Monday, May 2, 2016

 My birthday is in 6 days!!!! (On Sunday, Mother's Day!!!)

Hi!! So this might be a shorter email because I didn't write about my
week until like Thursday .. So I tried to remember things πŸ˜‚

Monday we went to the mall with Sister Shorten! We ate at chipotle and
oh my gosh! It was so good. Me and Sister Blake got matching dresses.
I got a new pair of jeans and a shirt. We had a lesson with Linda
Harms. It actually went pretty well. Except when we first got there
she told me that I was smiling and laughing during our last visit and
she didn't want any of that anymore.... Told us she wants us to be
professional and stop "playing games". After that, me and Sister Blake
were both serious and not smiling during the whole visit πŸ˜‚ . She did
accept to come to church this Sunday but didn't come..

Tuesday we set Brooke a baptism date for June 18th! She is super cute.
She is reading from the Book of Mormon and accepted to come to church
this Sunday and she did! And she brought her boyfriend, Anthony! We
stopped by Sister Cheeseman, less active. She is doing good. She has
one leg and is working on getting a fake leg replacement (I forget
what it's calledπŸ˜‚)

Wednesday we did service at the food bank. Put food in boxes. We ate
dinner at the Minters and it was one of their daughters birthday and
they gave us party hats to wear and we had cinnamon rolls and cupcakes
for dessert πŸ˜‹

Thursday, district meeting. The Assistants to the President were there
😬 (jk, they are awesome)
Had a lesson with Brittany. Taught the restoration. She had some
questions about Joseph Smith and Prophets. She told us she wants to
read the BOM before she comes to church. Taught Linda Limprun and
Danielle about tithing. Ate dinner at the Condies and guess what they
fed us?! Breakfast for dinner!! Yesssss. Waffles, bacon, eggs πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.
And for dessert were these homemade butterscotch peanut butter thingy.
Heaven. Ended the night at MCM.

Friday was weekly planning. Helped Ashley with her math hw again. Had
a lesson with Amora. Talked about faith, praying, scripture study, and
coming to church.

Saturday we went finding all day. Set up a lot of return appointments.
We found a huge dent in our car!! 😫 we have no idea what happened!
But we just got our car back from the shop like two weeks ago!! 😭 I
hate cars. But when I don't have one, I love them. Since it was the
last day of the month and we didn't have a dinner appointment, we went
out to eat. I forget what the place was called but it was a pizza,
pasta, and wings place. I got a salad πŸ˜‚ it was yummy though.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting! We went over to Tanya and
Amoras and talked to Tanya about how trials and challenges are just a
learning experience. We slept during our lunch hour 😴. We didn't have
a dinner appointment set but at church Sister Engebretsen said to come
over at 4 for dinner. Then after that Sister Burke said we can come
over at 6 for dinner and cupcakes because it was their daughters
birthday. So we ate two dinners lol. So full. Went over to Tina
Brotmans house and talked to her for a long time. She is a talker. She
is going to talk to bishop about getting her patriarchal blessing.

And then today is pday!

My birthday is coming up and my mailbox is pretty empty πŸ˜‰
5582 Milltown Rd. Apt 4C Wilmington, DE 19808
Sister Gronning!!