Monday, October 3, 2016

Jewish Synagogue, General Conference & 8th Month Mark!!!

Hello family and friends!!

General Conference was amazing! I love conference while serving a
mission! The spirit is so strong and I get a ton more out of it then I
do at home in my pjs, sleeping! 😂
I loved how in the Saturday afternoon session, the missionaries in the
mtc sang! Way cool.

I have been out on my mission now for 8 months as of today!! Crazy!
Time flys when you are having fun!

Monday night we had a great lesson with Tony and Lauren! We taught the
whole restoration! It was nice to actually sit down and have a real
lesson! They were asking about our missionary service and about our
church and stuff. Super cool. We are teaching them the plan of
salvation tonight! Ate dinner at the Fletchers, of course :) they are
out of town for the whole week! What are we going to do?!😭

Tuesday morning we made some phone calls. No one answers. We went to
stop by some people. Find out one of our less actives have moved. We
always end up finding out people have moved. Missionaries - update
your area books! ;) we went over to this less actives house, Sister
Miller. She talked to us FOREVER. She's dealing with some stuff in her
family and she told us pretty much every detail.. she was talking
about crazy people.. she's the crazy one.. just sayin 😂 but she is
super nice though and she has adorable little puppies!!
Tuesday night, the Fletchers invited us to their farm for hotdogs and
s'mores 😍 they have horses and Sister Fletcher gives horse back
riding lessons! Brother Fletcher was supposed to send us pictures from
that night but he hasn't yet.. So stay tuned..

Wednesday we had district meeting. Our district leader was sick so he
couldn't come so the zone leaders did the discussion (Elder Laine
(Line-A) is from Finland!) it was good, it was about the Holy Ghost
and the spirit. We met another one of our investigators, Laquanda.
Super sweet. She reads from the Book of Mormon but her work schedule
is keeping her from coming to church! We were going to do some service
for Sister Miller and her puppies but she cancelled.
We ate dinner at the Peddicords. Super cute family. We got a call from
one of our less actives, Sister Holiday, she wanted us to come over
and give her company and a short lesson. We went over there and talked
with her and she is preparing to take the temple classes so we talked
about the preparing to enter the holy temple pamphlet and invited her
to read that.

Thursday our zone did service at a Jewish Synagogue thingy. We helped
set up tables and chairs. The people there were very appreciative of
us! They even bought us pizza afterwards!
We were gonna help Sister Miller with her puppies but she cancelled
again.. We ate dinner with shotgun and penny and two of their
neighbors as well! We were going to contact a former investigator and
it turns out that she didn't live there but we met the Martinez family
and got two more new investigators! They were super nice! I love nice
people! haha.

Friday we attempted to weekly plan. We finally did our service for
Sister Miller and her puppies! I got to hold her puppies while she
took pictures of them so she can put them on the Internet to sell!
They are sooo cute. And we ended up being there for a super long time
because she likes to talk. We had ward coordination with our ward
mission leader and the elders. Sister Fuelling and I smelled like dog.
Gross. We had dinner with a recent convert. We had spaghetti and
meatballs. And brownies. And then she made cheese quesadillas for us
to take home! She's the cutest.

Saturday, General Conference!! I really liked Robert D Hales talk from
the Saturday morning session. From the Saturday afternoon session, I
really liked Dallin H Oaks talk about member missionary work!! After
the afternoon session, us and the Wilmington 1st sisters went over to
the synagogue place and helped with the chairs. We had to measure them
haha. They were getting ready for a big event. The elders couldn't
make it because of the priesthood session. Ate dinner at a Chinese

Sunday, General Conference!! From the Sunday morning session, I liked
M Russell Ballards talk. From the Sunday afternoon session, I liked
Carl B Cooks talk.
If you didn't get a chance to watch or listen to conference, go onto and look them up! They are amazing. I will definitely apply
what I learned into my missionary work!

I love you all and here are some pictures!! :))
Sister Gronning