Monday, August 1, 2016


So, Gronning and Van Arsdale put together is Grondale .. 😆

Hi everyone!!
This week it rained a ton!! I will never live in the east coast.....

Monday was a pretty normal pday.. Emailed, laundry, clean, washed car,
slept. Haha

Tuesday we tried to stop by some less actives to invite them to the
temple open house but a lot of them weren't home. We had a meeting at
the temple with Elder Richards. We started in the chapel of the stake
center across the street from the temple. He talked about 3 messages -
1. Jesus is our lord and savior. 2. Families. 3. Ordinances of the
temple. We then walked to the temple and did a tour and we stopped in
some rooms and he talked to us some more. He had one of the guys in
the temple presidency I think tell us a story and there was no dry eye
in the room. It was a sad story and the spirit was so strong. Everyone
of us were crying! I just love the temple! It is so beautiful!
I don't remember what else happened on Tuesday.. I am really bad at
writing in my journal lately ... 😬

Wednesday we stopped by a nursing home (I think) and talked to this
cute less active old lady. She told us a bunch of stories from her
family. Her family is famous! I think it was her brother that wrote
the byu fight song! And someone else in her family is a movie star!
She looked at me and said I looked familiar and she thought I'd been
there before and I was like nope, just got here haha. She was super
We found out that a lot of less actives have moved.. Haha.
We found a new investigator! This lady was outside on her porch. She
started talking about faith and how we need to act. We read Alma 32:37
with her. She told us we could come back and share more! It was pretty
We ate dinner at the Brooks. Less active and part member family. There
was also one of their non member friends there. They fed us wawa and
Rita's water ice! The less active started talking about deep doctrinal
stuff... We were like alright let's stop this haha.

Thursday we had a lesson with the Gibsons. Showed them how to do
family history. The husband is not a member and he was really
interested! They had a ton of names done already back to the 1500s! It
was crazy. Did some more stop bys and tracting. Not a lot of people
were home. We invited a lot of people to the open house though!
We had a lesson with one of their recent converts, Jesse. It was about
enduring to the end.
I think it was Thursday for dinner we went to a pizza place and their
pizza slices are HUGE. Bigger than my head! I didn't eat the whole
thing but my companion ate hers and a little bit of mine! I'll attach
a photo of it!
We decided to stop by this one potential investigator family and we
had an awesome visit. We invited them to the open house and they were
really interested. They are from a different country and they have a
really cute baby!

Friday we were at the temple from 1-9:30!! It was long but so fun. We
were mostly out front passing out cards and inviting everyone. A lot
of people were really interested and said they would come! I got
sunburned haha. We got rotated a couple times to the reception area. I
saw a lot of people from Newark volunteering :)
Saturday we got poured on and got soaked!! No body was home. We ate
dinner at the Ashbys and they made the best homemade cheesesteak
sandwiches ever!! They have a son that went on a mission and their
other son just left. They love missionaries.

Sunday was church. Our church starts at 1:00. So late! We didn't have
any investigators or rclas at church. The third hour was combined with
the youth and adults and they talked about the history of this area
and the temple. We got eggs and cake from the brooks and had that for
dinner hahaha. We had another lesson with Jesse about tithing.

Oh and I get "where are you from?" 100 times a day. And everyone has
either visited Henderson, or has family in Henderson. It's so funny.

As of right now, starting August 10, my pdays will be on Saturday!!
Love ya all!
Sister Gronning