Monday, June 5, 2017

It is all fun and games until someone throws the keys 🔑

Hello friends, family, missionaries!

I am going to do things different this week! Here are some funny moments that happened during the week :

Okay, the first one isn't funny but we were going to a less actives house to see if he moved or anything and it was in the same complex as Sam and guess who we run into! Sam! It was super cool.

Thursday we were having a lesson with Brother Santos outside and there is an umbrella in the center of the table we were sitting in and he says "hold on to your umbrella, if it blows away we might see Heidi" sister Summers asks who Heidi is and he says "you know, the girl with the umbrella and the big purse?" Sister Summers "you mean Mary poppins?" 😂😂

Also on Thursday we were in a neighborhood and it stunk really bad and this guy starts talking to us and asks if we live around here and we said no and he said "well what you're smelling is a rabid skunk that was just shot and it had two other little baby skunks and they're cute as heaven so don't touch them because they probably have rabies." 😳

This week I was wearing my sunglasses in the car and all of a sudden a lense pops out and it scared me so bad! 

Saturday we had District Meeting and car inspections after wards. Sister Summers and I were inspecting the Zone Leaders car. We were all done and an Elder throws the keys to the ZLs and they come flying towards me and I scream and dunk my head and they hit the ZLs window and crack it!!! One of the ZLs was cracking up and the other one was super mad and the Elder that threw them goes red as a tomatoe. All the sisters mouths are wide open. Lesson learned that day, don't throw keys!!! It was pretty funny though afterwards. The elder that threw them had to call our vehicle coordinator guy and tell him. Poor elder 😂 there is never a dull moment in our District hahaha.

But now on a spiritual side. We found George this week. He was sitting on his steps in front of his house and we started talking to him. He doesn't have a very strong belief in God. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it and if he had any questions he would call us.

This Sunday our gospel principles class was on baptism and the Biermanns taught it and it went really well!

We have to take our car into pep boys today. Super fun.

Also, I hit my 16 month mark on Saturday.....

I am so grateful for this mission and the opportunity that I get to serve here. I love it so much.

I love and miss you all!
Sister Gronning
Sunglass lens popped out!