Monday, May 16, 2016


Hi everyone!

Keep reading to find out about transfers πŸ˜‰

Monday morning we helped someone pull weeds. She was deaf and sister
Blake knows sign language! So cool. A member from sister Blakes last
area came down and we went to the college town. I got a Newark, DE
shirt! We went to this one food place, I forget what it was called but
I got Mac n cheese with buffalo chicken. It was so good. For dessert I
wanted a blizzard from Dairy Queen πŸ˜‹ I got Oreo s'mores!! Yumm. And
then like two hours later we had a dinner appointment at a members
house and I felt like I was going to throw up lol.
We finally might with Geri and she set a temple date to do baptisms
for the dead for May 19 but the family she wants to go with will be
out of town that day so she wants to reschedule it..

Tuesday we did more weeding in the morning. And we tracted all day and
did stop bys. No one was home.. It was a long day. We did stop by
Tanya's and she told us her life story. That was fun/interesting. Ate
dinner at the Condies (I love them, they are related to the Hughes
family who we always go over for dinner as well haha)

Wednesday morning we had to put the car into the shop again :p and
guess what else we did? Service again! Pulling weeds. I am going to be
a pro at pulling weeds when I get home. I'm still terrified of bugs
though.. I don't think that will ever change. We ate lunch at Arby's
with Sister Howard. Had a lesson with Tanya and talked about the
Atonement. We read Mosiah 14:3-5 with her. We took a nap during dinner
because we didn't have a dinner appointment. I ate a sandwich
afterwards and some jalapeΓ±o cheddar Cheetos which are my favvv. And
then more tracting after that.

Thursday was district meeting. It was really good. Sister Blake did a
training on teaching people who don't have a belief in God. She did a
really good job. Then the district leader talked about baptisms and
different concerns people may have about baptism and teaching to their
needs. Sister Howard took us to dunkin donuts. I got a chicken bacon
croissant sand which and frozen hot chocolate. Yummy. We had a lesson
with a less active member. She now doesn't believe there is a god...
We then ended the night at MCM.

Friday we did weekly planning, of course. We got our car back!!! We
had a lesson no show us. Tried and stop by some people. Had dinner at
Sister McNeils house. Had a lesson with Amora. We really focused on
heavenly fathers love for her. Ended the night with weekly planning
but didn't finish it.

Saturday we had a lesson with the Limpruns about adversity. Did some
more stop bys. Met a less active member. Had dinner at the shortens.
Got some referrals from them 😊
Alright and here is where we found out about transfers!!!! Drum roll
please....... Sister Blake is being transferred and I am staying and
taking over the area!!!!! I cried. I freaked out and just broke down
in tears!! I'm okay now. I think.

Sunday we went to church. We stopped by a lot of members so sister
Blake could say goodbye.
So this morning president Anderson called and told sister Blake that
she is going to be a sister training leader!! Which is like a zone
leader but over the sisters! So exciting but she is freaking out haha.
It's been a crazy day today!!

I love you all!!
Sister Gronning