Monday, May 23, 2016

New companion! New district leader! Miracles!

Hi everyone!!!
Get ready for a long email 😆
Monday we were trying to get everything done before transfers. We had
lunch with Sister Shorten and had frozen yogurt Grace, a young women
in our ward. We ate dinner at the Johns. It was a crazy day.

Tuesday was transfers, which was even a crazier day! Sister Blake went
to Vineland, New Jersey to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). I got
Sister Roberts who came from New Jersey. She is from Arizona. She is
awesome. We did a lot of tracting and stop bys. We got two new
investigators and gave them a baptism date! They both agreed to read
the BOM. Their names are Marguerite and Ray.

Wednesday we did more tracting and stop bys. Had a lesson with Tanya.
I told her if she doesn't come to church this Sunday we can't meet
with her as often as we would like too. She knows she needs to go. She
didn't come ..
We talked to a jehovah witness and he was sharing bible verses with us
lol. He was open to our beliefs and said we can come back!
Then as we were walking back to our car, there was a lady on the phone
and she stopped us and asked if we were jehovah witnesses and we said
no we are from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,
Mormons. Then she asked for our church address and our names and phone
number! We were both freaking out afterwards! Because that like never
happens!  😂
Ate dinner at Sister Romish's house. We went over to Sister Brotmans
house and she talked forever!! We didn't get out of there till after
9:30! We were freaking out! Our DL called right when we got into our
apartment! It was scary. Oh so I got a new district leader again! 3rd
one lol. His name is Elder Howell and he has been out for 4 months!
One transfer before me!

Thursday was district meeting and we met our new district! Every
companionship got a new companion. Sister Rash is training again!
I got a priesthood blessing from one of the zone leaders after the
meeting (I am fine, don't worry) :) I had to finish my online
training. I am no longer a golden!
We had a miracle on Thursday! So we were looking up this persons house
in the gps and apparently it didn't exist so we tried someone else
who's address was similar. We saw a family from our ward outside so we
were talking with them and then afterwards we heard someone playing a
guitar so we went over to the house and started talking to them and
they let us sit down and share a message with them. I realized while
we were there and when they told us their names that this house was
the house I was looking for originally that wasn't popping up on the
gps! We taught them the restoration. The guy, Randell said he would
read the BOM and the only reason why he can't come to church is
because he works on Sunday's. I totally forgot that I met them before!
They didn't recognize me either so that's good hahaha. It was a really
powerful lesson. It was so cool. When we got back to the car we both
realized we didn't ask them to be baptized. We felt like it wasn't the
right time. Maybe the next lesson we will! Our next lesson with him is
We were supposed to have a dinner appointment with a less active part
member family but the husband cancelled on us. So we ate at our
apartment instead. Ended the night at MCM.

Friday we did weekly planning alll day. We did have a lesson with a
new girl though, Angelica. We ate dinner at the Hughes and they had
the yw from the ward and new castle ward over for a girls camp thingy.
We had a fire going and they were spending the night in their backyard
in tents. We heated up chili in the fire and then poured it into a bag
of chips. And hotdogs. Pretty good!

Saturday all of our lessons cancelled .. We did tracting and stop bys
all day. No dinner appointment so after dinner we stayed inside and
called all of our potentials and cleaned up the area book. It was
raining all day so it was nice to stay in doors.

Sunday we sang in sacrament with the choir. We didn't have any
investigators at church but we did have a lot of recent converts and
less actives! (RCLA'S). The third hour the women and men were combined
but Sister Engebretsen invited us to yws so we sat in on her lesson
and ate cookies :) they have like 2 yw..
We had a lesson with Sister Wheelin (less active)! She told us pretty
much her whole life story and told us she has never told any other
missionaries all of that before! It was a really good lesson. We also
stopped by the Welshs and had a lesson with them and got to know them
Ate dinner at the Shortens. It was a good Sunday!

Now it is Monday again and most of our laundry is done, went to the
grocery store, got our car washed, got ice cream. Good day so far! :)

Oh and we also got a bible referral this week! And 5 new investigators! 😄

I hope you all had and have a great week!

Love you all!!
Sister Gronning