Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello family and friends!! Happy Halloween :))

Monday night we helped, well kinda helped, at the Ellsworth's house to
get ready for the Halloween party! We swept out the area where they
were going to feed everyone. Ate dinner at the Fletchers that night :)

Tuesday we went over to Sister Millers house and shared Mosiah
24:12-16 with her. She's still going through stuff with her health and
her sister. We tried to stop by some less actives but a lot of them
weren't home. We talked to this one less active man and he told us
pretty much his whole life story on his porch.. we were just standing
there like uhhhhh. It was awkward haha 😂 we stopped and talked to
Brother Brinkley. He has a bunch of puppies!!!

Wednesday we stopped by the Perkel. The husband is active but the wife
is not. He is hilarious. Again, not a lot of people were home. We gave
Ellen a Book of Mormon. She seems really interested so we will see! :)
ate dinner with the Kubeshs. The husband is hilarious and I was
cracking up the whole time 😂 his wife made a dessert she hasn't made
before and the husband looks at it and says "it looks like an apple
pie that died!" 😂😂

Thursday we had district meeting. Took some pics because it was the
last district meeting of this transfer!! Afterwards we went to this
historic society thing and we are going to start volunteering there
every Thursday! We stopped by and had a lesson with Laquanda! Please
pray for her!!
Ate dinner at the Crattys (ward mission leader and family) and got our
hair cut!! Just trimmed off the dead layers! Haha.

Friday we actually finished weekly planning in one day!! A miracle!
haha. We had an awesome ward Halloween party but it wasn't just the
ward. It was everyone!!! It was huge and there was a ton of people
there! It was really fun. The Ellsworths are awesome and they hold a
party every year because their daughters birthday is on Halloween!
They are a crazy wild family 😂😂 afterwards we went over to the Bergs
and fed her cat!

Saturday morning we fed her cat again and cat sitted haha. Went to the
Fletchers for breakfast! Had a lesson with the Martinez family but
they weren't home! We stopped by this less actives house and this guy
said it was his right name, right phone number, but said he has no
affiliation with the Mormon church and has no family members that he
knows of that are Mormons.. um, what? He said he was baptized baptist
or something. It was so strange!! I've never had that happen before!!
Ate dinner with shotgun and penny. They again gave us a bunch of
We fed the cat again and watched it!

Sunday morning transfer calls came!! Sister Fuelling and I are staying
here in Bayview another transfer :)) we fed the cat again. We had a
special stake broadcast thing at our church. Our ward and stake
boundaries got realigned! We are losing some people but we aren't
getting any new people. The New Castle ward is now called the Newark
2nd ward. The West Chester ward in the valley forge stake is changing
and some members there are coming to our stake. We watched the
restoration movie with Destiny. I love Joseph Smith. I know that he
was called of god to restore this church. We talked to a lot of people
that want us to come back on Tuesday!! (Tomorrow) that is exciting.
Ate dinner at the Ellsworth's.

Monday. Halloween! We went out this morning and tried to visit some
less actives. We went to the mall and I got some long sleeve shirts.
Got chick fil a. Now emailing and we are going to the Fletchers
(shocker right?) tonight and we have to be in our apartments at 6:00
but we are allowed to email family! And take the time to study and
additional pday stuff that we can do in our apartment (like laundry)

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween tonight!! Be careful!

Love you all!!!
- Sister Gronning