today. I got a bacon and Swiss turkey burger and
ice cream :)
Get our new mission president today at around 6:30!!
I hope you all had a great week! Love you all!!
Sister Gronning