Monday, May 1, 2017


Hello everyone! I hope this email works today! I guess no one got my
weekly email last week.

Alright, lets see if I remember what happened this week. It kinda just flew by.

Well, first of all, my bday is next week! (Monday, may 8th!) ✌🏻

This week I accidentally tried to video call one of the Assistants on
Facebook. That was super awkward and I freaked out a little bit.
Inside and outside.

Monday, we did like absolutely nothing all day. Had dinner with Bishop
Vest and his wife. They are awesome.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. We drive to Jarrettown and then the
Jarrettown Sisters drive us to the chapel where our meeting is in.
It's always a blast. We went to lunch afterwards. Sister Summers and I
did the Book of Mormon read. Our District Leader talked about the Book
of Mormon and companionship unity. One of the sisters was telling us
that Sister Randall told her not to do push ups for awhile anymore
because she hurt her shoulder and this new elder was like "is that for
all of the sisters?" One of the sisters was like "ya, if one sister is
injured, we all have to suffer" we told him no haha. It was pretty
funny πŸ˜‚
We stopped by the Biermanns and just Sister Biermann was home so we
talked with her for a little bit.
We had a lesson set up with Magdala but she cancelled because she was
sick. Then later she dropped us. She said she read the introduction to
the Book of Mormon and wanted to do more research first and we told
her to look at and
We ate dinner with the Youngers. Super nice! Brother Younger talked
about his mission to Vegas! He said he never served in Henderson
though. His fiancΓ©e is not a member but she knows a lot about
missionary work because of him!
Our Sister Training Leaders from Logan came to our apartment that
night and we exchanged companions and Sister Summers went to Logan
with Sister Vanisi. Sister Nielson came here to Souderton with me.

Wednesday we had a lesson with Mike (Brother Santos). We mostly talked
about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost because he had some
concerns about that.
We did a lot of walking on Wednesday. We only drove 2 miles in our car that day.
We had a lesson with Steven. He was so sure that he would be at church
on Sunday. He texted us before church started and said something came
We went to a mamas water ice place and then came home for dinner and
It was fun being with Sister Nielson again. She's a great Sister.

Thursday after weekly planning we had to go to the store and get
toilet paper and toothpaste πŸ˜‚
We had a lesson with Linda.. I'm sorry to say this, but she is crazy.
We finally were able to show her a movie called "Finding Faith in
Christ" she liked it.
We had dinner with the Olsons and Thomas! It finally happened! We have
been trying to have a lesson with Thomas at someone's house for a long
time! After dinner we talked to Thomas about faith, repentance, and
baptism. He said he wants to know more before he is baptized. He said
he learns something new each time he goes to church.

Friday we volunteered at the mitzvah circle foundation. We didn't go
last week so one of the lady's said to me "I thought you were never
coming back and you didn't even say goodbye!" Haha.
Sister Beckstead wanted a Book of Mormon for her friend so we stopped
by and gave her one and talked with her a little bit.

Saturday we talked to this man named Adel. He lived in an apartment
where a less active used to live. We talked about Jesus Christ. He
spoke broken English. He speaks Arabic.
We got in contact with a former named Barry and he said we could come
back on Wednesday.
We had dinner with the Onoratos. They took us to O'gradys restaurant
and to get dessert after :)
Also, this day was so hot and I was literally sweating all day. If any
of you were wondering πŸ˜‚

Sunday we were trying to meet with a recent convert named Samira and
her aunt or something but they didn't answer the door or phone.
We went to Sister Johnson's house and talked about the lessons we have
this week.
We had correlation meeting.
Church! It was fast and testimony meeting.
We got to teach the beehive class about the first vision.
We got a referral from the Pennypack elders and we stopped by and
talked with him for a little bit. His name is Lawrence. We are going
to get him a ride to church this Sunday and have a lesson with him
afterwards. This Sunday we are having a Stake Conference broadcast.

Tonight we are having dinner with the Nelsons. Their son is here and
going to leave soon for his mission to Indonesia.

Also, the Cassels are feeding us tomorrow night and having us over on
Mother's Day and I'm so pumped! The Cassels are literally goals.

The Johnson's are feeding us on my birthday ✌πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Address is 199 W Vine St. Apt 22. Hatfield, PA 19440 πŸ˜‰

Sister Gronning