Monday, November 7, 2016

9 months!

Well, hello everyone!!

I realized that I said the primary program was coming up. It's finally
this upcoming Sunday! yay! There are a lot of kids in this ward and
they are all so cute!!! I just want to hold the babies and it's so


Tuesday we went over to Sister Millers house and she fed us lunch and
we painted her wall! By the way, I do not paint.. 😂 we went to Sister
Granatos and Sister Collins house and shared a message with them. We
talked about being positive! A lesson with a potential cancelled. We
did have an awesome member present with a new person though!! His name
is Will. We took Sister Wheeler (Primary President) with us. We taught
him the Plan of Salvation because he had a member in the family
recently pass away. Sister Wheeler started to talk about the
restoration, so it ended up being like two lessons in one haha. He
really enjoyed it. Turns out he actually lives in Aberdeen but is
mostly at his sons mothers house ... Sister Fuelling (my comp) asked
him if his girlfriend or wife would be interested and his said "no
she's just my sons mom." Um okay. Awkward. He said he would have to
get permission from her to come over and teach him because it is her
house. We ate dinner with the Bileks for the last time 😭 they are
going to Newark 1st after the boundary changes they just made. Sister
Bilek is so sad. Every time she thinks about it and talks about it,
she starts to tear up 😥 she just barely got close and comfortable to
this ward and now she's gotta go to a different one. It is so sad. The
husband is not a member. I want to see him get baptized so bad. He is
hilarious. Their kids are adorable! They stayed for this Sunday and
will be here next Sunday because of the primary program. After dinner
we might have gone to the Fletchers but I don't remember 😂 we mostly
did. My dad said I must live there or something. Pretty much. 😂

Wednesday we stopped by the Perkels. Showed them a Mormon message
about temples and talked about the blessings we receive from temples.
We had a lesson set up with Ellen but she was not home 🙁 we visited
Sister Croy and helped take down Halloween decorations and did some
other service for her as well. We ate dinner at Sister Bowens house
and afterwards cleaned chinchilla cages 😑

Thursday (HUMP DAYYY) was district meeting. We are not the only
sisters in our district anymore! Woohoo! Our new district leader is
now Elder Wilson (he was Elder Makuakanes companion here, so
technically not new haha) he did so good! We talked about charity and
love. We have new missionaries in our district and sadly we didn't get
a picture 😕 (we will get one at zone training tomorrow) we stopped by
the historic society and translated some stuff haha. We had a lesson
(kinda) with Laquanda and our ward mission leader, Brother Cratty, met
us there. We are really trying to get her to ask for a Sunday off so
that she can come to church. That is literally the only thing holding
her back right now. Oh and smoking.. We ate dinner at the Tequianes.

Friday we went over to Sister Bergs and fed her cat. Weekly planned.
Had a lesson with Sister Bedo (she has been attending Newark 1st but
now she is going to come to Bayview) she's super cute. We exchanged
with our STLs. I stayed here in Bayview with Sister Cheret. Sister
Fuelling went to Vineland with Sister Hyte. We ate dinner with shotgun
and penny. Shared with them a Mormon message about prayer. Went over
to the Fletchers. They gave me half cookies on a half of a plate for
my half way mark 😂 went over to the Bergs and fed their cat.

Saturday went over to feed the cat again. Did a little bit of
accountability with Sister Cheret. We got wawa for lunch. Painted
Sister Millers walls again. Fed Sister Bergs cat again. Ate dinner
with Sister Croy. And then exchanged back that night!

Sunday we had ward council. Fast and testimony meeting. SISTER MILLER
CAME TO CHURCH!!! She left after partaking of the sacrament but SHE
CAME!!! she has been telling us she would come to church but never
does. MIRACLE. There was a lot of kids bearing their testimonies about
families (there was a reason why but it's personal) cutest thing ever.
Ate dinner with the Walkers. Cute little blonde kids that all look the
same. Sister Nairs little boy got baptized and we were able to go to
that. So cute. We went over to the Cains and it was kinda crazy over
there haha. We kinda talked about prophets a little bit.

Guess where we are going tonight?! 😉 if you guessed the Fletchers,
you are right!!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning