Monday, June 12, 2017

Interviews. Exchanges. Pep boys

Hello everyone! Well, lets see if I remember what happened this week.
It felt 20 years long.
Btw, let me know if you all get this.. send a quick email saying got
it so I know. Thankssss

We tried to take in our car to pep boys for an inspection on Monday
and we get there and they are looking at our paper work and tell us
that our registration was expired ... so they wouldn't take our car
We ate dinner at the Harwards with Sister Harward and some of her kids.
We came in early because I was not feeling too hot so I slept from
like 7pm to like 7am (our alarm didn't go off.... whoops.) Our
District Leader called for announcements on Monday night and I was
like what is going on hahaha and then afterwards I crashed again.

Tuesday we had District Meeting. Pennypack S is not in our District
anymore for some odd reason, I have no idea. But now it is just our DL
and his companion and 3 sets of sisters. Awkward.
We actually found the right registration in our glove department in
our car, which was there the whole time.. we took our car back to pep
boys and went to the Biermanns and it took foreverrrr.
Sister Biermann had a fidget spinner and I decided I want one when I get home..
We went to a relief society activity and played a get to know you game.

Wednesday we had interviews with President Randall. Before our
interview we had to role play the restoration to our Zone Leaders and
then role play a BOM read to our Sister Training Leaders. We had to
cancel our lesson with Ian.
We had dinner with the Cassels.

Thursday we had a lesson with Ian and Sister Jones came with us last
minute and it was awesome! Sister jones asked inspired questions and
we were able to get Ian's concerns out.
We ate dinner with Sister Flandro and her son izaack. I got sushi!!
After dinner we helped Sister Flandro clean and get ready for girls camp.
Thursday night the STLs came to our apartment and we switched companions!

Friday I got to be with Sister Walton for the day in Logan, PA and it
was awesome! We were in the same mtc district :) we did service for
one of their investigators who is moving. We had a lesson with one of
their investigators named David. We saw a dead cat on the road and
watched it get ran over again and it was horrifying. Also, their was a
huge bug in their apartment that Sister Walton caught in a cup and we
kept it there all day and it eventually died.
We exchanged back with our companions that night.

Saturday was a bunch of tracting. We stopped by and did some service
with Sister Collier. We are going over there today to do our laundry
and paint.

Sunday IAN CAME TO CHURCH. It was a great Sunday for him to come!!
Sacrament topic was on the Book of Mormon and why it is so important
and gaining a testimony of it and gospel principles was about the gift
of the Holy Ghost. It was great!

I think that is it.. I will send pictures in a different email :)

Oh! Elder Erich Kopishcke is coming to our mission this week on
Wednesday and Thursday and I get to hear from him on Wednesday and I
am so excited!

Oh and Happy Fathers Day next week dad!!!

Sister Gronning