Friday, August 12, 2016

 "Welcome to the Philadelphia Pennsylvania temple open house"

Hi! Surprise!

SO, right now my pday is today. I work at the temple everyday except
for Friday's and Sunday's. BUT that might change. They change our
schedule all the time 😂

Tuesday we had transfers. We had a transfer meeting in the parking
garage underneath the temple 😂 I am now with Sister Nielson. The new
goldens didn't get here until Wednesday so Sister Van Arsdale went
with Sister Crystal (she came out with me and is training too) to her
area. Sister Nielson and I worked at the temple. We were in the
reception area. We worked from 2-9:30pm. So tiring. There was members
from Newark 3rd there in charge of the food. It is always fun to see
people from past areas. We had a little break when no one was in the
reception room and there was a lady who was playing the piano so the
sisters that were in the room went over to the piano and we all sang
with her. It was really pretty.

Wednesday. The goldens didn't get here until like 1. Sister Kelsey is
from Twin Falls, Idaho. Super Cute. The public tours started! There
were protestors at the front of the temple with a megaphone and signs.
They were talking negative about Mormons and talking about the bible
and Jesus Christ. It was pretty bad. So the ushers wanted some sister
missionaries out there to bring the spirit. So they told sister
Nielson and I and a couple more sisters to stand out there. We
couldn't talk to them and they told us earlier that we aren't allowed
to pass out cards to people anymore so we literally just stood there
in the heat. I tried to just block out everything they were saying.
Apparently they got paid to do that.. Towards the end of the night we
were able to go into the reception room and I got asked a bunch of
questions. There was a ton more people for the public tours than the
VIP tours. It was crazy. At night the assistants and president came to
the temple and grabbed our cars from the broad and noble parking lot
and took them over to the parking garage underneath the temple. We got
a new AP. His name is Elder Oldroyd and he is from Arizona.

Thursday, Sister Nielson and I working in the video room. We did about
6 tours. It was fun. This is what we have to say- "welcome to the
Philadelphia Pennsylvania temple open house. We will begin by showing
a 10 minute video that explains what temples are and why they are
special. After the video, you will be guided to the temple to begin
your tour. Before entering the temple, covers will be placed over your
shoes to limit dirt and wear on the carpets and floors. Accommodations
for those in wheelchairs and others who are unable to use stairs are
available at the entrance to the temple. Following the tour, you are
invited to visit a reception area that features displays about Jesus
Christ, families, and temples. If there is not time for questions
during the tour, most can be answered by hosts in the reception area.
You may also share your experience or request additional information
my completing one of these comment cards. Taking photographs is not
permitted inside the temple. Photos are available online at We would ask if you would please silence your cell
phones at this time and for the duration of the tour. Thank you" watch
video. "Please follow your tour guide to the temple and enjoy your

One day I saw the new bishop for the Newark 3rd Ward! Bishop Sookhoo!
He is awesome. I also saw the old bishop and his family as well!

I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Gronning