Monday, May 15, 2017

"I love chocolate. I wouldn't mind being baptized in chocolate"

Hello everyone! I hope you all get this!! 😶

I hope you all had a great Mother's Day! I loved talking to my family!

Monday for my birthday we hung out at the Cassels house with Sister
Cassel and Neil. We ate pizza, emailed, did laundry. Brother Cassel
came home and we went and got ice cream at a farm thing. We got to see
a lot of animals- cows, pigs, chickens, peacock, etc.
We ate dinner with the Johnson's and guess what I requested? Breakfast
😋 we had French toast, bacon, and fruit! Their youngest son who is
like 2 years old I think, started choking on a piece of bacon and it
was so scary!
We had a FHE with the Biermanns. We taught the Plan of Salvation using
a drawing that Sister Summers drew and cut out into a puzzle. Anna
wasn't there but Quinn was and she really enjoyed it and even said she
wants to be a missionary!! Usually she hates us so this was a huge
deal... Anna on the other hand told her mom she wants to be confirmed

Tuesday we had Zone Conference in Broomall. We were in bumper to
bumper traffic. We took pictures haha. The conference was focused on
teaching repentance, teaching prayer simply and inviting investigators
to pray, and virtue. I really enjoyed it.
We ate dinner with Sister Peterson. They are getting ready to go to
Texas to be mission president and wife!

Wednesday we did a lot of finding. We met a guy who talked to us for a
long time about music and sports. I didn't really know anything he was
talking about lol. He liked walked us to our car and everything..
We had a lesson with Lawrence at McDonald's with Sister Flandro. He
talked a lottt. Most people here do lol. He had a question about
restoration and reformation. We talked about gratitude prayers. We had
him say a prayer out loud with us and he was crying afterwards and it
was really powerful.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we ate at subway.

Thursday we weekly planned. We had a lesson with Mike Santos about the
Aaronic Priesthood. During the lesson he said "I'm sweating like
Elvis" and I started laughing and he was like "what? You've never
heard that saying before?" And I was like "nope" haha.
We had a lesson with Abel. That was interesting. He also talked the
entire time about some random things. I don't know haha.
We had a lesson with Steven. We went over the baptism interview
questions and he did great. He has a issue with coffee. HE CAME TO
We also almost got in a car crash, so that was intense.
We didn't have a dinner appointment so we were going to try this
Chinese place and oh my gosh, it was super duper fancy and expensive
and we were like nope! We tried another place and it was expensive as
well so we ended up going to McDonald's haha.
We had our accountability skype with our District Leader that night.

Friday we volunteered at mitzvah circle.
We got two referrals from missionaries. Ian was at college at LHU and
met with missionaries and has been taught pretty much everything and
he is here for the summer. We haven't met with him yet but he sounds
awesome. Sunny, missionaries met him at a farmers market. He lives in
our area and wants a Korean BOM and he said he is not interested in
talking with us and would like us to put it in his mail box..
We did some finding. We found out where Kevin is and got his
information to send to missionaries in his area.
We had a lesson about the temple with Joanne. She is going back to
china for a year in less than a month.
We ate dinner at our apartment, we got Popeyes.

Saturday finding and tracting all day in the rain.
Ate dinner with the Onoratos. We were talking about chocolate and
Brother Onorato says "I love chocolate. I wouldn't mind being baptized
in chocolate." It was so funny!!! I was dying! I said "same!" 😂

Sunday was a great day at church. Great talks and musical numbers. We
got a lot of chocolate as well! STEVEN CAME TO CHURCH. He left during
Sacrament meeting to go to a family thing for Mother's Day. Brother
Santos came as well. He is getting the priesthood on Tuesday!
After church we went to the Cassels and skyped our families and ate
cafe rio burritos!

Also, funny side note. We got a text this week from a sister in a
different mission that started off by saying "hello Elders Gronning
and Summers!" Hahahaha.

I hope everyone has a great week!!
Sister Gronning
Picture number two- primary colors are 123, red yellow and blue!