Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!!! It feels like eternity since I've had a pday.
Laundry was much needed. And emailing, of course.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovely people!!❤️

I'm not sure if this is going to be a long email or a short email. I'm
going to try my best to remember what happened last week and this
week. Haha. I'm going to rely on my area book today.

Monday (11/14), we tried to contact a bible referral that we received
but she was not home. We had dinner one night with a family and they
had a non member there and her name was Rachel. She asked if we could
feed her dogs while they went out of town and we said yes. So Monday
night we just returned her key and we set up an appointment to come
back and share a message with her and her family! We ate dinner at the
Fletchers (of course) I have a picture with them for those of you
dying to know what they look like! 🙂

Tuesday (11/15), District Meeting. We tracted (walked..) a ton that
day. I honestly don't remember anything that happened that day 😂  we
ate dinner at the Clowards.

Wednesday (11/16), I think it was another tracting and walking day. We
stopped by and shared a message with Sister Miller. She sold one of
her puppies! We ate dinner with Sister Webb.

Thursday (11/17), we had a conference call and we weekly planned. We
went to the historic society and translated some documents (we do that
every Thursday) it is pretty fun. We had a lesson with a less active
we have been trying to get in contact with since we have been here. It
went well. Super cute little girls. His sister is a non member. We
were going to have a church tour with Laquanda but she cancelled. We
went to contact our bible referral again and we were able to give her
a bible and a Book of Mormon and we set up a time to come back and
share a message! We were going to have dinner with the Martins but
they weren't home.. so we went to the Fletchers (I think.. if I
remember right ������)

Friday (11/18), we did some service for a lady in the ward. Had a
lesson with Sister Bedo. We stopped by the Hamills and talked to the
mom and kids for awhile. Tried to get some referrals haha. Stopped by
some people, no body home. We were going to go to Shotgun and Penny's
house for dinner but we learned that Shotgun was in the hospital! He
had to get his gallbladder removed! So we went to the hospital to
visit him. We had a lesson with Brother Brinkley. He is searching out
different churches right now..

Saturday (11/19), we had correlation with the Elders and our ward
mission leader and Sister Hamill. We talked a little bit about how we
can make the Christina's imitative huge in the ward! We visited
Shotgun again. Stopped by and had a lesson with Sister Miller again.
Had a lesson with the Regusters. We had a lesson set up with the
Martinez family but she wasn't home. Had dinner over at the Cains.
Went to Stake Conference and I said a lot of people from Newark 3rd!!
I saw a investigator we were working with for so long that would never
come to church! (Bea!!) I almost started crying haha. We heard two
returned missionaries speak and they both served in Nevada! One of
them actually served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission!

Sunday (11/20), Sunday session of Stake Conference. Saw even more
people who I love!!! Had dinner at the Ellsworth's. The Martinez
family cancelled again. We had a lesson with Amanda also, but she
wasn't home..

Monday (11/21), had a lesson with Brother Boyd again. Saw shotgun. Ate
at the Fletchers with Kylie!! Had a lesson with Rachel and her family
and Sister Kempton was there as well. We taught the restoration. We
didn't get a specific return appointment so it didn't count as a new
investigator but soon!!

Tuesday (11/22), district meeting. We had a lesson set up with our
bible referral but she wasn't home.. stopped by and shared a little
message with the Sponenbergs. Had a lesson with Sister Miller. Ate
dinner with the Fletchers haha.

Wednesday (11/23), had a lesson set up with Sister Dove but she didn't
answer her door. Weekly planned. Had a 15 min meeting with our
district leader. We were going to see shotgun but turns out he was
gone! He is home for thanksgiving! Yay! Our lesson with Brother Boyd
We had an awesome church tour with Laquanda and her daughter! Sister
Wheeler came with us as well. Her boss is allowing her to get off
Sunday, December 11th!! We are all so excited! She loved the church
tour! Missionaries have been working with her since December of last
year and she has never came to church. I feel so blessed and
grateful!! We had a ward pie night! That was fun.

And now it is thanksgiving! At three we are going to the
Granatos/Collins to eat and the Cains at 6 to eat!
We had a conference call this morning and some missionaries shared
what they are grateful for. I am grateful for all of you and the
support you have given me. I am grateful for all of my companions and
all they have taught me and for being there for me when I'm feeling
down. I am grateful for my mission President and his wife and the love
they have for their missionaries here in the ppm. I am grateful for
this Gospel and the happiness it brings into my life. I am grateful
for my family. I am grateful for missionaries. And this mission.
I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic thanksgiving ❤️❤️❤️

Sister Gronning