Monday, August 8, 2016

Transfer calls!! Elder Quentin L. Cook!! Ahhhhhhh

Wow! What a week!!! Continue reading to find out what is happening
with transfersssss 😉

Monday night we took a member out with us and we knocked on this door
thinking it was someone else and it was Helen! We met her in the
parking lot like a week ago! It was crazy. She is Russian and super
sweet. She wanted us to come back and bring her a Russian Book of
Mormon! We got Rita's that night too 😋 I love Rita's, if you haven't
figured that out yet hahaha.

Tuesday we stopped by and visited this super cute old lady who is less
active and her husband is not a member. She was showing us everything
in her house that is from Japan, China, Russia. It was so cool. She
had a ton of stuff and would tell us things twice because she has a
hard time remembering. We went to a nursing home and invited these two
guys to the temple open house and told them the story about how the
temple came to be. It was fun. Then as we were leaving we talked to
this one lady for forever and I don't even remember what she was
talking about haha but we did invite her to the temple open house. We
went to the Brooks to help collect chicken eggs! The chickens were
scaring me hahaha. Pictures are coming! We ate dinner with the
Abernathy's. We had this beans and rice thing and key lime pie. Yummm.
We taught Jesse about faith. We taught Ryan about turning weaknesses
into strengths and read alma 5 with him. Jesse and Ryan are both
recent converts. Ryan has been going through a lot lately.

Wednesday and Thursday we were at the temple. We would go from passing
out temple cards in the front of the temple to the reception room. I
saw elder Quentin l cook and at first I didn't even realize it was
him! Haha! I also saw Vai Sekehema and his wife (no idea how to spell
his name) he played for the Philadelphia Eagles! Andd I also saw and
talked to Chad Lewis who played for the 76ers! (I think) So cool to
see all of these people! One day we saw like 50 nuns taking a tour
with 2 sets of elders! We were like what in the world!! They were from
a different mission. It was insane.
Also we had a zone training on Thursday about using Facebook!!
Surprise!! "We are not a Facebook mission, we are a mission that uses
Facebook" I am really excited. They said we can use our old Facebook
and just clean it up or deactivate it and start over.
I have been seeing people from Newark 3rd and I love it!!

Friday we weekly planned for a little bit. We then went to an area and
walked a tonnn. We were going down this one street and there was this
lady and her daughter who were sitting on the porch and we waved hello
and kept walking. We both felt like we should turn around and talk to
her, so we did. She said this was a sign from God that we turned
around. We showed a temple video with her and her daughter. We invited
her to church and she said she would come and she was excited. She
sadly texted us on Sunday and said she wouldn't be able to come 😶 but
it was a cool experience though, showing that you should talk to
everyone because you never know who Heavenly Father is preparing for
you! We ate dinner at the Dalling's. We had a lesson with the
hedbergs. Less active and part member. We brought this cute young
women with us who is planning on going on a mission. We talked about
the temple with them.

Saturday we were stopping by members houses and showing them a temple
video and asking for referrals. We ate dinner at a Amish market and oh
my goodness. The best place ever. I ate a chicken bacon pretzel log.
It was heaven. We got transfer calls!!! Sister Ashcraft is leaving and
me, sis Van Arsdale, and sis Nielson are staying. Buuut, keep reading
to see what's happening with me, Van Arsdale and Nielson!! 😆

Sunday, BEST DAY EVER. We had fast and testimony meeting and then left
for the temple after the first hour. We had a meeting with Elder
Quentin L Cook!!! And at the beginning we got up and went row by row
in a line and got to shake his hand!!! It was amazing!! He talked to
us about our missions and our purpose. It was awesome. Chad Lewis was
also speaking to our stake but we didn't make it to that. Man, I just
love the temple and this mission!!! We had a lesson with Saddu and Sri
and taught the restoration. Afterwards we found we had a missed call
and a voicemail from President Randall! We called him back and he told
us that me and Sister Van Arsdale will not be companions anymore. He
then told me that I was no longer going to be the newbie. SISTER VAN
cried when we hung up! I am so excited though. Sister Nielson is
amazing. She is so smart and I am going to learn a lot from her and
she will learn from me.

That is all for this week!
Pday may change!! No idea when though.

Sister Gronning