Monday, June 19, 2017

You are a hot mess, honey

Happy Father's Day to all of the dad's out there and future dad's!!

Monday - we didn't end up going to Sister Colliers house to paint
because she wasn't feeling well. We were planning on doing our laundry
there so we had to quickly put our whites in the washer and we didn't
have time to dry them. Also, we found out that we were getting a new
car and so we had to wash our old one so we were running all over the
place hahaha.
We were going to have dinner with the Gillis's and Sister Gillis
forgot when we got there and she was trying to get her car fixed so we
went to perkasie pizza and pasta and got pizza and it was delicious!

Tuesday - District Meeting. Our Sister Training Leaders came because
they were going on exchanges with a set of sisters in our District.
Our District Leader called me out during the meeting for not doing his
commitments. I didn't really appreciate it that much lol. He
apologized the next day 😂
After district meeting we drove to the Cassels and picked up Sister
Cassel and went to a park and had a lesson with Ian. He enjoyed coming
to church.
We went to a former investigators house and she wasn't home but we
talked to her mom and dad. They spoke Arabic. She was telling us about
her church and invited us to come to her church sometime lol. She
spoke some English but we had to do google translate sometimes haha.
We ate dinner with the Becksteads. We played gospel of Jesus Christ
jenga with the kids. They enjoyed it.
We came home that evening and had our personal and companionship studies.

Wednesday - we had a mission tour conference with Elder Kopischke from
the seventy and it was awesome! He is a really funny guy and I learned
a lot from him and the spirit. He broke down the Plan of Salvation,
talked about our purpose as missionaries is to teach+invite+help and
how we are good at the teaching and inviting but not so good on the
helping part.
Also!! We got our new car!!! It is a 2017 Toyota Corolla! It is so
nice inside!! I love it haha.
We ate dinner with Brother and Sister Webster. We decided to call
Steven and he texted us and said he would call us the next day.

Thursday - weekly planning. We were going to deliver a bible and Book
of Mormon to a referral but he wasn't home even though we had set it
up. We stopped by some people.
Ate dinner with the Brother and Sister Oliver. They were telling us
how he proposed and he said he asked her three questions "do you
support your stake president? Do you support your bishop? Do you
support me as the father of your children?" I laughed so hard!! That
is the greatest proposal ever!! 😂😂
We finally met with Greg and Karol!! We told him what President
Randall said and they are so excited! I want to see Greg be baptized
so bad! They are awesome. Karol is from Brazil and was telling us a
lot of things about it :)

Friday - we volunteered at mitzvah. We did a lot of tracting and
knocking on doors.

Saturday - Steven said we could come over so we did and we had Sister
Webster come with us. He said he loves everything about our church
except for the Sacrament meeting part. I asked if he ever has gone to
all three hours and he said no. We invited him to come to the second
hour and he said he would love to and he will be able to on July 2nd!
He said he would still want to be baptized and set a date as a goal
again! We are giving him a gospel principles book next week.
We met with Ashish and gave him a large print triple combination. He
told us a lot about his religion.

Sunday - Father's Day! The primary kids sang a song and Brother and
Sister Cassel did a musical number :)
We ate dinner with the Brenemans. They are hilarious. There youngest
son just got him from his mission in Arizona.

This week we were knocking on a door and all of the sudden someone was
knocking really hard on the other side and it freaked sister Summers
and I out so we left a card and walked away. As we were getting in our
car he came outside and just stared at us. We get a call and the says
"2 missionaries just knocked on my door. Send 2 male missionaries next
time and don't insult me with women" or something like that. We were
so scared! He said his name was Whitney.

This week we were talking to our next door neighbor, Karen and I was
telling her about how I don't like this weather and the humidity and
stuff and she said "you are a hot mess, honey" and it was so funny.
Yep. Everyday. 😂

I love you all!
Sister Gronning