Monday, May 22, 2017

Dropping us like its hot

Hello everyone! This email is coming from the Cassels house so let's
see if you all get it! Let me know!! 🌝

Monday we did nothing. We stopped by some people that evening. We
called a less active and she was like "I'm sleeping can you call me
another day" 😴

Tuesday we had District Meeting and the Jarrettown sisters had to
Skype in so that was fun 👀
Afterwards we talked to Sister Randall and Sister Bills. Sister Bills
is the mission nurse and she is hilarious!!! I want to be like her
when I am older 😂 Sister Summers talked to them and then I finally
told them about my fall and bruised my bum 😂 they were like "why
didn't you tell me sooner?" Oops. Sister Bills told me to ice it or
heat it whichever feels better on it haha. She said it will hurt for
about three months so I have one more month to go and then if it is
still hurting I have to get an X-ray. Maybe I'll just do that when I
get home. I'll just get a full on body X-ray and see what else is
wrong with me 🤓
We met with the livignis. Got to know them and their daughter a little bit more.
We ate dinner with the Maitlands.

Wednesday we were going to have a meeting with a less active but she forgot..
We dropped off a Book of Mormon to a referral who said to just leave
it in his mail box.. that was a little awkward. But he said he got it
and will read it!
We visited a really cute old less active lady in our ward named Delsa.
She talks a lot! 👵🏻 she's 96 but doesn't look it or act it!
So, we were confirming an appointment with Steven and he texts back
saying "no thank you , as I have decided to go another route with my
baptism and faith in churches . It's not you as I enjoy your company
but I need more in a Sunday experience in faith" what. Sister Summers
and I almost started crying!! We were so sad! We think it was because
he came to just Sacrament meeting on Mother's Day and the talks were
all about mothers and not a gospel topic. If only he stayed for all
three hours. In Gospel Principles we read some verses in the Bible. We
have tried to meet with him again to talk about what he is feeling and
he always says he is busy and he has a lot of things going on right
now. We are going to give him some space and we had to drop his date
and drop him 😭
We had a lesson with Lawrence and Sister Flandro came with us again.
He talked for a very long time about some things going on in his life
right now.
Also on Wednesday we found a mouse in our kitchen!!! Sister Summers saw it! 🐭

Thursday the conference call was helping investigators have a
spiritual experience at church. We weekly planned, like always.
We had a lesson with Brother Santos. He got the priesthood and feels
great! He decided to decline the job offering. We talked about the
Plan of Salvation using little cut outs that Sister Summer drew. He
asked about the Holy Ghost and what it feels like. We told him that
when he thought about his baptism before he was baptized and he felt a
burning in his chest, that was the Holy Ghost.
After that it took us 20 years to find a member to come with us to a
lesson with Abel because he's a guy and Joanne because her aunt
wouldn't be home. Sister Harward saved the day!! 🙌🏻 she came with us
to Joanne's but we couldn't find anyone for Abel so we had to cancel
his appointment. We taught Joanne the Plan of Salvation using the cut
outs that Sister Summers drew. She understood a lot of it! Sister
Harward was awesome.
We had to pick up dinner at the Massangas because Alice had to babysit
someone so Thomas made us dinner and oh my goodness, it was so good!!!

Friday we volunteered at mitzvah circle and packed boxes for people in need.
We talked to our neighbor and Amanda (our maintenance lady) about the
mouse and our neighbor gave us this worm stuff to set someone and
yesterday the mouse ate it and he should be gone now!!
Sister Collier got home from her trip to Utah. She talked to us for
hours! She is a funny lady. Also it has been really hot and humid this
week and we sat outside and Sister Summers and I were dying. We also
had to go to the store and get her kitty litter 🐈
We went to our bishops daughters wedding reception. They had a bunch
of syrup flavors to make flavored drinks! I loved it haha. They also
had a lot of food!

Saturday we helped Sister Flandro clean her house. Sister Summers
jumped on her tramp for a little bit haha. We ate green smoothies and
and a veggie burger haha.
We were trying to contact a former investigator and we ran into Sister
Despain instead and I didn't recognize her and it was so
We visited a less active family in an area where we aren't in as much
because of miles and Sister Casper was so friendly and is a little
missionary! She has a bunch of Book of Mormons that she gives away to
people who stop by! Her granddaughter is also a member and her husband
is not. She invited us over for dinner on Thursday.
We stopped by Helen and talked to her and her grandson. Her grandson
loves super heroes haha.

Sunday there was a mission farewell! He is going to Jarkarta,
Indonesia! There was a lot of people there!!
We had someone picking up Lawrence but when they got there Lawrence
just kept talking and talking and making up excuses and we don't
really know what to do with him.
We ate dinner with the Benfields and their kids are so funny!

I hope you all get this email :))

Love and miss you all!