Monday, October 24, 2016

Elder Lynn G Robbins!

Hello everyone!! How is everyone today? :)

Monday night we had dinner with the Nair's. Cute family! After dinner
we went outside and watched a rocket up in the sky! It was being
launched from Virginia and we can see it from their house! It was so
cool! And then we attempted to finish weekly planning. We always get

Tuesday the district leader and his companion doubled in to our area
and so did the zone leaders. Crazy!!
we did weekly planning again.
Stopped by and talked to Sister Miller.
Had a lesson with the Aultmans. The wife and kids are not members but
the husband is, he is just super less active.
Sister Wheeler brought us dinner.

Wednesday we had some lessons set up that the elders set up for us but
they all fell through..
We did meet a new person named Ellen though! We are going to give her
a Book of Mormon.
Ate dinner at the Bileks. Cutest family ever. 2 little boys and a mom
and dad. The dad is not a member.

Thursday we had some conference with the Dover zone! We talked about
planning, personal study, and companionship study. It was good.
Members from the Newark 3rd ward fed us lunch 😊 baked potatoes!
We were going to have a church tour with Laquanda at our church
building but she didn't show up. We also can't get a hold of her 🤔 we
had to drop her date 😔
We had a Facebook lesson with Destiny (recent convert) and set her
with a temple date to do baptisms with the youth on November 19th!
We were going to have a lesson with Erin but she cancelled.
Ate dinner at the Tequianes. We had the best quesadillas everr.

Friday weekly planning again. We were going to meet s guy that the
zone leaders found but he cancelled because he was rearranging a
We met Cheyenne Bedo. A cute young girl who sometimes attends the
Newark 1st ward.
Went over and shared a message with Sister Croy.
Ate dinner at Bakers restaurant with shotgun and penny. So fun and so
good. I got a 7 cheese Mac n cheese with bacon 😍
Went over to the Bergs house. We are going to be watching and feeding
their cat when they go on vacation.

Saturday we contacted a bible referral. He only wanted a bible and
wasn't interested in a Book of Mormon 🤔
We had a mission conference with all of the missionaries in the PPM
and Elder Lynn G Robbins of the seventy!! It was so awesome. We got to
shake his hand! He talked about Christlike attributes. And he started
talking about marriage and it turned into pre marriage 505 😂  he also
talked about a devotional he gave titled, "tasting the light"
Ate dinner at the Griffiths house. Cute crazy kids!!

Sunday we had ward council and church!  Amanda Aultman came to church!
And so did Sister Holiday!
We ate dinner at the Ellsworth's. Their family hosts a huge Halloween
fest every year. We are excited!

I don't remember if I said this already or not but the scripture we
are memorizing this transfer is d&c 11:21.

I love you all and hope you have a great week! I am tired and hungry..
Eating over at the Fletchers tonight 😋 ribssss.

Oh! I am finally getting my hair trimmed this week 😂

Also, I hit my half way mark on the third..... ahhhhhhhhh

Sister Gronning