Monday, May 8, 2017

You look different, you look like you are 30

My companion said that to me yesterday in the car!! I was like what?!

Anyways, thank you all for the birthday wishes! I am sitting here at
the Cassels with Sister Cassel and my awesome comp. We just ate pizza.
Also, they now have caramel m&ms, they are interesting. My comp made
me a cake. Isn't she just the cutest? Also, I had a donut today. Life
is pretty great for a 21 year old. So, I realized that I spent all of
my 20th year as a missionary. Woah.

Monday- we ate dinner with the Nelsons. They fed us breakfast! Side
note, I asked the Johnson's to have breakfast for dinner tonight

Tuesday- we had District Meeting. I was able to see "my dad" Elder
Jolley. He was like "Sister Gronning, how long have you been out now?"
I was like "15 months" and he was like "woah! That is crazy! I
remember I was your first district leader and you were brand new in
the mission and now you are almost done!" I was like "I know, it's
crazy! It is going by super fast!" Haha. Anyways. I also found out I
go home with my other Zone Leader, Elder Huber. There is so many
missionaries going home in August it seems like! I'm never coming home
though. Jk.
We stopped by a former investigator named Erica and she was like "I'm
coming to church on Sunday! I'll see you there!" And we were like
okay, perfect! She came and then left to check on her kids and then
came back and it was over so she left again.
We finally had a lesson with one of our recent converts, Joanne. She
speaks Chinese and little English so the communication was kinda
tricky but we made it work through google translate! Haha
We had dinner with the Cassels!
After dinner we visited Sister Morales with Sister Cassel.

Wednesday- we had a lesson set up with a former investigator who lived
in our apartment complex and we called her to confirm and she hung up
on us..
We were trying to find a woman to come with us to (Mike) Brother
Santos lesson and we weren't having much luck so we ended up having it
at Sister Johnson's house with Brother Santos and Brother Bussom. Mike
had a lot of questions about repentance and why it was said in the
Book of Mormon so much.
We had our interviews with President Randall. We sat down after we
prayed and was like "I can't wait to hear all of your questions. You
always ask great questions" and I actually didn't have any this time
so he asked if I could bear my testimony on repentance and I was like
sure! I love repentance. It helps us grow closer to our savior and our
father in heaven.
We visited the Biermanns that night.

Thursday- we helped Sister Wen clean her garage. She made us bagel
pizza afterwards haha.
We had a lesson with a former named Abel and we couldn't find a woman
to go with us and we didn't think the lesson would hold so we didn't
go and then he texted us and said he was waiting for us... awk.
We had a relief society activity where some sisters brought some
things from their cultures. It was really cool and good food!

Friday- volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation. It was a rainy yucky day!
We did a lot of finding and tracting! We met a guy from South Africa!
And his roommate was from Ireland! It was super cool.
We ate dinner at the Becksteads for dinner for Cinco de mayo!

Saturday- finding and tracting like all day!!
Ate dinner with the Rollins! We ate Dominican Republic food!

Sunday- Stake Conference broadcast! It was so good! A lot about the
temple and missionary work.
Lawrence came and we had a lesson with him after! He is so awesome! We
set him with a date for June 24th!
We ate at the Cassels again!

Alright that is all for now! Let me know if you get this!!