Monday, May 30, 2016

 "I'm just checking you out" 😳😂

Hi family and friends!

Monday we did laundry, grocery store, car wash, email, relaxed :) ate
dinner at the Hearnes.
We were going to have a lesson with Amora but she cancelled. That was
pretty much my pday.

Tuesday we had some people no show us. We did meet with Teresa, the
flower lady. We showed her a video about Jesus Christ. We stopped by
Sister Cheeseman and she talked about life for a long time lol. A lot
of people like to vent to us.. We had a lesson with Abu and Jeff. They
are both social workers. We talked about Jesus Christ. Jeff even said
the closing prayer for us. They were excited to have us come back. Ate
dinner at the Condies and guess what they fed us?! Breakfast for
dinner! :))

Wednesday we had some lessons cancel. I talked to Sister Anderson
(mission presidents wife) on the phone for awhile. Had to get some ice
cream.. 😋  had a lesson with the Mo's. He is Chinese so he says the
culture here is very different. They said they would read the BOM
again. Ate dinner with Sister Smith at friendlys :) had a lesson with
the Geary's. We talked about their beliefs. The husband is not a
member. He said he has been meeting with the missionaries for like 23
years. He has never been to church and said he will never come. One
day we will get him to church!

Thursday, district meeting! Surprise! It was Red Nose Day. Which is
like a charity thing to help children in poverty. A member in my ward
gave us red noses and we were them and took a picture haha. I'll
attach the photo at the end. It's funny. Also, there's this song that
we are going to sing for President and Sister Anderson at zone
conference because they are leaving 😟 it's the "Better Together" song
by Jack Johnson but with different lyrics. It is so cute. I love it
haha. The AP's and another set of elders made a video of them singing
it. It is so funny. We watch it like 3 times a day but sing it alll
the time 😂  it's seriously the best. I'll try and send it to my
parents and if anyone wants it you can ask my mom to send it to you 😅
The district meeting was on finding and talking to everyone we see. We
had to go to pep boys and make a phone appointment for our brakes lol.
Had a lesson with Linda and Danielle and talked about service and
charity. Had a lesson with Tanya. Read Helaman 5:12. She said she was
going to come to church on Sunday but didn't.. We ate dinner at
Applebee's with Sister Howard. And then had MCM.

Friday, weekly planning. 4 out of 5 lessons cancelled.. Ate dinner at
the McNiels. Had a lesson with Abu and Jeff. They had a client in
there who sat really close to me and his hand was touching my leg...
We were all just chatting and then he looks at me and says "I'm just
checking you out" 😳 it was so awkward. It made me feel so
uncomfortable! Hahaha. He's old too 😶 Jeff said that July 30th is too
soon for baptism. We will prepare him! :)

Saturday we taught Teresa the restoration. She's Catholic and said she
will never be baptized again.. Met with Sister Cheeseman. She just had
surgery. We showed her the refiners fire video. She talked to us
foreverr. We found some Spanish people for the Elders haha.  Finished
weekly planning. Ate dinner at a place called Moe's. So yummy. Maria

Sunday went to church. Had good lessons about fasting and service. Had
a lil lesson with Sister Carroll who got baptized a year ago. She is
getting ready to go to the temple! She met with bishop afterwards and
we had to take her home and we ended up staying for 2 hours at the
church after our ward ended.. 😬  we stayed inside all day pretty
much. Talked to Sister Anderson on the phone for awhile again. Worked
on some ward lists. Wrote emails to the two elders who are serving
from our ward here. One is in Nevada Las Vegas :) and the other one is
in Ghana! Dinner appointment cancelled so we ate at home. We went over
to Sister Brotmans and it was raining hard and we got soaked! It was
pretty funny! She talked to us forever too!

Today we went to a thrift store and I got a new skirt and Sister
Roberts got some new skirts and shirts too. I'm ready to go to sleep
:) haha.
I hope everyone had a great week. Love you all!

Sister Gronning
Sista G